Most popular Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats

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There are many people around the world that have to leave the comfort of their homes for work. Some have to go even further leaving their county. They find themselves enjoying different cities and cultures all around the world. Europian expats are no strangers to going all around the world, constantly working and looking for comfortable places to visit. So what are some of the most popular Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats? What can they see and visit while in Tennessee? Are there places there where they can feel at home? There is no doubt that Memphis moving companies help a big number of expats in their search for nice homes.

Are there any Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats?

In search of nice places to visit and things to see many expats all around the world end up in Tennessee. A beautiful landlocked state in the US. Surrounded by beautiful landscape and nature, as well as rich history and many other things it’s no wonder that it is highly popular. Some of the Tennessee neighborhoods that European expats love are quite known, but some are unexpected. Being known as a nice state, that has expressed big admiration towards the military it is full of nice people ready to help.

A road that leads to Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats
There are many different kinds of Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats. From the ones in and around the city centers, all the way to the suburbs and more secure areas. With that in mind, people pick the ones best suited for their needs and interests.

There are many cities in Tennessee, so Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats are not only a few. Some cities are big others small, but all are filled with music festivals, nature, good nightlife, history, and so on. But all are quite beautiful and this is proven by the hard work of movers in Tennessee, that move a large number of people there yearly. What are some of the best cities in Tennessee?

  1. The city of Nashville 
  2. Memphis
  3. Knoxville 
  4. Chattanooga 
  5. Clarksville 
  6. Murfreesboro 
  7. Franklin 
  8. Johnson City 
  9. Jackson 
  10. Hendersonville 


This is the biggest city in the State of Tennessee. Actually, with a population of  707,091, it is not only the largest city in Tennessee but also the 21st largest in the US. Actually, the city is constantly developing and growing. And along with it and with the help of local moving companies Memphis the population is also growing. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and also has some of the best Tennessee spots for European expats.

  • East Nashville– Are you someone that likes the East Village in NY city this part of Nashville is for you! This is a place full of beautiful galleries, nightclubs, and nice cafes, and is actually a good place for those that wish to be close to the downtown. Here you can find accommodation for a far lower price than in some other parts of Nashville.
  • Germantown– In the mid-19th century many Germans immigrated to this part of Nashville. And as such this part of the city got its name. Making it one of the nicer Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats, especially Germans.
  • Nolensville– This is actually a newer neighborhood. It has been steadily growing in the last couple of years thanks to the education system in Tennessee, many nice cafes and restaurants as well as shops.
  • Belle Meade– This is a place for those ready to pay more money. Being only a step away from the city center, it is a highly south out area. Mostly filled with big family homes.
The capital of Tennessee Nashville
Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee. And as such is the city that gathers most of the attention from tourists all over the world.


The second largest city in Tennessee with a population of  630,348 residents is Memphis. Actually located in Memphis is the largest African-American population in Tennessee. Bringing this already beautiful city even more diversity and culture.  There are many Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats here, making movers Arlington TN work quite hard.

  • Binghampton– Are you a single young professional? This is perfect for you! Filled with bungalows and cottages it is a perfect fit for those wanting to have spacious lawns. Located only around 15 to 20 minutes from Downtown Memphis it has a lot to offer. From shops, music, restaurants, and so on.

  • Cooper-Young– Being filled with young people, as well as being a big LGBT community and an art scene Cooper-Young has become one of the best Tennessee neighborhoods for Europeans. Especially younger ones.

  •  Crosstown – This is actually one of the most affordable places in Memphis. Filled with many homes waiting for Senatobia MS movers to introduce new residents to its beauty.


Third on the list of r Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats is Knoxville. The third largest city in the state of Tennessee. With a population of 193,114, it is a nice place that’s constantly growing. Actually, this city was the first capital of Tennessee. And a fun fact Quentin Tarantino and Johnny Knoxville were both from this magnificent city.

  • South Knoxville– This is a Tennessee neighborhood for European expats that lies south of the Tennessee river. It’s a pretty fun area to explore. Filled with many places to hike, ride bikes, rock climb, and more.
  • North Knoxville– Like the name suggests this area is located north of the Downtown. This is a place where movers Germantown TN move the upper middle and professional classes. Actually, the first residents in this area were doctors, politicians, and business managers.
  • Happy Holler– This is a Tennessee neighborhood for European expats that enjoy antiques and vintage aesthetics. Home to many bakeries, cafes, street vendors…
Allyway bettwen the buildings
When you look for a place to live, make sure it fits most of your standards. The price range, as well as the location, are the things you should look for first. Although sometimes it pays off to get something a little more expensive if the location is better. This way you save money in the long-run.


And now we came to the fourth largest city in Tennessee Chattanooga. This city is home to a big number of manufacturing and service industries. For example, the first Coca-Cola bottling plant in the world. Located here are many distribution and manufacturing facilities. Some of them are Ferrara Candy Company, DuPont, and But what are some of the best Tennessee neighborhoods for Europeans in Chattanooga?

  • North shore– Like the name implies this is a place located North of the Tennessee river. Filled with many shops, restaurants, clothing shops, and many other attractions it is one of the best places in Chattanooga. It attracts many tourists as well as locals. So it’s no wonder that movers Jackson TN have their hands full.
  •  Riverview- This is a nice place for those that like walks. Especially next to a beautiful river.

How to pick a neighborhood?

Well before you can move to one of the Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats you should know what you are looking for. You see not all of us have the same needs, likes, and dislikes. So not all of the places we enjoy will be your cup of tea. That’s why it’s really important that you know what you are looking for. Are you contacting movers Somerville TN with the goal of moving somewhere quiet?

Or maybe you are looking for an up-and-coming place filled with young people? Nightlife is a big part of Tennessee. After all, this state is known for its music and festivals. And hand in hand with that comes excellent nightlife. Or are you someone looking for a more family-oriented quieter place to live?

Tennessee has it all! From old money areas that have homes worth millions, to average areas that are easily affordable. But that only means you will need to consider your financial situation before picking a place.

couple packing together
If you and your partner are moving to Tennessee make sure to help one another. From contacting moving companies, packing, and loading to unloading and settling in.

Is Tennessee a nice place to live?

Actually, this state has zero income tax and meager property taxes. And this is quite a big chunk of money that you can save. After moving here although at first, you won’t notice a difference on a yearly plan you will notice that it’s quite a big deal of money saved. In comparison to the national average, this state has the 5th lowest cost of living.

This as well as the lower cost of utility means that  Tennessee places for European expats are abundant. Having to pay less for some things will surely help you save money. Add on top of this a job market that’s constantly open and evolving, and you will get a state ready for moving companies Collierville TN, to bring in new residents.


This is where the oldest newspaper in Tennessee is from. And being the 5th largest city in Tennessee it also has to be on the list of Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats. The climate is humid. Witch means there are hot summers but cold winters.  It has a very good education system. And among everything else is actually quite an affordable place to live in!

  • West Creek– This is a beautiful place with custom-made homes. Although there are some that have already finished construction. Located a little bit off the main road this is a neighborhood that is well connected but still offers privacy. Its schools are within walking distance, and shops and stores are just a drive away.
  • Saint Bethlehem– At first this was a separate community. But later on, was added to the borders of Clarksville. Actually, most of the city’s restaurants, shops and so on are located here. Stationed in this area is also the industrial park, which is currently under construction to become the biggest in the state.
  • Greenwood– One of the Tennessee spots for European expats is Greenwood. A relatively newer area, as it started to develop in the early 20th century. In the year 1950, it only had a couple of single-family bungalows. But with time as the first high school in the city was constructed here it gained popularity.
A road through the forest
Tennessee has many beautiful parks, as well as many rivers and other natural wonders. Going there even for a trip is an exciting experience for any nature lover.


With a population of 152,769 Murfreesboro is officially the 6th largest city in the state of Tennessee. It has many neighborhoods for European expats to gather and enjoy themselves. Before it was surpassed by Nashville, this city was the capital of the state from 1818 to 1826. If you took a dart and threw it at the center of Tennessee chances are you would poke right through Murfreesboro.


In seven place by size of all the cities in Tennessee is Franklin. With a population of  83,454. Over the years the growth of this city has been increasing rapidly. As people kept flooding in. And with that, the development of the city was also affected. Many new homes and apartments have been built in order to accommodate everyone. And as such Tennessee neighborhoods for expats here are not low in number either.

a street in one of the Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats
Whatever city you choose make sure to go shopping! Or at least go looking around. Some of the shops have hidden gems. There are also many bars, cafes as well as restraints that will make any tourist feel like they are in heaven.

Johnson City

Welcome to the eighth biggest city in Tennessee. Adorned by 71,046 residents this beautiful city is located in northeastern Washington County and it’s filled with Tennessee neighborhoods for European expats. Having hot summers and cool winters this is a place for people that don’t like to always be warm. Here, there are many different kinds of stores and retail businesses. From the more famous big brands down to small locally owned shops.