Moving from a dorm to your first apartment

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Congratulations! You are now a college graduate. But with that title, responsibilities and new chapters are opening in front of you. One of them is moving from a dorm to your first apartment and beginning your new life as an independent adult. It might sound frightening at first, but with a proper plan and a set of prerequisites, you’ll be fine. Let us show you how to make the first step.

Moving from a dorm to your first apartment requires a moving plan

It is time to move out of your cozy dorm room and get a place of your own. If this is a decision you made, you can’t bring it to fruition without a proper moving plan. Assuming that you already found a place, now it is the best time to think about how to move all your stuff there. You probably have a modest amount of belongings with you and maybe a few pieces of furniture. Nevertheless, you will need some moving help for sure. Check with your friends if they are free to help. If not, contact local movers Memphis TN to secure professional moving assistance. It is important who will relocate you and bring your stuff over to the new place. Go with professionals and you won’t be disappointed.

Make a moving checklist for an easier moving from a dorm to your first apartment
Do not worry, you are good at this. Make a moving checklist to stay on track

Also, you’ll need a quick packing plan, an inventory list, and to calculate moving costs. But do not worry, it all can be done in a week as long as you stay organized and quick to act.

Can you afford it?

Now, dorm rooms are usually easy to maintain and a no brainer for most of us. Not to mention that most of the work around the place is done by the maintenance crew. All you need to do is to keep your room clean. But now, everything will change. You’ll have much more to think about. And you should consider it when looking for a new place. moving from a dorm to your first apartment is no easy feat and you must ask yourself – Can I afford this? Consider the following:

  • Monthly expenses – All those services that are mandatory and you simply had them in your dorm by default, are now something you’ll have to pay and maintain. There is rent, gas, electricity, parking, WI-FI, etc.
  • Food supply – You know how much you spend on food and beverages monthly. Add that to the final cost of living.
  • The size of the apartment – the bigger the better. But not when it comes to maintaining it. If you have a fairly large apartment you’ll spend more time and funds to keep it cleaned and organized.
  • Location – Whether you are moving via public transportation or using your car it is something you must finance monthly as well.

Consider everything we mentioned before you make a move and contact your movers in Collierville TN. The moving endeavor will ask for a bit of investment as well and you must calculate everything upfront to realize if you can make this huge step at the moment.

Get ready for more responsibilities

It is important to know the real cost of living in your new apartment. Maybe the best way to know how much you must invest in is to make a moving inventory list. You will probably get some furniture from your parents just to have enough for a start. Or maybe you’ll buy everything and start fresh. Whatever is the case, you must add those costs to your moving budget. Furthermore, maybe you’ll have to refurbish some of the old furniture or to invest in the apartment interior. Nevertheless, a list of steps you must take is required.

And while we are on the topic of the interior, figure out how much cleaning there is to be done. You don’t want to end up in a never-ending cleaning cycle. Be modest and start with a medium-sized apartment that will accommodate you and at the same time is easy to clean. More importantly, inspect it thoroughly before buying/renting. All the pipes, wires, walls, floors, doors, and windows must be in good shape. As well as the lights, smoke detectors, locks, etc. You do not want to renovate right off the bat, and you must be sure that you are safe. All the things we mentioned are now your responsibility to check, maintain, and think about. It was extremely easy in the dorm, right? Someone else did everything instead. Now it’s your turn.

You must do some things yourself from now on

Ok, we covered everything you must do before you move in, and the cleaning part that is obviously annoying to most of us. But next in line is the fact that you must cook your food yourself. Even if you have a roommate to split the costs and responsibilities, it is something it must be done daily. Therefore, make a monthly plan for it. Figure out what is the best way to obtain groceries and keep it within your budget limit. You do not have a meal plan anymore, therefore, you must adjust. Make a healthy balance because you can’t cook three meals a day, and you cant eat fast foods forever. It will hurt your budget and your health. Oh yes and wash your dishes after each meal.

A guy covered in noodles in a shopping kart inside a store
No, you can’t eat junk food all the time. It is time to learn how to cook.

Remember that you must do your laundry as well. You will get used to all the cleaning and maintenance eventually. It is something all adults do and you will appreciate the final product much more now when you are investing time and energy to do things yourself.

You’ll have more space and privacy for sure

On a positive note, moving from a dorm to your first apartment will bring much more space and a ton of fun if you wish so. Firstly, you can decorate your home as you like and bring any furniture you desire. You can follow your interior design plan and make a dream come true. And once you are behind the closed door, the whole space is completely yours. Finally, you can crank up the music and have fun inside your apartment. On the other hand, you can sit in peace and quiet when you feel like it. You’ll have the privacy you never had in your dorm.

Dorm room with a beautiful view
You can still have a dorm room, but this time inside your new apartment.

But remember to be a good neighbor as well. There are no more restrictions but there are certain rules all tenants must follow to maintain the peace and freedom everyone enjoys so much. Communicate this with your landlord and figure out what are the building rules like, when are the quiet hours, etc.

It is time for moving from a dorm to your first apartment!

Ok, now when you know the basics, you should figure out what are the essentials you need to take with you. You surely do not have all your stuff in your dorm. You must obtain a few moving boxes to pack all your belongings left at your family home. Make sure you gather everything you need and gradually transport everything to your new place.

Or if you wish so, simply pack and relocate it all using one of the moving services Oxford available to you. Check what professional movers have to offer. You will definitely find one of the services useful for your situation. Not to mention that it a huge time-saver and affordable to anyone.

And now you are ready for moving from a dorm to your first apartment. It won’t be easy at first, but you will adapt and get used to living by yourself in no time. Just remember to research a bit before you do and calculate your cost of living beforehand. Get ready for the new chapters ahead. We are sure you’ll have a lot of fun. Good luck.