Moving during winter – how to plan it all?

If you are moving this winter, surely you are wondering how to plan it all. Moving is a complicated process that requires a good organization and lots of effort in order to be accomplished properly. However, if you are moving during winter you will have a few more challenges that will stand in your way. Luckily, winters in Mississippi are mild with not much snow and freezing temperatures. Nevertheless, movers in Southaven MS have lots of experience with wintertime relocations, and they will be able to help you no matter the circumstances. But, hiring experienced movers is not a solution for everything. You will still have to have a proper plan and to organize well if you want your relocation to be successful.

Benefits of moving during winter

Some people have the luxury to choose their moving date. And some of them intentionally choose to move during winter. But why would anyone want to move during the coldest months of the year? Even though it doesn’t sound like the smartest idea, moving during winter, especially in Mississippi where winters are mild, means that you will have no particular problems with the weather. You will have a wider range of moving companies and dates to choose from. And you can expect to find special offers and lower prices than you would get when moving during peak moving season.

Forest and trees
Winters in Mississippi are mild

Hiring Oxford movers and packers mean that you will get all necessary attention and care. But that isn’t a rule with many other moving companies. They will usually rush to finish one job just to be able to get to another. On the other hand, in wintertime, moving companies are not so busy, so you will get all the attention that you paid for.

Preparing your moving plan depending on the weather conditions

Naturally, every successful relocation starts with a good moving plan. Of course, when moving during winter, the weather will be one of your biggest concerns. That is why you should track the weather forecast at all times so that you know what to expect. Even though weather forecasts are not always 100% accurate, they will give you an approximate outlook on what to expect. After you learn about the weather, you will be able to plan accordingly. As mentioned above, if you are moving to Oxford MS, you can hope for the nice weather even in wintertime. However, here is what your moving plan should contain in the case of snowy and icy conditions.

  • Preparing suitable clothes is one of the most important things when moving during winter.
  • Preparing appropriate packing materials, and thinking about how to protect your items from harsh winter conditions.
  • Paying attention to fragile and weather-sensitive items, like electronics, for example.
  • Clearing snow and ice on parking spots, driveways, and walkways around your home.
  • Preparing your home for the moving crew arrival.
Satellite weather
Track the weather forecast

Prepare spare clothes that you will pack separately

If the weather will be cold and snowy, you have to know how to dress properly. But not only that. You will also have to prepare a few sets of spare clothes that you will not pack with the rest of your stuff. You should keep those in a separate bag that you will not load into a moving truck. And that you will carry with you.

The important thing with dressing properly in winter is to wear a few layers of clothes, rather than one warm piece. Also, as you will probably have to do some physical work, it is important not to overdress. There is nothing worse than to sweat in cold weather. But if that happens, you will have those spare clothes that you have prepared earlier.

If you are moving during winter you will have to prepare suitable packing materials and you will have to know how to protect your fragile and weather-sensitive items

If you are packing on your own, finding and preparing packing materials will also be your problem. When you are moving during snowy weather, you will have to be aware of the moist that is your cardboard boxes’ biggest enemy.

That is why it is better to find plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. Even though they are more expensive there are places where you can rent them. If not, you could still go with cardboard boxes. But in that case, you will have to protect them with plastic sheeting. And to watch out not to put them directly on the ground outside, and in the back of the moving truck as well.

plastic containers
Use plastic containers when moving during winter

Also, pay attention to how you pack fragile and weather-sensitive items. Glass is especially sensitive to cold as it can become more brittle and could crack more easily. So wrap them in cloths before you put them in boxes. And pay attention to your electronic devices. If you can keep them in their original packaging, and add an additional layer of protection, wrapping them in moving blankets.

Prepare your home for the moving crew arrival

Before your local movers MS arrive, you will have to make sure that the parking spot, driveways, and walkways around your home are clear of snow and ice. The moving truck usually needs at least two parking spots. So your job is to make sure that you prepare them. Also, clear the snow from the paths and make sure that there is no ice. If you can throw some kitchen salt, to help the ice melt.

Also, do not forget to protect your floors. When your movers start to go in and out of your home, the snow from their shoes will melt. And wooden floors are very sensitive to moist. And even the smallest amount of water can destroy them for good

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