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So, you finally decided on moving to Starkville MS. That is a great idea and choice. There are a lot of things to love about the state of Mississippi. But, before you start looking for moving companies Starkville MS, there are a few things you need to know about. And we do not just mean learning how to spell the name of the state. Living costs, jobs, climate and quality of life, are just some of the important things you need to know before you move to Starkville. You are in luck, however. To help you on your journey, we put together this guide which should give plenty of information on the city.

Quick facts about Mississippi before we begin.

View of the Mississippi bayou after moving to Starkville MS
Mississippi is commonly known as The Hospitality State

The state is located in the southeast part of the United States. Some of the popular names for Mississippi are The Hospitality State and The Magnolia State. The states that surround it are Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee. As such, it is a part of the Deep South and the Bible Belt. In terms of politics, it is primarily a Republican state and did not vote Democrat since 1976. There is a lot of diversity, which may come as a surprise. The total population count comes at just below three million people. Out of those 3 million, 59% are caucasian, 37% African American, and 2.8% are Hispanic. The city of Jackson carries the title of the largest city, with a population of 167.000 people.

Know the climate before moving to Starkville MS

The weather is most likely the first thing you will ask about before your move. Starkville has a mostly humid subtropical climate. If this does not say a lot to you, we will simplify it. The summers are long, hot, and humid, and the winters are short and mild. The good news is that it rarely snows here. The bad news is, there are plenty of thunderstorms, lots of rainfall, and sometimes even hurricanes. So, even though the weather is usually in the mild 48-81 °F range, keep in mind that it is very humid. If that isn’t a problem for you, hire Spyder Moving Services and start packing. This type of weather is excellent for agriculture, however. Over 10 million acres of land are farms, and the agriculture industry employs around 30% of the entire state population. Mississippi provides everything from cotton to soybeans, catfish, and cattle.

River flowing between trees
Summers are long and hot, so expect a lot of good weather

Education in the city

Schools and education are a big factor when choosing a new place to live, and that is no secret. The state has over 50 colleges and universities. Higher education is the cheapest in the nation, with the average college tuition is around $4.500 per resident. Education is Starkville is therefore largely available to citizens. The public schools available in Starkville are:

  • Sudduth Elementary School
  • Henderson/Ward-Stewart Elementary School
  • Armstrong Middle School
  • Starkville High School

The education quality is very good compared to the rest of the state. There are above 85% high school graduates in Starkville, and over 45% of people have a bachelor’s degree or higher. For higher education, there is the Mississippi State University which offers great opportunities. Even though Mississippi has among the lowest reading and math scores across the US, Starkville shows how good education works.

Moving to Starkville MS for work, and living costs

Work and career opportunities are another reason for a lot of moves. However, a state’s unemployment rate can also tell you a lot about its overall economy. Personal employment can still be a factor, however, lower unemployment rates usually mean that the region is doing a good job of attracting and keeping a stable workforce. The current rate of unemployment in Starkville is around 4%, which is great. Even though the state of Mississippi primarily relies on agriculture, the major drive force of the city is business, management, and science. Right behind that is retail sales and office businesses, so moving to Starkville MS is a great idea if you are young in the work field. Together with being one of the best MS cities for work, it is also a good place to live. A good economy keeps the city going, which helps a lot with city improvement.

Three people working after moving to Starkville MS
Working conditions are great in Starkville, and a lot is focused on business and science

The average annual income is around $32.000. Overall, Mississippi is the 13th most affordable state to live and work in. If you take into account the cost of living, it is easily the top-ranked state. The living costs are 15% lower than the national average, and this will not change soon. Despite the economic crisis, the living cost stayed relatively constant for the past 10 years. The average home price in Starkville is around $160.000 while renting a home will set you back about $700. Property taxes in MS are very low and come out at around $750 annually. This is less than half compared to the national average. Combine these low taxes with very affordable living and solid jobs, and you have yourself a homeowner’s dream.

People and culture of Starkville

One important thing you should know is that culture is shaped by the people. The city is as southern as it can get, making it a very hospitable and welcoming place, just like the entire state of MS. The soul, music, and food are a large cornerstone of the local culture. Overall, you can expect a very relaxed, down to earth, and slow tempo life. Fishing is pretty popular, so don’t forget to pack fishing equipment. Even though Starkville has a nightlife, it is not just about endless partying. The city offers plenty of things you simply cannot miss. From special events, taking part in arts, and learning history, to spending time in parks, and dining in independent restaurants.

Leather football on a grass field
Almost everyone is a dedicated Bulldogs fan in Starkville

With plenty of museums to visit, like the Oktibehha county heritage museum, and Ulysses S. Grant presidential library museum. Sports are a big thing in Starkville, as most of the residents are die-hard Bulldogs fans. The Bulldog Dash, a sports pep rally held in autumn, draws in over 40.000 visitors each year and is followed by an MSU home football game. No matter what your reason is for moving to Starkville MS, the city welcomes you with open arms, and you will have no regrets moving here.