List of items that moving insurance does not cover

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If you are planning a move or you have already set your moving date, you should know everything there is about insurance. If you get moving insurance it will be only because you are about your belongings. However, there are just some items that moving insurance does not cover. And you should explore and find out what those items are. You can always contact Spyder Moving and Storage once you hire them and get all the pieces of information you need. It will be the best option and solution for your problem and dilemma.

List of items that moving insurance does not cover

  1. Jewelry,
  2. Medications,
  3. Fine art,
  4. Sport memorabilia
  5. MDF furniture
  6. Other self-packed items
make a list of your valuable items that moving insurance will not cover


There is no moving company that will accept covering for anything this valuable. So one of the options is to get your jewelry and bring it along with you. If you are moving long distances, you should think about other options. The reason for this is that you will have a lot of other stuff on your mind and you will need to catch a break from thinking about carrying so expensive items in your bag.

There is also another option and that is to hire packers and movers and just have your jewelry packed by professionals. You can be sure that these items will not break or damage during the relocation and transport if on your own. However, there are some companies that will not want to even pack these belongings. So before making the final decision on how to move your jewelry, make sure you gather all information you need. 

Additional tip

Make sure you take a photo of every piece of jewelry before relocation. This is giving you a chance to keep track of your belongings and figure out where it is packed, how it is packed, and whether there were some damages during the relocation. 

Why are medications on the list of items moving insurance does not cover?

The reason is actually really simple. You will need your medications during the relocation. You do not even have to look for insurance for these items. If you are taking some pills on a daily level, these will not be packed at all. You will keep them in your essentials bag and carry them along. You do not have to think here they are while one of the best movers Hattiesburg MS are packing and preparing you for relocation. And have them with you all the time. However, if there are some people that need to be some medicine from time to time and it turns out that this medicine is very expensive, moving insurance will not cover it. But let’s think logically. If you need to have his medicine, there is no reason to pack it. Have it always by your side, in case you need it. This way you will not have to worry about the insurance and you will know where they are at every second of the relocation.

hand with jewelry
Jewelry is on the list of items that moving insurance does not cover

Fine art, sports memorabilia, and antiques

There are just some items that have a great sentimental value and that price cannon be determined. The price of those can change from time to time and it will be hard to replace or repair them. This is the situation with fine art collections and sports memorabilia. You will need to hire professionals that will be able to determine the price or the closest value of these items. There are professionals that are experts in his field. One of the is Mississippi moving company. They have services that specialize in high-value items. It can be covered by moving insurance, but you might not get the price you have been thinking of. So if your antiques get damaged during transport, you might have a good price for that.

But there are things that moving insurance will not cover when it comes to antiques. It will not cover mishandling and damages that might occur because of the humidity or temperature while moving from one location to another.

Why is MDF furniture on the list of items that moving insurance does not cover?

The main reason why moving insurance does not cover these is that MDF is not strong enough to get through the shipping process. Of course, you can hire Mississippi long distance movers and get these items shipped, but no one will guarantee you that they will not break during the transpositions. Especially when you are moving long distances. So you can do two things. Disassemble the furniture as much as you can. And of course, protect them from any moisture. Make sure that you do everything possible to make your MDF furniture safe during eh relocation. Because you will not get cover for the damages that might occur.

Self-packed items

A lot of us relocating for the first time have no idea that there are some regulations and restrictions on items that aren’t packed by professionals. One of the main reasons why moving insurance does not cover these is that there is nothing to know about the condition of the items that are packed. You cannot load something in the truck without the company knowing about it. Therefore, the moving insurance cannot cover any damages. And of course, there is no proof that the items are yours. However, there are some things you should know.

When it comes to covering the self-packed items with moving insurance, you should know that the maximum price for getting some items lost are around $200 per item. If you have something valuable packed, the coverage you will get for these items will simply not be enough. Also, when moving to the state of Mississippi, make sure you take a photo of every item before loading the truck. This is one of the proofs you might need if something bad happens.

self packed box with food is on the list of items that moving insurance does not cover
You cannot pack food and get insurance for it

Even if you have zero experience in relocation, you should understand the rules and the restrictions when it comes to moving insurance. If you do not understand why is something the way it is, try contacting the moving company. Make sure you understand the list of items that moving insurance does not cover. Once you get all the pieces of information you need, you are about to have a stress-free and fluent relocation. Which is one of the best moving experiences ever.