Moving to Tennessee with a newborn

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So, you’ve recently brought a new member of your family into the world? Congratulations! By now, you have probably noticed that doing anything that isn’t related to your newborn and requires more than 2 minutes of your time is practically impossible. So what can you do if you are preparing to move? Organizing a difficult relocation can be stressful. Even though moving to Tennessee with a newborn might seem overwhelming, there are ways to do it successfully. Of course, the easiest way is to find long distance movers that can offer full moving service. They will organize everything moving related. This will give you a chance to look after your baby more. If you are wondering how to organize a move without hiring a full moving service, here’s what you could do.

What is your new home in Tennessee like

The southeastern state of Tennessee is a landlocked state that’s the 16th most populated in the US and 36th largest by area. The closest states to TN are Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. Nashville is the capital and the largest city in TN. Other than Nashville, a very popular city in this state is Memphis. Movers Memphis TN assist hundreds of people move there each month.

The climate in TN is very nice, moderate with cool, but not very cold winters and warm summers. Another good thing about Tennessee is the education, as TN was a leader in educational reform that happened in the 1980s. Since the 20th century, the state has seen an increase in music, art, and physical education in schools. However, some TN schools have suffered because of poor funding. Government officials are working on policies to help solve this issue.

When it comes to music, Tennessee is famous for its country music. Different parts of this state have various categories of country music that were affected by different immigrant groups that brought it when settling in TN. A legend, who people believe has created rock and roll, merged blues and country music to create this new genre. This historical moment happened in the state of Tennessee and his name is Elvis Presley. His mention – Graceland is now a museum of his legacy. Maybe this is a place you want to visit once you settle in TN with your family.

Craft a plan for moving to Tennessee with a newborn

When you are relocating to Tennessee with a baby, proper planning will be one of the most important things. Of course, this can be a bit of a hassle if you are not particularly experienced with moving. That is why people that are in this specific situation are always advised to find experienced and reliable residential movers to help them organize their move.

Even if you decided to hire only transportation services, reputable movers could offer useful tips for you. However, we know each baby has their routine. And it is very important to stick to it. You are the only one who knows when your baby needs to eat or sleep, or do anything, to be honest. This must be well incorporated into your moving plan and schedule. Spyder Moving Services can work with you to help you figure out a schedule for moving and plan around your availability.

Parents with their baby
Being worried about moving to Tennessee with a newborn is completely normal. Make a good schedule to make it easier.

Regardless of you being “forced” to move due to your or your partner’s new job or you decided to just find a new home, doing this while your baby is a newborn is a good factor. Your baby cares just about you at this moment. They have no friends from the neighborhood or school that they will be sad about leaving. They might want their favorite toy and that’s about it. Your baby is still a fresh mind and this move will not affect them at this stage as it could if they were a teenager or young adolescent.

However, think twice and make sure you are 1000% sure about this move (if you are not conditioned to move and have the choice). You should be certain that you can push through this and do it successfully. It’s ok to realize that this might now be the best time and consider delaying the move. Just know you are not the only one who’s ever done this. If you are determined to do it right now, let’s dive into it!

Make sure that you organize your move with true professionals

Working with reputable and trustworthy movers is your best option in this situation. So, when you are moving to Tennessee with a baby, take some time (while your baby is asleep) to thoroughly check each moving company that you are considering hiring. You can use the Better Business Bureau’s or FMCSA’s (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) websites to find the most reliable movers with clean records. FMCSA is full of helpful information on almost every moving company in the US.

Talk to your pediatrician before starting your moving process

Hopefully, if you hire reliable movers in Starkville MS for your move you will have no headache. But, before stepping deeper into your moving process you should talk to your pediatrician. They will be a great source of information and advice on how to take care of your child during a long-distance move. Also, do not forget to take your baby’s medical records with you!

A reliable childcare service could be very helpful when you are moving to Tennessee with a newborn

The next steps might be a bit demanding and time consuming, so you should think about hiring childcare services. You will need to get rid of your excess items, go out and acquire packing materials, and pack your stuff. And that can be very difficult, if not impossible, while having a newborn to take care of. So you can either find a trusted nanny who can take your baby out of the home during the days leading up to your move (this is a better option), or you can hire someone to take care of it at your home. Of course, make sure that you hire qualified and trustworthy childcare, so you can be at least relaxed about that.

A nanny taking care of a newborn while parents plan how to move to Tennessee with a newborn
Hiring a family member or a trustworthy nanny to look after your newborn while you plan your move could save you stress and time.

Newborns are very sensitive but also very smart. Sometimes they don’t approve of strangers taking care of them, no matter how professional and knowledgeable they are. In this case, use the fact that you are still in your own “bubble” and ask or hire a friend or a family member to look after your newborn while you are packing. You can also use a nanny when you move to Tennessee with your newborn and take the time to unpack and arrange all the things around your new home. Movers in Collierville TN can help you with the move in case you’re relocating to that area.

Get rid of all the unnecessary items before packing

If you have found qualified childcare to give you a hand around the baby, you can start decluttering and packing. Of course, decluttering will be your first task. Get rid of the items that you do not need. This will greatly simplify your packing process. If you have time, you can also try to sell some of your items which will additionally help your moving budget. It’s a win win situation. Cordova movers advise that you remove anything that you feel is not essential.

Trash bin with unnecessary items
Getting rid of unnecessary items will save you space and eliminate some stress when carrying things.

You might be one of those people that like to keep everything, but this is not the time for it. You have probably gotten a lot of gifts at your baby shower that might not be essential for your move. Your partner and you likely have clothes that you haven’t worn in ages or home and kitchen supplies that you don’t even use. Don’t feel bad about giving these to someone or throwing them away (if they are not usable) and make it easier for yourself. You will be thankful that you’ve done this once everything is settled.

Packing materials you will need when moving to Tennessee with a newborn

Once you remove your clutter, make a list of your items and prepare your packing materials. You will need:

  • diaper bag for your baby’s stuff
  • Plastic wraps
  • Packing tapes

Moving to Tennessee with a newborn without cardboard boxes is an impossible task. Use a moving box calculator to find out how many boxes you need. Another important thing when packing for a move with a baby is to prepare a diaper bag where you will keep your baby’s things. Here is a list of necessary items that should be in your diaper bag:

  • Diapers
  • Portable wipe-clean changing mat
  • Pack of baby wipes
  • A few small towels
  • Several sets of baby clothing
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Sterilized bottles
  • Travel thermos with warm water if you will be preparing a formula
  • Formula dispenser
  • Baby first aid kit
  • Several pacifiers and their covers
  • Hand sanitizers for you
  • Baby toys
  • Blanket
  • Ziploc bags

Also, do not forget to carry a travel stroller and a baby carrier with you. And that’s about it, if you are moving to Tennessee with a newborn, you are ready and all you have to think about is staying relaxed and concentrated. Good luck.