Moving during the holidays – pros and cons

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There are a lot of reasons why you could end up moving during the holidays, which is not the most convenient time of the year for moving. Some of the reasons why you would need to move can be connected to the military, or maybe a job relocation connected to a commercial move, or maybe you just want a change. Even though moving during the holidays can be crazy, you are not alone. Every year more and more families are moving during the fall and winter seasons. Accordingly, there are some tips and tricks that can help you with your move. If you get organized, you can avoid all the cons connected to moving during the holidays. Thus, you will spend holidays with your friends and family while feeling relaxed and happy.

If you get organized, you can have a successful move during the holidays without losing precious time with your family.

Time management is key

If you plan your move correctly, moving during the holidays can be time and cost-effective. Seeing as you are moving in the slower months for the industry, you will be able to easily find moving labor in Memphis, and it will usually be cheaper than at the height of the moving season. But, for this plan to work, you will have to start organizing your move on time. This means you should take three weeks to a month to organize your move and pack your things. A month is enough time to set everything up with your movers. Also, you will have enough time to get everything figured out in your new home. Don’t forget you will also have to plan out your holidays, so do not add any more stress than necessary in this period.

Plan your holiday parties and dinners away from home

This goes without saying, you will not be able to have any holiday gatherings at your place if you are planning on moving during the holidays. However, this does not mean you should skip the holidays. Talk to your friends and family and ask them to host dinners and events. This will make it easier for you to organize your holiday calendar even though you are moving.

After you have planned your holiday calendar, it is time to start packing. If you feel this will take too much of your time you can always hire packing services Memphis TN, and this will help you focus on your friends and family during the holidays. With the help of professionals, you will be done with packing in no time. If you want to pack on your own, the best thing is to start with closets, guest bedrooms, and storage areas. Make sure you give yourself enough time to pack. A move takes a lot of time in general, and during the holidays you are bound to be slowed down by other obligations and events. Try to put all of your moving boxes and supplies in a guest bedroom or a storage room so the rest of your house stays clear of the moving mess.

Planning holiday events
You should ask your friends and family to help you out and organize events at their houses so you have time to pack for the move.

Try to buy the moving supplies during holiday sales

Another good thing about moving during the holidays is the abundance of holiday sales such as Black Friday. When you start thinking about the packing process, you should make a list of the costs of utilities, home services, and other services you will need to organize and hire. Movers in Mississippi should be your number one concern, but as this is the slow season for moving, you should have no problem making a great deal with any moving company you want. After you have set a moving quote and a moving date with your movers, it is time to buy all other supplies. Usually, sales happen around Black Friday, after Thanksgiving, and whole throughout December. Be on the lookout for sales on boxes and moving supplies because the retailers tend to mark office supplies down in December.

Should you even put-up decorations if you are moving during the holidays?

You should start thinking about holiday decorations, storage items, and other non-essentials. You should walk around your home and see what do you need to use during the holidays. Similarly, you should check on what do you want to use in the future. If you are planning to move during the holidays, maybe it would be best to keep it minimal with the decorations. With minimal decorations, you will be able to pack up your holiday decor for your next home, but you will still enjoy the season as opposed to entirely skipping it.

Holiday decorations
If you are moving during the holidays, you should keep your decorations at a minimum.

The trick of the trade is simple, you should pack as much as you can, as it will make the moving process easier. You should also label all of your boxes with the rooms in which they belong. Number your boxes according to their priority so you know which ones to unpack first after the move.

Are there more pros or cons when it comes to moving during the holidays?

Moving during the holidays can be whatever you choose to make of it. If you decide to start working on time, you can have the most productive holiday season ever, without the risk of ignoring your friends and family. Furthermore, moving during the holidays can also be great for your budget, but this will also require great organization skills and early thinking on your behalf.