Moving from Hattiesburg to Starkville

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Preparing for a move within your state is clearly more manageable and less stressful than moving cross country or internationally. However, you still must prepare yourself and your family for this move. Learning more about the location you’re moving to is the first step, but also comparing it to where you’re moving from. Spyder Moving and Storage MS will gladly do this with you and talk more about moving from Hattiesburg to Starkville.

Let’s talk a bit about Hattiesburg MS

This city is primarily located in Forrest County and extends into Lamar County on the west. According to the 2021 census, there are 47,068 people living in Hattiesburg. This city is the principal city of the Hattiesburg Metropolitan Statistical Area. Hattiesburg was founded in 1882 by William H. Hardy, who was a civil engineer.

You can find 29 parks in Hattiesburg, as well as a number of walking tracks and recreational facilities as well as good Southern comfort food. The city is full of Southern charm and history. You will always find something to do here. In case you are not sure what to do, here are a few recommendations:

  • Visit the Public Art Mural Trail
  • Enjoy a tour of the African American Military Museum
  • Check out the Hattiesburg Zoo
  • Show your creativity at the Mohawk Steel & Glass
Friends enjoying food and nature
Enjoy some delicious southern food in Hattiesburg

There are plenty more things to do and see in Hattiesburg. Since you are moving to Starkville from Hattiesburg, it would be nice to do these things before you leave, in case you are not sure when you will be visiting again. Anyway, these two cities are 2 hr 55 minutes away by car, so coming back to visit will not be that hard. Don’t forget to look for the moving help Hattiesburg moving companies can offer you to make this move easier.

What can you expect after moving from Hattiesburg to Starkville?

Starkville is located in Oktibbeha County. Mississippi State University is partially located in Starkville. Therefore, this city is very alive and energetic. With 24,657 people living here (as of 2021), Starkville is less populated than Hattiesburg. Even though the population is not huge, this small city is the most populous in the Golden Triangle region of Mississippi.

With Mississippi State University being here, Starkville grew in popularity and the hot spot for several annual art and entertainment events. Some of those events are Cotton District Arts Festival, Bulldog Bash, and Super Bulldog Weekend. The active student quarter called Cotton District is North America’s oldest new urbanist community and it is located between Downtown Starkville and the Mississippi State University campus. The movers Starkville MS offers are assisting newcomers who are moving here. If you are wondering what you can see or do here, we’ll give you a few ideas:

  • Visiting the Mississippi State University, of course
  • Check out the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library
  • Visit Cobb Museum of Archaeology
  • Go to Cullis & Gladys Wade Clock Museum
  • Visit The Cotton District
River, forest and sky in Mississippi
You will find beautiful nature all over Mississippi

There are many more museums, libraries, and other important establishments you can visit in Starkville. These are just a few popular ones.

Why moving from Hattiesburg to Starkville is a good idea

Most people enjoy living and visiting Starkville because of its welcoming and friendly community. Even though the residents here are very relaxed and laid back, the proximity to Mississippi State University brings opportunities for fun things to do. With such a mix, Starkville has become a vibrant city with a business community and great residential neighborhoods. You can find concerts. sporting events, plays, and museum exhibitions all year round.

Another reason many people choose to settle here is that the cost of living in Starkville is 14% lower than the national average. This is also the reason why many elderly people decide to retire here and use what they have saved up to travel or do other exciting things other than spend it all on bills and mortgages.

A couple standing outside their house after moving from Hattiesburg to Starkville
Many young families and elderly residents are moving from Hattiesburg to Starkville because of the good quality of life

A very important point to mention is that Starkville offers exceptional health care options. The medical center here is very quick to respond to emergencies and has a designated Level III Trauma Center. For cases that are not an emergency, the center offers over 300 doctors, nurses, and specialists.

The transportation in Starkville is very good and the city is close to other major cities. There are three large cities that are close and are by four-lane and interstate highways. You can take a trip to Birmingham or Memphis in under 3 hours. New Orleans is 5 hours away.

Why are people moving to Mississippi?

Relocating from Hattiesburg to Starkville means that you are still staying in the state of Mississippi. This state has attracted many people in the past few decades and it’s growing more and more, with new opportunities to offer. People moving to MS are mostly from:

  • Louisiana (9,257 in 2019)
  • Tennessee (9,192 in 2019)
  • Florida (4,712 in 2019)
  • Texas (4,689 in 2019)
  • Alabama (3,512 in 2019)

However, people are leaving Mississippi too and they are mostly moving to Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida, as well as other states. So, there seems to be somewhat of a pattern. People from almost the same states are moving to MS and people from MS are moving to those states as well. Some of the biggest reasons why people move to MS are:

  • Low cost of living
  • Educational opportunities
  • Living rurally, but always part of the city
  • No traffic issues
  • Wide open spaces and amazing nature

There are plenty more reasons why people say living in the state of Mississippi is the best. You probably already know, since you are moving within the state.

As we mentioned, moving from Hattiesburg to Starkville is not that far of a move, but it needs to be planned and executed correctly in order to be stress-free. Spyder Moving and Storage has a team of professional and reliable movers that would love to be a part of this new chapter in your life. Make sure to reach out to us and tell us more about your plan so we can offer you the best solution.