Most affordable cities in Tennessee

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There are many factors that you may consider when choosing where to move. You may be looking for a better job market, better weather conditions, low crime rates, etc. However, the main factor you will consider is affordability. Before you choose a new city, you want to know how comfortably you’ll be living there. Affordability is the sum of housing costs and living expenses. Basically, you are looking for a better quality of life in a nice community. So, before hiring the Oakland TN movers, you want to know which are the most affordable cities in Tennessee. Here is a short guideline to help you choose the place that is right for you.

Most affordable cities in Tennessee - fields with grass and hey with mountains and clouds at the back.
About half of the state is covered by farmlands.

The appeal of settling in Tennessee

If you need Tennessee long distance movers because you’re moving from somewhere far away, the odds are that you don’t know much about living in Tennessee in general. So what is Tennessee like? Well, for starters, Tennessee is still considered to be a southern state. That is mainly true, although bigger cities tend to be quite liberal and areas of the state closer resemble the North. Still, you can count on that good old Southern hospitality and charm!

Few facts about the state of Tennessee

This is a small state located in the southern part of the USA. About half of the state is covered by farmlands, thanks to its rich, fertile soil. Tennessee is also known for rich deposits and mining of some minerals: fluorite, calcite, pyrite marble, and zinc. It is also known for a Great Smoky Mountains National Park, located at the border with North Carolina. The capital city is Nashville, which is at the same time the heart of the country-music scene. The biggest Tennessee city is Memphis, located at the southwest corner of the country. Besides already said, Tennessee has one national forest, 15 state forests, and about 3800 caves. So, besides well-developed agriculture and mining, Tennessee is also attracting many tourists. 

Are the costs of living in Tennessee affordable?

Tennessee’s cost of living is 12.4% lower than the USA average. The unemployment rate is 5.1%, but the job market is increasing. The median home cost is under $250,000. With a low crime rate and pleasant weather, Tennessee is a good place for living.

What are the most affordable cities in Tennessee?

In general, Tennessee is an affordable place for living. It is, as well, one of the states without an income tax. Besides this, you should check the few most affordable places in TN. Once you decide which one is the best for you, Spyder Moving Services TN will relocate you there. And hopefully, you will already have your own home at that time.

So, here is the list of the most affordable cities in Tennessee:


Manchester is a small town with a bit more than 10,000 residents. Located in Coffee County, it is right between Nashville and Chattanooga. So, when you are missing the big city vibes, take a short ride down Interstate 24. It will bring you straight to Nashville, where you can have a bit of fun! The rest of the time, however, you will enjoy this peaceful and friendly city. With a median income of $48,280 and a median home price of $189,400, you can easily afford to purchase a nice home.

Fireworks over Nashville.
Nashville is the TN capital city.


Smyrna is a part of the Nashville-Davidson metropolitan area. It has long been a popular destination for many retirees. So, many of them moved to this beautiful place with the help of long-distance movers Memphis. Well, they have a good reason for that. The costs of living are very low. Also, the city has some of the lowest property taxes in the state. All this is making Smyrna one of the most affordable cities in Tennessee. However, Smyrna is far from a small city full of senior citizens. The city has been steadily growing and attracting many new employers in recent years. It even has its own community college. When you wish excitement of the bigger place, you can easily visit Memphis. And you can reach downtown Nashville in only 30 minutes.


Murfreesboro is an excellent place for everyone who wants to enjoy all the amenities of a big city, but without suffering the high prices of Nashville. Located just on the outskirts of Nashville, this affordable city offers plenty of job opportunities. Murfreesboro has some of the best restaurants. And it has its own symphony orchestra too. One of the city’s attractions is the Stones River National Battlefield. The median home price is around $311,400, which is rather high. However, many residents can secure well-paid jobs in Nashville. It takes them about 40 minutes to commute one way.


Munford is one of the most affordable cities in Tennessee. And it is also one of the best places to live in Tennessee. With just over 6,000 residents, this is a small and peaceful city. It has very low crime rates, unemployment, and poverty. The cost of living is very low, and the median home price is around $188,000. That’s quite affordable, especially knowing that the median income is nearly $70,000. Overall, when moving with local movers TN to Munford, you can expect a nice living in a peaceful city. And you will be able to afford a lot on a low budget.


Named after German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, this is yet another Tennessee small but charming and affordable city. It is located on the border between Gibson and Madison County. This is a small, conservative, rural city. It is best known for fresh, organic food and the famous strawberry festival. It has about 8,000 residents. The median income of approximately $35,500, but you can purchase a nice home for $75,500. 

Strawberries in three stages - ripe, green and in bloom.
Humboldt is well known for the famous strawberry festival.

Budget planning for the most affordable cities in Tennessee

What about after moving to one of the most affordable cities in Tennessee? How should you organize your home budget, and what can you expect to spend most of your money on? Well, Tennessee’s cost of living is in general lower than the national average. The biggest contributor to this is the housing prices, which are much lower than in most of the country.

How did we decide on the most affordable cities in Tennessee?

It may seem that looking for the most affordable cities in Tennessee is a simple matter of comparing prices. But that alone wouldn’t give you accurate info. To give you a real picture of the suggested cities, we used a few criteria:

  • cost of living
  • cost of housing
  • overall livability
  • expected income
  • a few interesting facts about cities

We hope that now you have a much better idea about the presented cities. And that it will help you to choose the right place for you.

What other factors may influence your decision to move to Tennessee?

Now, as we saw which are the most affordable cities in Tennessee, let us check a few more things. Affordability is important, but not the only factor that influences one’s decision. So, when choosing a place to live,  you may also consider:

  • Walkable neighborhood
  • Commuting time
  • Availability of public transport
  • How far the city is from your family
  • Possibility for outdoor sports
  • Enjoying the relaxed lifestyle

These are just some of the reasons why people decide to move to a certain place. We are sure you have your reasons for moving to Tennessee. And we hope that this short guide will help you to find the place that will be “the right one” for you.