Moving to Tennessee with a newborn

So, you’ve recently got a baby? Congratulations. Even though that this must be the best period of your life, it isn’t care-free. By now, you have probably noticed that doing anything that isn’t related to your newborn and requires more than 2 minutes of your time in practically impossible. So what can you do if you are preparing to move? Organizing a difficult relocation must be unfeasible, right? Well, even though, moving to Tennessee with a newborn looks unachievable, there are ways to do this. Of course, the easiest way is to find long distance movers that can offer full moving service. They would organize everything moving-related, and your only task would be to care for your baby, and how to get to your destination. If you are wondering, however, how to organize a move without hiring a full moving service, here’s what you should do.

If you are moving to Tennessee with a newborn, you need to craft a plan

When you are relocating to Tennessee with a baby, proper planning is going to be one of the most important parts. Of course, this can be a problem if you are not particularly experienced with moving. But mostly because you have a baby to take care of. That is why people that are in this specific situation are always advised to find experienced and reliable residential movers to help them organize their move.

Even if you decided to hire only their transportation services, reputable movers will be glad to give you advice regarding your organizational issues. However, babies like to have their routine. And it is very important to stick to it. You are the only one who knows when your baby needs to eat when to sleep, and so on. And you are the only one who can incorporate this into your moving plan and schedule.

A woman making a plan
Plan your relocation thoroughly if you are moving with a baby

Make sure that you will be organizing your move with true professionals

As mentioned above, working with reputable and trustworthy movers is a must in this situation. When you are choosing which company to hire, you cannot allow yourself to be guided only with their prices. Your most important criteria must be their professionalism and reliability. So, when you are moving to Tennessee with a baby, take some time (while your baby is asleep) to thoroughly check each moving company that you are considering to hire.

You must be absolutely sure that your moving company has a clean record. That they are true professionals. And that they will give everything to make sure that you move stress-free. For this, you can use the Better Business Bureau’s or FMCSA’s (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) websites. They are full of helpful information on almost every moving company in the US.

Talk to your pediatrician before you start your moving process

Hopefully, you managed to hire reliable movers Starkville MS for your move. But, before stepping deeper into your moving process you should talk to your pediatrician. They will be a great source of information and advice on how to take care of your child during a long-distance move. And how to keep it entertained and happy. Also, do not forget to take your baby’s medical records with you. So make sure that you arrange that with your pediatrics.

Reliable childcare service could be very helpful when you are moving to Tennessee with a newborn

As your next steps are going to be very demanding and time-consuming you should think about hiring childcare services. You will need to get rid of your excess items, go out and acquire packing materials, and pack your stuff. And that can be very difficult, if not impossible, with having a newborn to take care of. So you can either find a trusted nanny who can take your baby out of the home during the days leading up to your move (this is a better option), or you can hire someone to take care of it at your home. Of course, make sure that you hire qualified and trustworthy childcare, so you do not have to worry about that too.

Nanny figurine holding two babies
Maybe you should consider hiring a nanny

Declutter before you start packing

If you have found qualified childcare to give you a hand around the baby, you can start decluttering and packing. Of course, decluttering will be your first task. Get rid of the items that you do not need. This will greatly simplify your packing process. But it will also save you a lot of money, as you will not have to pay for the packing materials and your moving inventory won’t be weighing that much. Of course, if you have time, you can also try to sell some of your items which will additionally help your moving budget.

Packing materials you need to prepare when you are moving to Tennessee with a newborn

Once you remove your clutter, make a list of your items and prepare your packing materials. You will need:

  • Moving to Tennessee with a newborn without cardboard boxes is an impossible task. Use a moving box calculator and find out how many boxes you will need.
  • A diaper bag for your baby’s stuff
  • Plastic wraps
  • Packing tapes

How to pack a diaper bag before relocating to Tennessee with a baby

Finally, the most important thing when packing for a move with a baby is to prepare a diaper bag where you will keep your baby’s things. Of course, you need to think well before you pack. Here is a list of necessary items that should definitely be in your diaper bag:

  • Diapers
  • Portable wipe-clean changing mat
  • Pack of baby wipes
  • A few small towels
  • Several sets of baby clothing
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Sterilized bottles
  • Travel thermos with warm water if you will be preparing a formula
  • Formula dispenser
  • Baby first aid kit
  • Several pacifiers and their covers
  • Hand sanitizers for you
  • Baby toys
  • Blanket
  • Ziplock bags
Baby toys diaper and a bottle
Make sure that you pack your diaper bag well before moving to Tennessee with a newborn

Also, do not forget to carry a travel stroller and a baby carrier with you.

Stay relaxed

And that’s it, if you are moving to Tennessee with a newborn, you are ready and all you have to think about is to stay relaxed and concentrated. Good luck.

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