Moving from Olive Branch to Starkville

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Have you been living in Olive Branch for some time and you’ve just decided to move to Starkville? Olive Branch is a great place to live and a family-friendly city. However, there often comes a time when you need to move to a new location for various reasons. You may be looking for new job opportunities, or you have already found a new position in Starkville. Whatever the reason, you need to inform yourself about the place you decided to move to. In addition, you can count on one of the most reliable MS moving companies, Spyder Moving and Storage, to help you with the relocation. There are so many things that you will love about Starkville. Most importantly, you can expect an affordable cost of living, a good climate, and job opportunities. To go through this procedure as easily as possible, read this guide about moving from Olive Branch to Starkville.

a man and a woman packing for moving from Olive Branch to Starkville
Starkville offers great job opportunities for young people

History and location of Starkville

Like other places in Mississippi, Starkville is a picturesque area with a mixture of both rural and urban vibes. As a part of Oktibbeha County and the Golden Triangle, this is a place of rich history with academic sophistication. Early settlers came to this area because of the two springs. At first, the city bore the name of Boardtown. But in 1835 the city changed its name to Starkville in honor of a war hero General John Stark. Before you hire one of the trustworthy moving companies Olive Branch MS has to help you with the relocation, you need to know that the place is in Northeast Mississippi’s Golden Triangle. It is about 35 miles from the Alabama state line and 120 miles from the Tennessee state line. This college town has a population of around 26,000 people. It has a diverse population of African Americans, Caucasians, and Hispano Americans.

Moving from Olive Branch to Starkville- get to know the climate

When it comes to moving, one of the first things that can interest you is the climate of the area. On one hand, the climate of Starkville is attractive to those who like long, humid summers. The temperature is mild and ranges between 49 to 82 F. Winters are also mild and last only for a couple of months. In addition, it rarely snows here. So if you are fine with that, hire moving companies Starkville MS for quick relocation. On the other hand, you can expect here a lot of rainfall and thunderstorms. Starkville averages 57 inches of rain a year. The warmest month is July with around 82 degrees. While January is the coldest month. Since rain is the hardest n the beginning of spring, March is the wettest and the most humid month of the year.

Is Starkville a good place to live in terms of living costs?

Starkville’s residents say that this is a great place to live in terms of various different factors, including diversity. The overall livability score of the city is above average.

a pink piggy bank that you can use to save up before moving from Olive Branch to Starkville
Moving from Olive Branch to Starkville means exploring great living conditions

When it comes to costs of living, this is one of the most affordable places to move to in the entire Mississippi. The costs of living are around 16% lower than the national average. Therefore, hire your residential movers and come to this city with great job opportunities. The annual income of Starkville is $33,00. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average and the economy remained pretty stable over the past years. Another great fact about Starkville is affordable housing. The reason for this is the fact that property tax is very low in MS. The average home price in Starkville is around $,122,00. If you wish to rent a place you will have to pay $700.

Schools and education of Starkville

When relocating from Olive Branch to Starkville with a family, one of the most important factors to consider is the schooling system of one place. In general, living in MS means having a chance to attend some of the best schools and universities in the country. In the entire state, there are more than 50 universities and colleges. Hire packing and unpacking services and your children will have the opportunity to attend one of the cheapest education in the state. Per resident here you will pay around $4,500 for tuition. In addition, the education system is highly available to Starkville residents. For this reason, there are almost 90% of high school graduates and almost 50% of the residents with higher education such as a bachelor’s degree. Some of the most popular public schools in Starkville are Armstrong Middle School, Starkville Oktibbeha School District, and Starkville High School.

Moving from Olive Branch to Starkville – activities, and attractions

This southern city is very family-friendly and also famous for its hospitality and southern warmth. People here are so welcoming that it will be easy to make new friends.

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Starkville offers various affordable amenities for families

Also, Starkville offers a wide variety of sporting events, festivals, and museums to visit. At the MSU campus, you can catch a football or baseball game and experience a great atmosphere. The most popular MS film festival, the Magnolia Film Festival, takes place in Starkville. If you and your family opt for weekend fun, you can visit Bulldog Lanes where you can try some bowling. Museum lovers can visit Mississippi Entomological Museum. To get insight into the national heritage, you can visit Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum. Those who prefer outdoor activities can go to Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge. There you can feed birds and alligators and get to see some rare species.

Moving from Olive Branch to Starkville is not an easy task. However, with such great living conditions that Starkville can offer, you should look forward to moving here. The most important is to start with your moving preparations on time so you can prepare well for the upcoming move. No matter if you are moving here on your own or with a family, you will have here great working and studying conditions. In addition, the city offers many fun amenities. Therefore, hire your movers and come to live in this city which is going to welcome you the moment you arrive here.