Moving contract guide – what to doublecheck

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So it looks like you made a decision to move. You decided on the desired area and searched for movers. If you are about to make your relocation to the Mississippi area, you’ve probably already searched through moving companies in Mississippi. When you are deciding the moving company you want to give trust to, there are some things to get into consideration. Also, we are here to give you some kind of moving contract guide and to underline the things you want to double-check before signing.

Hiring moving company

Hiring professional help is always a great idea. Moving is so stressful by default, and every single relocation is unique. If you can help yourself by hiring movers, you are about to experience the value of professionalism and help when you really need it. That will lift a ton of your shoulders and you will have some pleasant time to plan your new start. The first thing is deciding on your budget and your timeline. You can discuss it with your movers. Make an agreement with them about which services you really need from them and which one you’ll do. There are some additional services that you can do by yourself if you want and have time, or you can assign them to your movers. Examples are packing and unpacking services.

couple unpacking boxes
Professional movers will always do a better job of packing and unpacking than yourself

One other thing when it comes to choosing the right moving company is finding the local movers. Locals will always know the specifics of the neighborhood, when is the traffic jam and also some roads less traveled. We suggest you search for movers Brandon MS if that is the area you picked for your new home.

Moving contract guide

If you ever had to experience moving before, you probably know how much paperwork you are about to deal with. You will need to shut down utilities, change your mail address, look and choose from various policies and insurance packages, deal with all the taxes – the mountain of paperwork is endless. So you probably understand that there are reasons to sign a moving contract. However, that piece of paper carries great significance, and you do not want to deal with fraudulent movers, but only with the best in the field. Our moving contract guide is here to help you.

What is a moving contract?

A moving contract is a legal agreement between a moving company and yourself. It is made to outline the rights and responsibilities of both sides. It contains all the details of the agreements like services, prices, timeline, and special conditions. The idea is to be so clear to both sides, that there is no room for misunderstandings or arguments.

What does a moving contract need to have?

woman and a man in the office - Moving contract guide
Consulting a moving contract guide before signing is a smart choice

Our moving contract guide will suggest you protect yourself. Check if there is information from both parties. If anything goes out, of course, you have to know who is responsible and who should be contacted.  You need to add to your contract a list of all items you have. That will help your movers give you the right estimate and protect you from some surprising fees. This also includes the approximate number of moving boxes.

The contract will have to include all the details of your move. There must be working time for trucks as well as for workers, date and time when you can expect them to be on location. Sometimes the moving companies add a clause that gives them two hours of time extra to arrive. You need to read very carefully before signing. Check the total amount, and ask if there are all the taxes and if there are possible some extra fees. The last thing you want is to be a victim of a moving scam. We hope that our moving contract guide has helped you to gather the needed information. Now you are safe and we wish you a wonderful moving experience.