Moving to Hattiesburg – beginners guide

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There are various reasons that prompt people to relocate. Usually, their goal is to find a better job or start a family. Others move due to school or new chances in life. What all of them have in common is the drive for new beginnings and better lives. For those who decide that moving to Hattiesburg is the right thing to do, there are plenty of useful tips and tricks on how to relocate to this town. Hattiesburg is a beautiful town that has a lot to offer. And if you are unsure how to handle the moving process, call Spyder Moving and Storage MS and arrange the moving date.

Basic things about Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg is, among many things, a college town, home to the University of Southern Mississippi. And what most people that are relocating to Hattiesburg don’t know, it is also one of the most progressive areas in the state. Its low costs of living, booming business climate, recreational and cultural activities, along with community and social services all contribute to Hattiesburg’s outstanding quality of life. So if you have decided that relocating to Hattiesburg locally with movers MS is the right choice for you, we believe you won’t regret it.

Some of the most important things when choosing a place to move to are:

  • location
  • job opportunities
  • housing market
  • costs of living
  • attractions

Find out more about what this town offers, and if you find it suitable, start packing your moving boxes.

a woman informing herself on moving to Hattiesburg
Research online about moving to Hattiesburg and learn more about your new place of residence


Hattiesburg is a small town of 47,000 inhabitants, settled in the southern part of the state. It is very close to the Gulf, just an hour and a half drive. The vicinity of 3 major cities makes it an ideal place for commuters. Jackson, Mobile, and New Orleans are all under a 2-hour drive from Hattiesburg. In case you are unable to find a job in Hattiesburg, you can look it up in some of these cities. Also, all the perks of big cities are also nearby. Whether you are attracted by touristy New Orleans, the museums of Jackson or the cruise ship vibes of Mobile, the opportunities for leisure and entertainment are endless.

The information about what perks this town offers is very useful, especially if you are moving from afar and are not familiar with the area. Explore the area as much as you can prior to relocation. As for moving-related tasks and activities, you can always hire Mississippi long distance movers to perform the relocation.

Job market

The town has developed a pro-business culture in recent years. The low cost of living has its structure deeply rooted in the booming economy. Mississippi has a reasonably low unemployment rate of just 3.4%. The current minimum wage is the same as the national minimum of $7.25/hour. So before moving to Hattiesburg you need to know that the strongest fields of work currently include physical therapists, medical sonographers, tax preparers, home health aid, interpreters/translator, nurse practitioner, and marketer. As you can see, there are numerous employment options. But if you’re really looking to shoot high and go all out, the highest-paying jobs in the state currently include surgeons, pediatricians, orthodontists, OB/GYN, psychiatrists, dentists, and nurse anesthetists.

a person attending a job interview
Finding a job in Hattiesburg or somewhere in the vicinity should not be a problem for those who decide to move there

If you happen to find a suitable job in Hattiesburg, choose the top-notch packing and unpacking services to assist you with relocation, while you are preparing for a new job.

The housing market in Hattiesburg

Before you move to Hattiesburg, you need to decide whether to buy or rent a new home. The current average home value for the state is $159,400, which is up 8.6% from the previous year. The median price of the property currently listed on the market is $242,000. However, if you just want to rent a house, no matter if it is just a temporary or a more permanent solution, you will be paying around $1,315/month. And if you are looking for an apartment, one-bedroom properties are going for about $1,200/month. Please note that this is on the higher end of the spectrum. In Hattiesburg, you can expect the price of one-bedroom flats to span between $716/month and $814/month on average. These are just median values, though, so you can usually find something for more or less, depending on where you are looking.

The cost of living after moving to Hattiesburg

Here is some good news. The cost of living in Mississippi is significantly lower than the national average – by an astonishing 15%. And has remained constant. There is no reason to worry about your living cost after you relocate to Hattiesburg. Contact Oakland TN movers and ask about their moving services.

On the downside, the median annual salary is quite low as well. Jackson city has the highest wages, but in Meridian City, you will find the lowest. In spite of the low-income rates, residents rank as one of the highest per capita with their charitable contributions.

a bag full of money
With costs of living below the national average, you can have more than enough to get by on

Mississippi has three separate rates when it comes to income tax which are 3%, 4%, and 5%. These rates apply the same to all statuses and businesses.

Moving companies

Moving companies are really important when moving to Hattiesburg. And here at Spyder Moving, family comes first! Our business is family-owned and family-run. With over 20 years of moving experience, we know that putting communication a priority is essential for success! We are the residential movers you need if you’re looking for a personalized move. Spyder moving professionals know how important time is to everyone, so they always give their best effort to be efficient and effective at their job!

There are many different types of people living and moving here. Also, there are people coming into the town from all over the country. If you are moving from a neighboring state like Tennessee, hiring reliable movers that are well-known in the area will facilitate the whole process to a great extent. For instance, if you are moving from Cordova to Hattiesburg, the best Cordova movers will make this 5-hour journey stress-free. The same goes if you are moving within the state. Moving from northern Mississippi to the very south of the state can be very easy with the right moving company. The most reliable movers in Southaven MS will do everything it takes to make your relocation pleasant. Remember that professional movers have the right tool, equipment, skills, knowledge, and vast experience in the field. DIY moving may be less costly, but it is surely more stressful. Why not make your life easier and leave your relocation worries to the professionals?

A nice place to retire

If you are looking for a place where you can retire, moving to Hattiesburg is a good idea to consider. Hattiesburg is the second-largest city in the state. So, finding good movers like long-distance movers Memphis is a must. Hattiesburg is the definition of the Old South, with well-preserved historic homes and a typical Southern town with shaded streets. Its economy is closely tied to the forest-products industry. Although it has diversified over the years somewhat from that base. There is now a variety of manufacturing activities. The University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey College add some college-town flavor.

The University of Southern Mississippi

Many students move to Hattiesburg in order to attend The University of Southern Mississippi. It was founded 112 years ago in 1910. Over the years students from over 71 countries have found their homes there and their future in the many classes and programs the school offers. There are also over 30 study abroad programs as well as 17 different division 1 sports. Therefore, many students come here in search of their future, and many of them decide to stay and live in Hattiesburg even after they graduate.

a person reaching out for a book
The University of Southern Mississippi plays an important part in the town’s life

In case you are not a student, but an entrepreneur and you are moving to Hattiesburg, make sure to hire the best commercial movers this area offers.

Attractions to visit after moving to Hattiesburg

Although Hattiesburg is a small town, it has a lot of attractions and amenities to offer. Moving here means having the opportunity to enjoy various events. The African American Military History Museum is an important Mississippi landmark. It is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and it holds very important artifacts, photos, and displays of African American soldiers from the Revolutionary War to modern-day wars and conflicts.

The lovers of flowers will enjoy the All-American Rose Garden. This is one of the most popular places in town that attracts visitors from all over the country. The garden consists of over 800 hundred rose bushes and really is a beautiful sight.

Outdoor activities

Outdoorsy types will be delighted to visit De Soto National Forest. It is the pearl of the Gulf Coast ecoregion that will leave every nature enthusiast in awe. And this is another perk of moving to Hattiesburg – you have the opportunity to visit this forest any time you like. Not only does it boast longleaf pine savannas, pine flatwoods, and longleaf pine forests, but you can also practice various activities here. Whether you like camping, fishing, hiking, biking, horseriding, or just picnicking, you name it. Black Creek is the famous river meandering through De Soto Forest and is ideal for a boat ride. Rent a canoe and have an enjoyable time floating down the black river.

a pine tree forest
Enjoy the impressive natural scenery and numerous outdoor activities this area offers

The weather here is warm year-round, which means that you can stay outdoors any time of the year. This is especially important for passionate golfers, bikers, and hikers. Luckily, Hattiesburg offers the Longleaf Trace, the premier running, biking, hiking, and equestrian trail that stretches 41 miles starting from downtown. The trail is flat and paved with asphalt and attracts a large number of visitors.


Ideal social activity for all lovers of art is the famous Hattiesburg Public Art Trail. It features paintings, sculptures, and murals from various artists. Moreover, Hattiesburg Saenger Theater offers you a chance to view local dance competitions, pageants, and shows of famous bands such as The Lumineers or Blue Oyster Cult. In Lucile Parker Gallery you will be able to see the exhibits of nationally recognized artists. Although Hattiesburg may seem like a mundane small town, it actually has a lot to offer to its residents. Rest assured that you and your family will have all it takes for a normal life in this town, including the proximity to major cities in the region, the ocean, and abundant nature.


With Christmas approaching, you will be able to feel the holiday spirit in Hattiesburg starting in November. Visit the 11th Annual Holiday Expo and Christmas Market or take a stroll through Downtown Christmas Story. Various local associations host diverse Christmas events – Downtown Candlelit Christmas, Victorian Candlelit Christmas, and Christmas Open House. Enjoy the holiday spirit that fills your new place of residence.

How to perform the relocation

If you are not sure how to go about your relocation, contact movers Somerville TN and let them navigate your moving process. Relocating to Hattiesburg will bring you many surprises and many new friends. Bear in mind that this town has a very diverse population and that everyone feels welcome. Be sure that the community will accept you as a family. No matter if you are a student, a working adult, or a retiree, you will find a place for yourself in Hattiesburg. Also, whether you are moving here as a single person or with a family, you will find a place in the community, a job, and events and activities that will entertain you.

With the right moving company and enough information about this small town, moving to Hattiesburg will not be as stressful as one can imagine. With well-organized relocation, the process of unpacking and settling in will be stress-free as well.