Moving a mattress made easy

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Planning your move is a challenging process. And some items will require additional planning either because of their size or shape. One of the items that usually leaves people confused is the mattress. Moving a mattress is not easy, and you will need help. You can search for moving companies Memphis TN that can help you with this task, or you can ask professionals to help you. Either way, the relocation of your mattress will be easy!

If you are moving a mattress you will need to buy moving supplies in advance

If you plan to move a mattress on your own, you need to prepare in advance. You need to get moving supplies and prepare your budget for this cost. You will need to measure your mattress and get a mattress bag that will fit it perfectly. There is a wide variety of these bags, even with handles. And you can find them easily. Also, don’t forget to get bags for box springs as well.

moving a white mattress
Make sure to measure your mattress properly

You will need help

Moving a mattress is not a simple task, and because of its size, you will need a helping hand. You can either hire professionals like movers in Collierville TN or you can ask friends and family to help. You will need help to put the mattress into the bag, so make sure to call them on time. Also, keep in mind that the bigger the mattress you will need more people to move it around. 

When moving a mattress you need to be careful

Moving a large item like a mattress can cause different injuries. Especially if you are moving it through some narrow hallways and staircases. You need to make sure that you are lifting the mattress properly, but also that the path is clear. You won’t be able to see everything clearly, and you can easily trip if there are items lying around. Also, the mattress should be the last item that you will take form your bedroom. If you feel unsure, you can always call Spyder Moving Services for additional advice and help!

man holding moving boxes carefully
You need to be careful during your relocation, but especially if you are moving a mattress

Secure it well

When relocating a mattress you need to make sure that it is secured very well. Once you have your mattress in a mattress bag, make sure to close it and secure it properly. You can tape the whole mattress and avoid any possible damages. Make sure that there is no air in the bag, and that it fits the mattress perfectly.

If you plan to move the mattress on your own, you will need additional equipment

If you plan to do this on your own, without professional help you will need additional equipment. You will need ratchet straps that you can use to secure your mattress. This task is not easy, so make sure that you are tying really tight knots. Transporting a mattress is a serious task that requires a lot of attention and some equipment. So, before you start make sure that you have everything ready!