Moving while pregnant – tips and tricks

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Moving is stressful enough when you are a person that’s in top-notch physical condition. Pregnancy alone is a process that’s strenuous for a woman’s body. Put those two together and you get an event that’s incredibly difficult to go through. That being said, moving while pregnant will be hard – but it’s not impossible! You just need the right tips to help you go through the process and have a relocation that won’t affect your baby. So whether you are moving to New York, relocating to LA, or transporting your belongings down the block, take a look at the following tips and you’ll have a much safer relocation to your new humble abode. Provided that you abide by them, of course!

Moving while pregnant requires a lot of help

You might be an independent woman who is perfectly capable of doing everything by yourself. And that’s great! But everyone needs some help from time to time! Especially when going through a rough patch that moving while pregnant certainly is. Even if it’s help from your spouse, family, friends, or movers Germantown TN it’s all more than welcome. Don’t think you are bothering anyone, and don’t assume you should do everything just because you can. Quite the contrary. The best thing you should and can do is rest, and take care of yourself. Though some light tasks are okay as well.

Moving while pregnant can be stressful
Make sure you relax and have time for yourself. Don’t think you have to do everything and lean on people around you.

Finding reliable movers

When relocating while pregnant, the only way for this process to be both safe and successful is by admitting you need help. Every relocation requires the help of a moving company. Think about it in your belly there is a new life growing. And with that in mind, your best option is to find a reliable moving company. So you will have to make sure your movers Biloxi MS are not only reliable and reputable but are also able to provide you with all the moving assistance you need. From packing your belongings to doing all the heavy lifting, and all the other services that will, by all means, make the difference – if you choose well, of course.

  • Make sure that the company has all the paperwork that insures its legitimacy
  • Read the contract before you sign it
  • Make sure to ask moving companies Tennessee about all of their services in detail
  • Look up online forums and sites and read revues of the said companies
  • Make sure that you contact more than one company just to be sure that you picked the best

Finding a capable doctor

If you are moving to a city from a small town, you might not realize just how much time it takes to walk through the doctor’s doors after making an appointment. You will usually have to book your date weeks in advance, so you can’t wait for all the hustle and bustle surrounding your relocation to pass before you start looking for a doctor. Instead, find one as soon as you realize you will have to move, and feel free to schedule a regular check-up – even if your moving day is two months ahead.

Doctor with arms folded
If you are moving while pregnant a good doctor is a must. Even before the move, you need to find a reliable doctor in your new town.

Similarly, always be regular with your appointments and make sure you ask your current doctor whether he/she thinks it’s safe for you to move. They will have your best interest in mind and, as professionals, will be able to give you some tips as to how to stay safe during your move.

Don’t purchase baby equipment just yet

We understand how excited you must be for your new baby! You probably feel the urge to equip your baby with all the cutest little outfits you can find. And not to mention the excitement that surrounds buying a cradle and a stroller. But unless your baby is due to arrive within the next month, we suggest you hold off on buying baby supplies. Every item you buy now is an item that will have to be packed and transported, creating more work for you and your movers. 

It will be much easier for everyone involved if you bought the necessary supplies after moving to the new home. This way, you will be able to put everything where it belongs and set up the nursery right away! Not only that but looking at the new baby room you might get inspired to make a small little heaven for your angel.

Keep the stress at a minimum

As reliable movers in Mississippi, we have first-hand experience as to how stressful moving is for our clients! Stress is an unwanted and dangerous occurrence for every person. But stress is an absolutely forbidden thing for pregnant women. We understand that not being stressed out in a situation as hectic as this one will be hard, not to say impossible. But you have no other choice but to put all of your efforts into trying. Here are only some of the things you could do to keep the stress at a minimum:

Baby crib next to a bed
You can have an idea of the baby room you want. But don’t get it before the move. It just makes more work for you and the movers.
  • Stay active and take regular walks.
  • Don’t disregard your hobbies just because you are moving while pregnant.
  • Get the mandatory 8 hours of sleep.
  • Read a book.
  • Spend some quality time with your friends.

In other words, feel free to treat yourself to whatever it is that you need! You don’t only need it – you most certainly deserve it with everything you are going through! Memphis moving helpers can work just fine while you relax a little and take care of yourself.

Stay in tune with your body when moving while pregnant

Is your body telling you to slow down? Are you feeling fatigued and nauseated? Are you sleepy all day long? Then your body is sending you warning signs and you should not disregard them! Even if you haven’t been overexerting yourself with packing and lifting and, therefore, feel like you can push through, you really can’t. In those situations, let those around you help you! Allow your spouse to pick up the slack and enlist the help of family and friends. We are sure none of them will mind helping you out!

Stay away from all the harmful chemicals

Did you know that a lot of cleaning supplies we use on a daily basis contain harmful chemicals? Not only should you avoid ammonia and bleach altogether, but you should also invest in cleaning supplies that contain no parabens and formaldehyde. If you are wondering what this has to do with moving while pregnant, it’s simple. A lot of people prefer to clean both their old home and the new one before their residential movers MS arrive at the scene. And there’s nothing wrong with this! You just have to be sure you do it safely! Always wear gloves when cleaning and avoid the aforementioned harmful chemicals. Staying safe is much more important than cleaning your home, don’t you agree with us?

Pregnant woman excorsiseing
Make sure you exercise and take care of your body and mind, even when moving. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Moving time

Moving while pregnant is hard any time of the year, but there are some things you need to know and take care of. After you settle on a moving date there are some things you need to be aware of. If you are moving close by it can still be managed easily. But if you are having a long distance move that’s a whole other beast. If you are moving during summer make sure you are hydrated! Don’t forget to eat regularly as well. If you, on the other hand, are moving during wither pay special attention to all slippery surfaces. The best time to move while pregnant is during fall or spring. But even then things can always affect you or your surroundings.

Our best advice to you is that when you are moving while pregnant lean on your partner, family, or friends. Even your movers can be someone to lean on. You are not alone, and no matter how hard and stressful it seems if you take time to rest it will all be fine.