Minimalist moving tutorial for stress-free relocation

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Relocating home is stressful most of the time. One must organize a whole deal of tasks starting with a budget, packing, decluttering, legalities, and finding one of the Tennessee long distance moving companies. But this time around you want to keep it a low profile. Minimalist moving will bring you lower costs, easier packing, less stress, and enjoyable relocation in general. So, let us introduce you to our guide to minimalist moving.

Set a date for your minimalist moving event

No matter what kind of relocation you have on your hands, you must keep it organized. Everything begins with your moving date and your schedule. You must figure out the free days you have and then begin your search for a moving company and start packing. Once you know your moving date, you’ll know how much time you have to pack everything and hit the road. This info will dictate the pace and either elevate or reduce the moving stress. Now, the next step is to realize the complexity of your moving project. You’ll need a few mandatory information before you contact your movers. Obtain the following:

  • The number of robust pieces of furniture you have.
  • The approximate number of moving boxes.
  • Measure all the furniture as well as the hallways, staircases, and doors.
  • Additional special requests or personal requirements.
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Set a moving date and create your minimalist relocation plan straight away.

Gather everything on your moving checklist and then call your movers in Memphis TN area. They need this information to know how many packing materials are required and how many workers to send over. Also, how many hours it will take to handle everything and if the environment is safe to work in. If you do your part correctly, your relocation will be cheaper and safer.

Minimalist moving with professional moving assistance

You can’t have a minimalist moving without professional moving assistance. As a matter of fact, the only moving you can have without the moving company is where you load your personal vehicle and drive away. Or when you rent a moving truck and cover everything by yourself. But that is not what you want here, right? So, the next step on your stress-free minimalist journey is to find a reliable moving company. You will do it easily if you spend just 30 minutes browsing the internet. Just implement your search criteria and something will pop up. Then, in the endless sea of moving companies, you’ll narrow your search down and choose the top 5. Take a closer look by comparing prices and services they offer.

Also, you must read a few feedbacks and moving reviews. Check social media groups and comments as well as external blog posts and moving-related websites. The goal is to confirm if your moving company is legit and if they have all the permits and licenses to operate. Once you have enough info about them, give them a call and confirm if they have all the tools and equipment for the job. Negotiate a bit about the price and the service you need and meet somewhere in the middle. Do this for all moving companies on your list and choose the one you like the most.

mover holding labeled cardboard box
Utilize onsite estimates to obtain a more precise moving quote and a safer relocation plan.

Utilize onsite estimates and obtain a moving price

We already stipulated how you can obtain the basic info for your movers. But the best way to create a safe moving plan is to utilize onsite estimates. It is used primarily to obtain a moving quote but it will bring you far more. Yes, your movers will provide the exact numbers and you will be able to dedicate an appropriate budget. But what is important here is that they will evaluate the whole deal and inspect the environment inside out.

They will weigh your cargo, check on your hard-to-handle furniture, inspect the questionable areas of your home like staircases and narrow corridors, and far more. This way they will figure out where to be cautious, use special tools, establish a loading dock, or take an entirely different approach. Hence, do not forget to ask for onsite estimates. It is one of the free Spyder Moving Services TN and your movers will be happy to oblige.

Downsize even more

A minimalist moving project is a moment to get rid of all the old, unused, broken, or not-needed items you have in your home. Maybe you have been hoarding or simply keeping some of it to repair it someday. It doesn’t matter. This is the time to get rid of it and finally free yourself from all the clutter you have in your life. And decluttering is especially good if you are moving on a budget because it will save you a lot of money during the packing and relocation process. So, while shuffling through your items, set aside everything you do not need anymore. Pay special attention to the hidden corners in your attic, basement, garage, and backyard. There you’ll find long-forgotten items you have been stashing for better days to come.

woman preparing for the minimalist moving
Get rid of all the items you do not use anymore. It is time to declutter like a pro!

Once you have it all nicely piled up, pack everything in cardboard boxes and garbage bags and donate to the local charity. Or you can sell everything online or at the garage sale if you have time to do it. As for packing, you’ll need cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, and labels. For a minimalist move, this is all you’ll need. Gather everything at the nearest home depot or purchase from your moving company. If you have limited time to pack, purchase packing and unpacking services. It is the best investment you can do right now because it will save you a lot of time and energy. Movers will bring all the materials, pack, transport, and unpack. They will even take all the leftovers with them if you wish it so. Think about it and get over this annoying part of each relocation with style.

Get ready to load the moving truck

If you covered all the steps we mentioned above, you should be ready for your moving day. If your relocation is small enough, you should have enough boxes and furniture to fit the smallest moving truck movers can provide. But remember, it is better to rent a medium one if you have a few more items than to squeeze your items inside a truck and damage the whole batch. It will cost far less than replacing items in the end.

And that is it, you are ready for minimalist moving. As you can see, this is nothing special. As long as you keep yourself organized and list all your moving tasks on your moving checklist, you won’t get lost along the way. You must keep track of it no matter how big your relocation is. It is a smart thing to do and now you know how to do it right. Good luck!