Moving two apartments in one day – can it be done?

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Moving is a difficult task by itself. Imagine needing to relocate from two apartments in one day. Whether it is moving in with your partner from two different apartments or something else, it can be done. But to do that you need proper preparation and a good plan. You will get both of those things by hiring some of the moving companies Tennessee. It is just important to not let the stress overwhelm you, and everything will be alright. In this guide, you can read about moving two apartments in one day.

Preparation is important

We know it is tempting and interesting to start looking for a new place as soon as possible, but you need to prepare properly beforehand.

Check your things

Moving is mostly about moving things. That is what the best movers in Memphis are specialized in. When you join the properties of two apartments into one, there will for sure be duplicates of at least some items. Items like that will just unnecessarily clutter your home. So you should decide if you are going to:

  • Keep items when moving two apartments in one day
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Throw away

Postponing this step can be a huge mistake. This is because relocating duplicate items just adds up on the costs in the form of money, time, or strain on your back. Your home will get cluttered with all the boxes of unneeded stuff and you won’t be able to unpack everything properly.

Woman deciding what to do with her clother before moving two apartments in one day
To decide what to do with the items, you need to have an open communication

Decide together on what you will do with the items

Remember that everything you bring with you adds to the extra costs. Apartment movers Memphis, same as every other moving company, will calculate the cost depending on the weight of the moved items. If you decided to sell something, make sure to do it in time to increase the chances that you will sell the items. Items that you want to get rid of, should be thrown away as soon as possible. If you plan to bring them to your new place, just in the hope of the thing maybe fitting in, trust us that it is not worth it. It is better to take measurements right away and see if it fits. If it doesn’t, you know what to do.

The actual moving day

When moving two apartments in one day, the key is to not hurry up and follow the plan as much as possible.

Keep a list of all the things that need to be done

When moving two apartments in one day, this is more important than ever. You have to navigate the relocation of a bigger amount of things, from two different locations. This would be much easier if you hire packing and unpacking services. Small tasks like cleaning the freezer and throwing out the last thrash bags are things that can easily be forgotten. Instead of doing all this at the last minute, keep a list and do everything slowly and relaxed.

Checklist in a notebook
Keeping a checklist is very important and helpful

Try to remain relaxed when moving two apartments in one day

The number one thing you need to do to be able to do everything else is to stay calm. Here you can read more about ways to stay happy and healthy during a move. If you lose your cool, everything will seem much more difficult to do. Also, like that you are more probable to make more mistakes.

Moving two apartments in one day – conclusion

Moving two apartments in one day is no piece of cake. But if you hire movers and take everything easy, all will turn out well in the end. We hope you have an easy and relaxed move. Good luck!