Moving house without friends’ help

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Relocating home is no easy thing to do. It is hard labor but an emotional one as well. You must organize packing and find proper movers in Memphis TN. But the whole moving project is ten times harder if you have no help. Yes, movers will provide professional moving services. But what can you do when you have no friend or a family member by your side for emotional support and an extra hand? Let us make it easier and explain how to organize and get ready when moving house without friends’ help.

Take a good look at your moving budget when moving house without friends’ help

This does not have to be more stressful than already is. To secure the seamless transition and to organize better, you should assemble a moving checklist. Use it as a guide to follow through the whole moving process. List down all steps you must take toward the successful relocation. Once you have it all on paper, calculate your costs and set aside a moving budget. Also, you should inspect both old and your new apartment to figure out if anything is missing or if you should invest in something else. You must know how many packing materials and moving boxes you should purchase. Also, how many workers you’ll need for the job.

A person counting money
Calculate your moving costs and set aside a moving budget.

Take a moment to think about it before you contact your moving company. You are moving house without friends’ help but your movers will share the load for sure. But before you contact your local moving company, ensure that all facts are straight. You must know what your limits are and which services you need.

Do not worry, movers will accompany you on this journey

Now, you are ready to start looking for residential movers that will cover most of the job. There is no better way to relocate than with a reliable and professional moving team by your side. But to find such a moving company you must look for it the right way. The best way to do it is to search for it online. Browse a bit until you find several interesting moving choices. Then, narrow down your search guided by your personal preferences. Also, read reviews and feedbacks. You want to know what previous customers think about the moving company and what kind of experience they had. Try obtaining references or a word of mouth. And when you are sure you found your choice, give them a call and secure a suitable moving date.

Make sure your final choice is a legit one

But before you contact your movers, do a thorough inspection. You do not want to waste money, time, or any resources on a fraudulent or unworthy moving company. You want the premium service and it is what you’ll get. To find it, do the following.

  • A detective’s work – You want a transparent moving company. If there is nothing to hide, you should find their website, logo of the company, contact info, and physical address easily.
  • License – Ensure your movers are licensed and they should possess all permits to operate in the area.
  • Equipment – Ask your movers if they possess all the tools, equipment, manpower, and vehicles to complete the task ahead.

Once you have all the information, ask what kind of moving services they offer and what are the prices. Also, depending on the complexity of the move, you can ask for special offers or discounts.

Create a packing plan

Now when you have all fact straight, you should prepare for a packing process. And it is unimportant that you are moving house without friends’ help because you want to pack yourself anyway. Yes, a bit of help here and there would be nice, but trust us, it is better to know exactly which box contains what, and how it was packed. You want to pack carefully and ensure that there will be no damages during transport. To do it, you’ll need adequate packing materials. Go to the nearest hardware store and obtain around 30 cardboard moving boxes. You might need more if you have a bigger relocation on your hands. Also, you should aim for different shapes and sizes to pack all your items nicely.

Organize packing adequately when moving house without friends' help
Think about packing at least two weeks in advance. Organize and stay on schedule.

Furthermore, you’ll need packing tape, packing paper, blister packs, cushions, and labels. Make a cushion inside the box using towels, old t-shirts, sheets, or any other cloth in your home. It is a great way to use it and pack it at the same time. It will keep your items tucked in and safe. Then, wrap fragile items individually using a blister pack and packing paper. Close your box once it is full and apply a few layers of higher-quality packing tape. Label each box nicely to have an easier time when unpacking. Also, it will alert everyone who is handling boxes with fragile content inside. And be extremely careful when packing and moving electronics and other home appliances. Use original boxes if you still have them, or a larger cardboard box with a bit more room for a cushiony solution.

Make it all much easier. Ask for onsite estimates when moving house without friends’ help

If you decide on contacting movers straight away, they can help you with organizing things. With the free onsite estimates, movers will provide much valuable insight into the complexity of the move. They will know how much time and funds should be invested. Also, they can spot all possible moving mishaps by examining the moving environment. Furthermore, they will know if they can establish a loading dock, how many vehicles is needed, and how many workers to assign. Therefore, utilize this amazing service to calculate the moving costs better. Not to mention that you’ll work out the moving logistics much better by working closely with the moving representative. Think about it.

A person making a plan on papper
Let movers help to form a perfect moving plan. Utilize free onsite estimates.

Cover the legal part on time

There are many moving documents and forms you should fill out and sign. You will do it along the way and make sure everything is ready on your moving day. But you should think about your personal documents and other legalities as well. You should sort out your documents, IDs, medical records, bank documents, etc. Dedicate a box or a handbag and place your personal papers inside. Carry this bag yourself to avoid any unpleasant situations. After all, this bag is too valuable for you to lose it. Also, contact all government facilities and relevant parties and update the change of address and contact info. Set your PO box as soon as you can to ensure your mail is rerouted adequately.

This is it, now you know how to handle moving house without friends’ help. Or should we say, alone but with reliable movers in Mississippi by your side. Do not worry, often, it is all the help one can get when relocating home. Let your movers assist you and provide an amazing moving service. It will all be over in a day and your belonging will arrive safely to the destination. Good luck and stay safe.