Items you should personally transport

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We all know how hectic moving can be. You have to do a lot of tasks and make sure everything goes according to plan. But, what happens when you don’t have the time to properly organize your upcoming move? Then you get moving help Oxford MS of course! A professional moving company can do just about anything you need during your relocation. Be it packing, transporting, or storing your belongings, they’ve got it covered. However, there is one catch. During your move, there are still some items you should personally transport. If you want to learn what they are and why you shouldn’t load them on the moving truck, read on! We’re here to help you learn more.

hand holding two passports
Apart from your personal documents and valuables, there are many more items you should take with you when moving house.

What are some of the items you should personally transport?

Let’s start with the most obvious ones. Your personal documents should never be loaded among other moving boxes onto a truck. Even when you’re working with the most reliable moving companies Gulfport MS, and you trust them completely, it’s best if you keep your personal documents by your side at all times. We aren’t worried that they will get lost or stolen. However, you might need them immediately, and in case the truck gets stuck in traffic, you can’t get to them. Some of the items you should always bring with you are the following:

  • Passports
  • Drivers’ licenses
  • Important contracts regarding your move or your new home
  • Medical documents
  • Valuable jewelry or any really expensive antiques
  • Smaller electronics, such as phones, laptops, and tablets


A moving company will never transport perishables or plants

On another note, no Mississippi moving company will agree to transport your plants or your food. This is done for various reasons. First things first, when you’re moving long distances, the plants won’t get any light or water inside the moving truck. They will likely wilt and won’t survive the road trip. That is why companies cannot transport them as they can’t guarantee that they will make it in one piece. Without any light, air, or water, the plants won’t have a good time traveling in the dark moving truck. The same goes for your pets, but people usually bring those with them anyway.

three small cacti
No matter how small or big your plants are, they are just some of the items your movers won’t transport.

Also, it is very unlikely that any moving company will agree to transport your perishables either. Dry food is allowed and that can be transported in a moving truck. However, you will have to either throw away, donate or bring perishable items with you. Simply put, movers can’t provide cool temperatures in the truck for the food, nor can they guarantee that there won’t be any delays in transport. Unexpected things can happen, and that is why there are certain items you should personally transport.