Moving from Hattiesburg to Oxford with kids: why it’s the right choice

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Mississippi is one of the bigger states in the USA, with 362 places to choose from. Many of them are towns. Their popularity raised after the pandemic, making many people choose to leave big cities in favor of towns. Hattiesburg and Oxford are both towns in Mississippi with less than 50,000 residents. Both offer a suburban feel to their residents and are very family-oriented places. Our Mississippi moving experts at Spyder Moving and Storage can help you relocate, so give them a call today! They also brought you this guide on moving from Hattiesburg to Oxford with kids to hopefully make this challenging time easier.

What should you know about moving from Hattiesburg to Oxford with kids?

Moving from Hattiesburg to Oxford is a local move of around 250 miles. During such an endeavor, our residential movers can assist you. Their help will be a great way to lift the burden since you will have your hands full juggling tasks – both moving-related and with your kids. They can take major worries off your shoulders, and you can decide why moving to Oxford from Hattiesburg with kids is the right decision. These two places are similar in many ways, but Oxford is better for families with kids. The reasons are:

  • High-quality schools
  • A safe environment
  • Good quality of life
  • Fun activities for the whole family
Picture of a kid in a box
Moving between these two cities will be a local move

Oxford has some of the best schools in the state

Education is a crucial component of everyone’s life. Since you have kids, this will be a new thing to worry about when moving. In Hattiesburg, your kids have likely started their education in one of the Oak Grove schools. They are the highest rated in the area, but Oxford schools are even better. Even though the school system in Mississippi might have a bad reputation, this couldn’t be further from the truth when Oxford is concerned.

This town’s school system is highly rated, with reputable schools covering all school-aged kids. Della Davidsons Elementary School, Oxford Middle School, and Oxford High School are the best public schools. If private education is what you are looking for, then we recommend Regents School of Oxford alongside hiring our Hattiesburg movers. Moving is stressful for kids, and your attention is the only thing that can help. Our movers will take a lot off your plate, giving you time to focus on your children’s wellbeing.

Your kids will thrive in the safe environment that Oxford offers

Crime is a big concern for anyone who considers starting a family or already has one. The kids might be small now, but at one point they will want to go out with friends, and you will want that to be in a safe environment. Even though Hattiesburg’s crime rate is not concerning, it does have a problem with the number of property crimes. Oxford on the other hand is safer, with both violent and property crimes below the national average. Robbery, for example, is almost nonexistent in Oxford. So, if a safe environment is what you are looking for, our moving services Oxford providers can help you reach your goal.

Picture of two kids playing with fallen leaves
Oxford is safe, so many families decide to make it their home

Everyone is looking for good quality of life nowadays

With the economical instability that the pandemic left us, the quality of life has greatly decreased for many people. Parents want only the best for their children, and they will want to do everything to offer them a good quality of life growing up. Moving to Mississippi is one way to do this, if you pick a good place to call home. Hattiesburg might have surprisingly low housing prices – average home value at $131,000 and rent at $860, but the median home income is also very low, at $38,300. Oxford, on the other hand, is more expensive, but the higher prices bring a better quality of life. There is a good balance between income and expenses, with the median home income at $51,100.

The economy is well-developed in this town, with education, retail, and healthcare being the leading industries. The housing prices are acceptable when taking into consideration the recent price surges, where an average home costs $288,000 and rent is even lower than the national average, at $1,020! This explains why 59% of the population in Oxford rent their homes, as it also comes with plenty of benefits.

Oxford has many parks that your kids will love

The main benefit that people moving from big cities to small towns notice is the open space. Now, moving from Hattiesburg to Oxford with kids might have you moving between similar places, but Oxford has plenty of parks to choose from. Avent Park, Lamar Park, and Garden Terrace Park are the top three parks among locals, and they feature fun for the whole family. For the bigger kids and adults, there are numerous walking trails, picnic areas, and beautiful landscapes, and for toddlers and young children – playgrounds! If you need inspiration for a short family getaway, the experts from our Mississippi moving company recommend visiting Tishomingo State Park – 92 miles to the east of Oxford. The massive rock formations haven’t changed much since the native Americans inhabited the area, and it is something worth seeing.

Picture of a happy baby in the nature
Moving from Hattiesburg to Oxford with children will be worth it once you see you see them happy

Moving from Hattiesburg to Oxford with kids will be easier with our help

As you can see, moving from Hattiesburg to Oxford with kids is well worth it! The good schools, safe environment, good quality of life, and connection to nature are all good reasons to take the leap and make Oxford your new home. Moving with kids is scary on a busy schedule, but good preparation is the key to success. Minimize the disturbance to your kid’s routine, talk to them about the move, and give them your undivided attention whenever possible. And if all else fails, ask for help! You are human, and moving takes a toll even on the strongest ones. Let someone you trust take care of your kids and get a night to yourself to refill your batteries – your future self will thank you.