Moving labor vs. full-service movers – which works better?

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Moving home is often complicated, costly, and time-consuming. You must organize each step, pack accordingly, and search for the best Memphis moving companies. Or you can do everything yourself. People are wondering who will win this fight, moving labor vs. full-service movers? Let us explain the pros and cons of both choices and find the best solution for you.

Moving labor vs. full-service movers – Deciding on the full service

When it comes to moving labor vs. full-service movers, the answer to this question is not so easy to obtain. First, you must ask yourself, what exactly do you need? If you want to supervise only or remove yourself from the whole process altogether, then professional moving assistance is your choice. Therefore, start looking online for a moving company that can provide a variety of moving services. Check their websites, compare services, and read feedbacks and reviews. Confirm that your movers are legit and licensed so you can ensure your investment is secured. And here we must help you in your search by recommending Spyder Moving Services Tennessee as the best local moving choice. Check it out and you’ll be most pleased.

A person relaxing in the hammock
With a full moving service, you can relax and recharge your batteries. It is what you are paying for.

This way you can cover each step by using the professional service you purchased. Movers can bring all the moving supplies you need, pack you, relocate, and unpack. Also, they offer storage services as well in case you must get rid of some of your belongings. Now to mention all the specialized moving teams for delicate items, expensive artwork, antiques, and extremely heavy furniture. And you must know that the whole deal can be costly, but it will save you a lot of precious time. So, prepare to set aside an adequate moving budget for this kind of service. You will receive a full service with the highest levels of safety and security.

Moving labor vs. full-service movers – Deciding on the labor only

The labor only option is for those who have a lot of time on their hands but a limited moving budget. Or maybe you want to have greater oversight and be included in each step of the process. Therefore, finding moving labor in Memphis might be the option for you. Firstly, you must know that this includes a service where you will hire several workers to haul your boxes and load a moving truck only. They won’t be assisting with any other stage of the moving process. This means you must obtain packing materials yourself, calculate your moving costs, pack safely, and rent a moving truck.

moving labor vs. full-service movers - what is better?
Moving labor will provide a few workers to haul boxes and load the moving truck.

Ok, most of those steps are doable apart from the driving part. This one is a bit trickier. In the beginning, you must know which size will be viable to hold your cargo in one take. Then, you must know how to operate one. And finally, to drive it like a pro with complete knowledge of the road ahead. Remember, movers, are not responsible for anything that happens on the way, which means that this option is less safe than a full moving service. In conclusion, you will save a lot of money but the risks are higher and you will spend much more time on the moving preparations. Moving labor vs. full-service movers, in the end, it is entirely up to you who will win this battle. Guided by your personal preferences and your moving budget, you will make a fine choice.

What kind of budget can you spare?

Before you even start considering any of those two options, you must calculate your moving cost. You won’t know how to dedicate a moving budget without inspecting everything and obtaining a moving quote. Yes, if you do this yourself the numbers will be rough and the final price susceptible to change. Hence, maybe you should put it all on paper. Try to find the best solution and figure out how to cover everything while remaining within the limits of the moving budget. We suggest calling your moving company or to use a moving calculator on their website. It will help a lot.

A person counting money
Realize your moving costs as soon as possible to appoint an accurate moving budget.

What is ultimately better?

We can’t say exactly what is better. Of course, if you have money to spend, it is always easier to swipe with a credit card and lay back while your movers do their magic. But usually, that is not the case. Your choice here is tough and it will be decided once you review a few mandatory steps. Check out the following, it can influence your decision greatly:

  • The time available
  • Funds available
  • The number of packing supplies required
  • If you must rent and drive a moving truck
  • Moving insurance

Consider the mandatory tasks we listed and figure out what would be the best choice for you.

Both choices are viable, depending on your situation

Yes, both choices are viable. But you should know that you can use a bit of both. Try combining a certain moving service with your DIY moving plan. Ok, moving labor is a mandatory thing here, but you can toss in a certain moving service as well. For example, you can purchase all the packing materials somewhere cheaper and then let your movers pack you with their packing services. Or you can rent a moving truck but enlist one of the laborers to drive it. Just make sure they are skilled and experienced in the field.

Hence, communicate everything with your moving representative and find the best combination. Remember that you can utilize free onsite estimates to obtain the right moving price. More importantly, movers can help you realize the complexity of the move, which will help in further development. So, call your movers, and let them guide you through the options you have.

Now you know how to compare moving labor vs. full-service movers and what each choice brings to the table. Guided by your situation, no doubt that you’ll choose the best option for you. Remember to check everything the night before the move to ensure you covered each step and that you are ready for your moving day. We wish you a smooth transition and the best of luck.