Moving with a deadline – tips and tricks

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You decided on moving from Mississippi to Tennessee but this time around you are moving with a deadline. Take a deep breath and relax. You’ll have enough time to pack and relocate everything as long as you have a proper moving plan in place. So, let us help you create one and prepare you for this journey.

Do not panic and get ready for moving with a deadline

If you have at least a few days ahead, that you can cover all moving steps required. Start with the quick home inspection to figure out where to start packing. Also, you will realize how many robust furniture pieces you have and the number of packing materials required. And you must do this before you contact movers in Memphis TN area. They must have the basic info if you want them to provide a precise moving quote and prepare everything quickly.

A woman stressing out over the laptopt
There is no time to let the fear and stress consume you. Get up and start packing!

With a moving plan in place, we move forward

While inspecting your home, you should note everything down. Create a moving checklist and list step by step so you won’t forget a thing. Note down the following mandatory steps:

  • Number of packing materials required
  • Number of furniture
  • Questions for your movers
  • Special needs
  • Work on the timeline

Once you have it all written down, call your movers Brighton TN and communicate the details further. And do not worry, a good moving company has a last-minute moving team that can assist you with moving with a deadline.

Find a moving company

No matter how much time you have, you must invest at least an hour and focus on a moving company. You will search for one on the internet. It is important which moving company you hire because if you stumble upon scammers, fraudulent movers, or incompetent moving company, it can hinder your progress further. Hence, check if your movers are licensed, if they have all the tools, and check prices. Browse through moving services and read a few moving reviews. In an hour you’ll find a match. Remember to give them a call as soon as you decide to check if they are available on your moving date.

You will need a proper moving team when moving with a deadline
Find a moving company with a team specialized in last-minute moves. They will cover most of it.

Get rid of the old stuff when moving with a deadline

This is the perfect timing for a bit of spring cleaning. Yes, you are time-limited but if you remove some of the old and excess items you will make your relocation easier. So, declutter before moving starting with the attic, basement, and garage. Then, you will surely find items inside your home that are of no use anymore. But they might be useful to others. Therefore, donate, sell online, give to friends, or simply recycle. If you do it right, you will have fewer boxes to pack, materials to spend, and fewer hours to invest in your relocation.

Quick but safe packing

Even if you are moving with a deadline, packing must be done right. This is one of the two tasks that you can’t speed up much. Yes, you can pack quickly and if you have some help you can pack in a day. But you still must take care of your valuables, fragile pieces, and precious furniture. So, as soon as you figure out you are moving, go to the nearest store and obtain cardboard boxes, labels, packing tape, and blister packs. Or you can order everything online or let your movers bring everything over. Then simply pack at your own pace and you will be ready for your moving day. If you have a bit more time, you can disassemble furniture, roll carpets, remove paintings of the wall, etc. Whatever you do, it will make your relocation cheaper and faster.

Do not burn yourself out

Watch your health and keep your batteries full. Last-minute moves are exhausting and stressful and you can easily burn yourself out. If this happens you will be useless and it can endanger your moving process. Especially if you are the key element or if you are moving alone. So, take enough sleep, eat better, drink enough fluids, and take a break once in a while.

The most important thing here is not to succumb to fear and panic. You must stay focused when moving with a deadline to be able to cover each step adequately. Just think that this is a regular move and you have a week to cover everything. Ask your friends and family to assist and you’ll be done on time. Good luck!