Moving from Oxford to Hattiesburg – the ultimate guide

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Moving within a single state does not sound like a hard thing to do. However, regardless of the fact that you do not move cross country, there are still a lot of hurdles to overcome. If you are moving from Oxford to Hattiesburg, you might want to have all information that will facilitate the relocation. The four-hour drive between the two towns can pass quickly and peacefully if you know what to expect and if you prepare well. Professional movers like Spyder Moving and Storage MS offers will provide you with enough information for a successful relocation within Mississippi.

Moving from Oxford to Hattiesburg

Leaving the small town of Oxford and moving 250 miles south can be easily achieved with good organization and planning. This literary destination and home to a Nobel-prize-winning author, William Faulkner, has a lot of charm. It is the cultural mecca of the South due to various other reasons. Its rich history and creative community leave every visitor in awe. The residents of Oxford are used to a serene small-town lifestyle and leaving this scenic place can be challenging.

a bridge over the Mississippi river
Moving from Oxford to Hattiesburg involves a 4-hour drive through the state of Mississippi

The town was named after the British University of Oxford. It almost seems like the famous name brought a great cultural heritage and a number of famous residents to this place.  However, moving is a normal part of life in the US and one must prepare well for such a change. Relocating to Hattiesburg means starting a life in a different part of the state. Therefore, before hiring one of the best moving companies in Mississippi, pay attention to the key factors when performing this kind of relocation:

  • make sure to explore the best routes
  • start looking for a job and school in Hattiesburg
  • hire reliable movers
  • explore the new town

Explore the best routes before moving from Oxford to Hattiesburg

Getting from Oxford to Hattiesburg takes just over 4 hours, or 240-266 miles, depending on the route. When planning the relocation trip, choose the route that suits you best. The fastest one is via US 49 N and I-55 N and it passes through Jackson, the state capital. If you wish to avoid the big city, there are alternatives – one that leads through Bienville National Forest and the other through Meridian via MS-35 N. This is important to know in case you are performing a DIY relocation. However, if you choose to hire a renowned Oxford moving company, all your relocation worries will be in hands of moving professionals, including transport and navigation.

there are 3 routes one can take when moving from Oxford to Hattiesburg
Choose the best of the 3 major routes that connect the two towns

Start looking for a job and schools in Hattiesburg

Moving to a new place usually means starting over. If a job change isn’t the main cause of your relocation, you may want to start looking for new employment while you are still living in Oxford. Hattiesburg is the home to the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University, so if you are a student or a teacher, you may want to apply for any of the programs or jobs they offer. Use online platforms to find an adequate job or check with the local government about employment opportunities. Hattiesburg boasts a diverse economy underpinned by the convenient location in the center of Southern Mississippi. Owing to a booming job market, a lot of young professionals are moving to this town. These are the main things you should consider before you start packing your bags or hiring the best packers and movers to do the job for you.

Hire reliable movers

It may seem that performing a relocation on your own will save you some cash. However, on the other hand, it might cost you time and energy. Why not make the relocation easier and hire professional movers? If you take up the services of the best movers Hattiesburg MS has, your only task will be to pack your personal belongings and organize your daily life around relocation. Whether your relocation is of commercial, residential, long-distance, or local character, rest assured that the moving crew has the skills and equipment to perform any type of moving.

Explore the town you are moving to

Before setting out on a relocation journey, make sure to find out more about your new hometown. This small town of 48,000 inhabitants offers a very high standard of living to its residents. One of its pearls is the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood District, a collection of Victorian-Era houses. The district hosts the annual Victorian Candlelit Christmas and Holiday Tour of Homes with burning candles on the sidewalk, Christmas carolers, and carriages strolling through the neighborhood.

a family sitting in a park
Moving to a bigger town means more opportunities for family activities

Here you will find an 11-acre city zoo. This is a great attraction for families with kids. Also, regular museum-goers will love this town as they will be able to visit the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum, Pocket Museum, African American Military History Museum, and many more institutions of cultural and historical importance. Also, there are 3 theatres and 5 art galleries, so the lovers of art will have a lot of exploration to do.

Nature lovers will enjoy the state parks, water parks, lakes, trails, forests, and many opportunities for outdoor activities. The seaside is just an hour away and the climate is very pleasant, especially in the winter.

This relocation offers numerous perks

Moving from a small town like Oxford to Hub City bears plenty of advantages. The location of Hattiesburg is ideal – an hour and a half from all the major cities in the region – Jackson, New Orleans, and Mobile. The quality of life is very high, and the costs of living are low. Numerous artists and entrepreneurs have found opportunities for development in this vibrant town. The housing is affordable, which is one of the many reasons millennials are attracted to this place. Moving from Oxford to Hattiesburg might be a big step, but it surely is a positive change, especially for those who are looking to settle in an ever-growing environment.