Moving day safety tips in Mississippi

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Moving is hard. You need to pack organize everything, and make sure everything is scheduled and loaded. But does that cover everything? Not really. What many forget is about moving day safety. But don’t worry here we are to help you with some easy-moving day safety tips in Mississippi.


To make sure everything is in perfect order and there is no danger to us or our items we must make a  plan. Movers in Horn Lake MS are skilled at their jobs but even that doesn’t guarantee, that an accident will never happen. Here are some of the things we need to pay attention to for safety purposes. 

  • Wrap everything sharp
  • Lifting protocols
  • Dress comfortably and stretch
  • Eat and hydrate
  • Kids and pets
  • Don’t overpack
  • Pathway
A couple moving a couch together
To safely move you need help with carrying heavy boxes and furniture.

Wrap everything sharp

The first and most obvious thing on our list of moving day safety tips is to wrap everything sharp. Knives, gardening supplies, and everything with a sharp edge. Those things can be tricky when packing and unpacking and can lead to cuts if not properly taken care of. Moving day safety tips also include packing easy-to-break things like glass with the utmost care, to stop any injuries.

Lifting protocols

Some things on our moving day safety tips are better left to professionals. Movers Oxford MS is aware of all the moving rules and regulations. Like carrying a heavy load close to you, or avoiding any twisting of your body to minimize injuries. Don’t try or force yourself to lift something heavy, or way above your means.  A dolly can make the whole process faster and easier. If you by chance don’t have one, you can rent it out or tell your moving company to bring it. When packing makes sure you put the heavier boxes down to stop any unexpected falls. When the lightboxes are down there is a chance of caving in. And it can be really dangerous.

A couple carrying boxes
A lack of vision can be dangerous so make sure you have a clear path before you

Dress comfortably and stretch

When packing and carrying boxes, loading them on a truck, and making sure they are secure, we use up a lot of energy. Make sure you are dressed to work. You cant come dressed unbefitting of what you are doing, and expect nothing will happen. One of our moving day safety tips is to make sure you are dressed comfortably and ready to work. A pair of shorts or a pair of sweatpants go a long way. The more comfortable you are the better. Make sure to stretch as well as you are using a lot of your muscles. There will certainly be some furniture or items that you won’t need. So make sure that you don’t throw it away, and sell it or donate it to The Furniture Bank of America.

Eat and hydrate

Sometimes the most obvious things tend to be overlooked. So we made sure to put them on our list. Moving day safety tips are to make sure everything goes as planned. But how do you expect everything to go fine when you don’t even help yourself. Make sure you sleep well. You cant do anything tired. Also eating and hydrating properly is a must. We spend a lot of energy working to make sure everything is safe. Make sure to eat breakfast, and have some water. Also, make sure all of your workers are taken care of. If you think some things should be moved later there’s is always an option of storage services.

Kids and pets

We all love our kids and pets, and that means that by no means are they loved to be there when the moving is going on. make sure to have a babysitter or to take them to family members. On the day of the move, both you and Spyder Moving Services MS will be too busy to look after a child. Especially if you have to divide your focus, something will happen. If you can’t find anyone to look after them, make them a safe zone. Moving day safety tips are not that innovative, but safety is a priority. Make sure the child is taken care of and safe before you continue with work. 

A couple packing together
Get help from your family and friends with packing and moving in order to move safer, and faster

Don’t overpack

The fact you can fit ten more books in a medium box doesn’t mean you should do it. The last moving day safety tip is not to overpack. It’s better to have more boxes than to try and fit them all in one. The chances of ripping and braking are higher that way. The boxes are designed for a certain weight and no more than that. Imagine picking up a box and it ripping mid transport or boarding. It would be a problem to pause everything find a new box and pack everything in. So safety tips are important not only for you but for everyone involved.


Make sure that you have a pathway planned out. And make sure it’s clear at all times so you can freely move back and forth. The more things there are around you the more dangerous the moving gets. If you trip and fall it can be dangerous even when you are empty-handed. Imagine it happens while you are carrying something heavy or breakable. Stoping potential injuries is a must. Not only are you carrying things you are also surrounded by them. That concludes our moving day safety tips.

When packing we forget that more boxes may not be a bad thing. So we tend to put everything that can fit in one, and ignore the possibility of it not working out. Until it’s too late. The better you pack easier you will unpack. Staying safe requires both cautions as it does planning. Follow closely to these tips and make sure you or your help doesn’t get hurt.