Kid-friendly activities to explore after moving to Denver

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Discovering activities to explore after moving to Denver can be a tiring journey for families, especially those with lively toddlers. The Mile High City is a haven for families seeking diverse adventures. From large parks to interactive museums, the city offers many activities that cater to the curiosity of young minds. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a culture seeker, every day in Denver is packed with fun and learning. And if you’ve recently made the decision to move with the help of Spyder Moving and Storage CO, you’re in for a treat. Read this guide and uncover the things that make Denver a top destination for families with toddlers. Let’s start exploring together!

Why Denver shines for kids

With an impressive 300 days of sunshine, Denver is like a great, sunny playground for kids. This means more days to enjoy the city’s vast outdoor spaces. Think picnics, park adventures, and nature walks. But that’s not all. Even on the occasional cloudy day, Denver doesn’t disappoint. Indoor attractions, from hands-on museums to interactive play zones, ensure the fun never stops. Parents often rave about the ease of transitioning from outdoor to indoor activities, making it a breeze, especially if you’re thinking about relocating with the help of moving companies Denver has. In essence, Denver blends the thrill of nature with the comfort of indoor activities, making it a true paradise for kids and their families.

A father and his 3 kids
There are many activities to explore after moving to Denver, especially for the kids

Outdoor activities to explore after moving to Denver

Denver’s natural beauty invites families to step outside and immerse in its beauty. The city offers a great amount of outdoor activities tailored for kids. From sprawling parks that invite playful exploration to hiking trails that promise adventure, Denver has it all. Parents can look forward to days filled with laughter, discovery, and bonding in the great outdoors. If you wish to make the city your home with the assistance of long distance movers Denver has, then you’re in for an exciting journey. The Mile High City ensures that every day outdoors is a new adventure waiting to unfold. So, lace up those shoes, pack a picnic, and get ready to explore the best of Denver’s outdoor offerings with your little ones.

Explore City Park’s wonderful offerings

City Park is the perfect place for families seeking outdoor fun and relaxation. Between beautiful lakes suited for picnics and playgrounds that spark creativity, it offers something for every visitor. The park is also home to the renowned Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Regular events, from community gatherings to children’s festivals, keep the park buzzing with energy. If you’re interested in moving here for the events, you could hire apartment movers Denver has. That said, there are a few upcoming events in the City Park, including:

  1. City Park 5K – an event which is to be held Saturday, November 4th, 2023, during which parents and kids alike can sign up for a 1-mile walk or a 5-mile marathon across the park while donating to the University of Colorado, division of surgical oncology, funding their research in potential cures for pancreatic cancer.
  2. Pumpkin Pie 5K – organized by “Colorado Runner Events,” this one takes place on Saturday, November 18, 2023. During this charity event, anyone is free to sign up for the run, which features a huge slice of pie at the end, a party for all who finish, a few complimentary gifts for the participants, and free photo downloads when all is over.
  3. Rudolph Ramble 5K – held on Sunday, December 3rd, 2023, this event is another charity event. Parents and their kids can enjoy the 5-mile walk or run, but also other activities that are suited for kids. There are activities where kids get to run around and develop their sportsmanship skills, a costume contest for kids of all ages, a free post-race photograph with Santa and Rudolph, and, of course, treats and cookies for the kids.
Kids running around with balloons
Everyone is invited to partake in the City Park events

Walk the Washington Park’s delightful trails

Washington Park is one of Denver’s premier green spaces. Spanning over 165 acres, this park is great for families, offering a mix of historical and recreational amenities. The park features two serene lakes, a boathouse, and manicured flower gardens. For the kids, large playgrounds provide endless hours of fun. The park’s meandering pathways are perfect for relaxing strolls or bike rides. Unlike the City Park, Washington Park offers other kinds of events that don’t revolve only around running and exercise. If the idea of participating in the following events appeals to you, think about hiring local movers Denver CO. Here are a few events and activities to explore after moving to Denver inside of Washington Park:

  1. Yappy Hour – held on the first Wednesday of the summer months, this event is about bringing all pet owners of the region together and holding a party for everyone to enjoy. In October, the party is all about cheering on the FC Cincinnati soccer club. Everyone is invited to dress up both themselves and their pets in the teams’ colors and have a good time.
  2. Autumn Acoustics – during the afternoon hours of 6 – 9 pm on October 6, 2023. This event is about celebrating the coming of Autumn with good music. The event invites local artists and bands to play for all who decide to spend this day with lively music.
  3. Workout on The Green – an event that welcomes all who are willing to come and work out. The event takes place during the hours of 5.30 to 7. pm, on October 11, 2023. There are free workout sessions for everyone willing to work on themselves. However, the organizers of the event are not responsible for supplying the participants with water, food, towels, etc.
A man working out as one of the activities to explore after moving to Denver
Take part in these events, which are soon to follow

Nature activities to explore after moving to Denver

When it comes to immersing oneself in nature, Denver offers unparalleled opportunities. At the forefront is the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. Spanning over 415 square miles, this national treasure has diverse landscapes, from dense forests and alpine lakes to rugged mountain peaks. It’s a paradise for families, offering trails suitable for all ages and skill levels. The park has many hiking trails. However, these hiking trails shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important to prepare for anything and everything – the park staff advises all visitors to be prepared for bad weather, ticks, rushing water, and many slopes. Besides that, the webpage of the Park familiarizes visitors with the different types of weather they may encounter. And for those who are thinking about relocation, utilizing services like packing service Denver has can give you more time to explore these natural wonders.

Visit Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Another must-visit is the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. This byway offers breathtaking views as you ascend to over 14,000 feet. The panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys are truly a sight to behold. It’s an experience that promises to be both thrilling and educational for kids, making it a perfect family outing. However, to enter this byway via a car, the park requires its visitors to book a reservation. Besides the view of the continental divide, visitors can see many wild animals roaming the byway.

Sun shining through trees
Denver offers many hiking trails suited for kids and parents

Mountain goats, bighorn sheep herds, marmots, birds, and alpine wildflowers are just some of the flora and fauna to be seen. In truth, there are also rules such as: “no camping, dogs must be on a leash, special events (family reunions, weddings, and other non-commercial group events) are not permitted.” If these rules seem confusing or if anything is left unclear, take a look at the webpage of the Byway.

Museums to explore after moving to Denver

In the city’s center, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science stands as a pillar of education and exploration. This institution offers an array of exhibits that cater to inquisitive minds of all ages. From the mysteries of the cosmos in its planetarium to the ancient wonders of the dinosaur exhibits, there’s a world of discovery awaiting every visitor. One of the museum’s standout features is its interactive approach to learning. Kids can engage in hands-on experiments, watch captivating IMAX films, and even participate in educational workshops.

Besides the usual exhibits like the “Space Odyssey,” “Egyptian Mummies,” “Discovery Zone,” and “Gems and Materials,” the museum also offers its visitors a special exhibition called “After the Asteroid: Earth’s Comeback Story,” where the visitors can see fossils and rocks from the ages long past. Researchers recently uncovered a rich collection of fossils at Corral Bluffs, close to Colorado Springs. These fossils, which are approximately 66 million years old, are the highlight of this special exhibition. For families whose kids are eager to visit this museum and are coming to Denver for business or other ventures, the services that commercial movers Denver has offer are a great choice.

Dinosaur skeleton
Explore the various museums located in Denver and let your kids learn

Explore the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus is an amazing place for interactive experiences designed to ignite a passion for learning in young minds. This museum is not just about observing. It’s about touching, experimenting, and immersing in a world of fun and knowledge. One of the museum’s upcoming attractions is “Bloom,” set to open on October 16. This plant-themed exhibit promises a playful space dedicated to early learning, ensuring memorable experiences for even the youngest visitors. Additionally, the museum is gearing up for “Harvest Hoot,” a series of fabulous fall activities scheduled from October 27 to 29.

Regular workshops are also a highlight. Whether it’s transforming broken toys into new treasures in The Art Studio, exploring the Adventure Forest, or whipping up a breakfast in The Teaching Kitchen, there’s always something new to discover. The museum operates seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., ensuring ample time for families to explore. The tickets for newly born babies are free, while they stay in the range of $16-$18 for others. If you’ve recently moved to Denver and are looking for enriching activities for your children, this museum, located at 2121 Children’s Museum Drive, is a must-visit.

Discover the wonders at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

The Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum stands as a testament to aviation and space history. With over 100,000 square feet dedicated to showcasing iconic aircraft, space vehicles, artifacts, and military uniforms, it’s a paradise for enthusiasts and curious minds alike. The museum’s exhibits transport visitors to different eras, allowing them to get up close with historic aircraft and delve into the future of aviation and space. One of the highlights is the “Pioneers – Pacesetters – Possibilities” exhibit, which celebrates Colorado’s significant contributions to aviation. For families planning a visit, the museum offers various tour options, from guided walks with knowledgeable docents to self-guided explorations.

Upcoming events include “Family Day with United Airlines” and the intriguing “Hauntings in the Hangar.” So, for those interested in moving to Denver, hiring furniture movers Denver is a great choice. They’ll do the job swiftly, so you’ll enjoy discovering the wonders with your kids soon enough.

A trail left by a rocket shooting into space museum
One of the best activities to explore after moving to Denver is to visit the space

Family events to mark on your Denver calendar

Denver thrives with vibrant events year-round, especially for families. The city’s annual line-up promises entertainment, education, and memorable experiences. With such a rich calendar, Denver ensures families have enough opportunities to bond, learn, and create lasting memories. If you’re on the lookout for activities to explore after moving to Denver, here’s a list to get you started:

  • The Great American Beer Festival: A celebration of craft beers, though it’s more suited for adults, it often features family-friendly zones.
  • Denver Comic Con: Dive into the world of comics, superheroes, and pop culture. Kids and adults alike can enjoy workshops, panels, and cosplay.
  • Events at the Colorado Convention Centre: This iconic venue hosts a myriad of family-friendly events throughout the year, ensuring there’s always something exciting on the horizon.

Denver’s family-friendly charm

Denver’s charm lies in its diverse offerings, from nature escapades to educational hubs. The city seamlessly blends outdoor adventures with cultural experiences, ensuring families have many different options to keep them engaged. Whether it’s a day at the museum, a hike in the mountains, or attending a vibrant festival, Denver promises unforgettable moments. So, gear up, start new adventures, and discover the activities to explore after moving to Denver.