Is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family?

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Diversity, justice, and acceptance are valued at Oxford. As a result, the neighborhood is working to showcase local business owners and citizens from all backgrounds who contribute to the region’s deeply ingrained culture and identity. So, moving to Oxford MS doesn’t sound bad when you know this. Additionally, the University of Mississippi is located in Oxford, and inclusivity is one of Ole Miss’ fundamental principles. The organization’s Center for Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Engagement works to provide programming that emphasizes diversity. But Is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family? The short answer is YES!

A person holding two thumbs up because they know the answer to the question is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family
Oxford MS is a good place to raise a family.

Is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family?

We already know that Oxford MS is a great place to raise a family. Oxford offers a wide range of housing alternatives for anyone wishing to settle down in the area, from townhomes and college apartments to large condos and historic mansions. The good news is that you can comfortably live here. So, be sure to hire moving companies Oxford MS to help you relocate to the new family home. With a median property value of $295,950 in Oxford, the city boasts fairly affordable housing costs. And over the past 15 years, Oxford has been finishing roadway upgrades and introducing pedestrian walking and biking activities in new subdivisions in an effort to entice even more inhabitants. You will love the following benefits which will tell you is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family:

  • Mississippi has a low cost of living
  • Affordable higher education
  • Great cuisine
  • Pleasant people all around
  • Great wheater all year long

Mother Nature has made significant contributions to Oxford’s breathtaking visuals, which are enhanced by the city’s abundance of public parks and biking/walking paths. The pleasant climate all year round also contributes to the desirable quality of life.

Mississippi has a low cost of living

What is the first of several compelling arguments for relocating to Mississippi? It is the affordable way of life this state provides. You can’t get much better than Mississippi’s cost of living, after all. at the very least in contrast to other states. For instance, Mississippi won’t be mistaken for California, a state with a higher cost of living. Mississippi is unique when compared to the majority of people’s largest budget categories. specifically, the affordable housing in the state. As a result, buying a property is incredibly affordable. You need to hire moving companies in Mississippi so you can relocate to your new affordable home. Coming in at a price that is more than 40% lower than the median home price in the US. Costs for food, personal items, and transportation are also reasonable.

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The low cost of living in Oxford is among the best benefits you will have.

Affordable higher education for your family

Another area where Mississippi excels? A university education here is affordable. Whether or not you have kids that are college age. Or even a prospective student shopping around. An expensive investment is a college degree. Therefore, knowing how much education costs in this area is crucial. Education costs generally contribute to Mississippi being one of the least expensive states. Versus other states in the country. Since it is still possible to pay less for annual tuition at reputable institutions and universities. Add to that the affordable cost of living in this area. We now have a winner in the contest for the least expensive college degree. However, the cost of higher education remains significant. There is no doubt. But in comparison to other states, you receive a good deal. Mississippi’s higher education costs are among the top 5-7 least expensive in the nation.

Is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family? If food is a factor, then yes!

Want to lose a few pounds and start a new diet? Then you probably shouldn’t relocate to Mississippi or anywhere else in the deep south. Because the state has popularized several really pleasant dishes. Assuming you don’t mind a few more calories. So, one of the benefits of living in Mississippi is the delicious food. Therefore, be sure to hire packers and movers while you enjoy all the food you can imagine. For instance, grilling is a wise choice and fried chicken is a sure bet to please. This will only make you sure about is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family. On a hazy, humid day, the great cuisine will make the heart grow fonder of the place. Not to mention, Mississippi State is situated on the Mexican Gulf Coast. Adding seafood to the menu.

Burger and fires on a plate in Oxford MS
Your soul will enjoy some of the best foods you will taste in your life.

Oxford is safe and has pleasant people all around

Mississippians who participated in our State of Safety study worry about their safety less frequently this year compared to last. This is consistent with reports of fewer personal encounters with property crime and violent crime in the year before the study.75% of participants in the study indicated they believed crime was rising in the state, compared to 12% who did not. If the numbers are looking good for you then Spyder Moving and Storage Mississippi can help you relocate. There is no doubt that Mississippians identify as being from the South. The southern state also brings kindness. What does southern hospitality entail? Well, Mississippians provide a blend of charm, good manners, and home-cooked meals. Just a few of the attributes are listed. The state, therefore, has nice, amiable people.

The weather will tell you is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family

There won’t be any really harsh winters. Certainly not when residing in Mississippi. So, this will not be a problem if you are still on the edge about moving. Not to mention, wondering if is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family. The state experiences its lowest temperatures in January. The majority of the month, however, sees temperatures in the 30 to 50-degree range towards the Northern border. The region doesn’t meet the criteria for a state that offers four seasons of living. Because there is a very remote probability of experiencing snowfall. Especially in the state’s southern part. Hence, if you desire to move away from the cold climate. Then Mississippi might be the ideal place for you to live.


Although you have a variety of factors here to help you decide is Oxford MS a good place to raise a family, your answer will also depend on personal preferences. Make sure to create a list of dealbreakers and wishes that your dream place needs to have. What we can objectively say is that Oxford is considered to be one of the highest sought-after places in Mississippi and you won’t regret moving here.