Interstate moving checklist

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Every move in your life is going to be a different experience. Based on the place you are moving to, who you are moving with and how you are moving. If you have already gone through the relocation process, you might find it easier to adjust. Still, you shouldn’t take relocation lightly, especially interstate relocation. Moving between states is a unique challenge in many ways. The fact that you must cross state lines may affect your move in unexpected ways. You will, for example, need to research the documents your new state may require and take extra care when packing for the long trip. And hire movers who specialize in long-distance moving, as Spyder Moving Services MS does. If you’re not organized, you can easily become overwhelmed. So how should you keep track of everything during an already hectic moving process? Well, this interstate moving checklist should help with that.

The only interstate moving checklist you will ever need

So, as mentioned earlier. For every relocation, you are going through, and especially interstate you should make a detailed plan. This plan can contain all the information about your new home, and a list of items you need to fix. You can write down all the things you need to buy before or after moving. Get a plan for changing health insurance, get familiar with paying taxes in the new state and get your kids’ school documents. All of these plans will make your relocation and the start of your new life easier. But, you should also make an interstate moving checklist that will help you through the organization of relocation. This list will also help you feel more relaxed on your moving day because you will know you are not forgetting anything. Messy times like this where there is a lot of things to think about can sometimes be overwhelming.

couple making an interstate moving checklist
Making an interstate moving checklist will ensure your moving day goes stress-free

Prepare for the move

A good interstate moving checklist starts with preparation. Proper preparation lays the groundwork for a successful move. Therefore, it’s very important to get things off to a good start! It all gets easier from there. Using lists and knowing in advance how to prepare will make your relocation to a new home a stress-free experience. So, how to start with preparing for a moving day? 

Step 1: Research and visit your new home state

Moving to a completely new state can feel intimidating sometimes. Especially if you didn’t have a lot of things to do there and didn’t visit often. No matter the reason for your relocation, a new state does not have to be a scary thing. Try to help yourself by learning about your new home, and see how you will fit in in the community. You can search online for information about your new neighborhood, you can get restaurant recommendations, and find fun things to do on the weekends. If you have the time and funds to go and visit your new state, that would be perfect as well. This way you will get the best feeling of the place and the community. It won’t feel so unfamiliar when you go there on your moving day.

Step 2: Decide on a budget

The size of your budget affects pretty much everything, including which residential movers you hire, how you pack, and when you move. So it is important to do your budget planning early on. That way, you’ll know what kind of funds you have at your disposal and what to use them for! The two most important things that affect the moving budget are distance and the weight of the load you are transporting. The further away your new home is, the more it is going to cost the company. They will look into how much the drive is going to cost, how many drivers will need to be hired, and how much time it is going to last. Weight of the things you are moving means that they might need a bigger truck, and more people who are loading boxes so nothing gets damaged. And any special items need special care.

phone with calculator and papers
Know what will affect your budget

Step 3: Look into interstate movers

No interstate moving checklist is complete without a mention of interstate movers. Let’s be honest, moving to another state without professional help is almost impossible. Trying to take care of all documents and a new home in another state can be a lot. On top of that, you would have to worry about the whole process of moving. So, hiring professional movers is a logical choice and long distance movers Mississippi based will make your interstate move much easier. It is, however, incredibly important to hire movers you can trust and rely on. So check the company’s license and look for reviews from old clients. This will make you feel safer letting the company handle all of your possessions. 

Step 4: Decide on a packing strategy

Before you actually start packing, you should make a plan on how to pack. Preparing for packing should always start with decluttering. This step is essential to make your move less complicated, and will also help with your budget. Go through all the old boxes, garages, and closets to see what you don’t want to bring with you. Anything you don’t have a use for you can either sell, donate or simply throw away. This way you are left only with things you actually want and use. Also, this can be a great reason to buy some new furniture or decorations for your new home. Refreshing your home’s look once in a while can do wonders for you. 

Getting started

They say that getting started is the hardest part. Sometimes, the number of things you need to do can overwhelm you, make you freeze, and result in your not really doing anything. To prevent that, stick to the lists you made. They are here exactly for this reason so that everything goes smoothly. Go through your lists and see what the priorities are. 

to do list
Stick to your interstate moving checklist

Step 5: Change your address and transfer your utilities

Changing your address and transferring your utilities are both relatively simple tasks. Nowadays, you can do most of it online or over the phone in just a few minutes. And yet, completing these simple tasks will make you feel like you’ve taken a giant step forward in making your new place a real home! It is also important to do it in advance so that you don’t encounter any problems once you move. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with paying utilities for your old home simply because you forgot to transfer them in the middle of a moving rush. 

Step 6: Deal with the paperwork

Moving typically involves a fair bit of paperwork. But interstate moving often requires quite a bit more. Make sure to check local laws to see if any additional documents are required when moving across state lines. And of course, don’t forget to update your license and registration! You will need a new insurance policy as well since you can not transfer your old one. If you are moving with your family, your kids will start the new school. Bring their school files so that you can hand them over at a new school.

Step 7: Get packing!

Packing is the most time-consuming and physically draining part of a move. So make sure you start as early as possible and give yourself plenty of time. If you are packing on your own, start by getting all the needed packing material. This includes boxes, tape, markers or labels, and packing peanuts. Get different sized boxes, because you won’t use the same size for all things. Most important part about packing in boxes is that they need to be filled up to the top with no room to wiggle. This way you will avoid things getting damaged or broken. Top the boxes with packing peanuts or some towels. Lastly, make sure every box is labeled by the room’s name to avoid mess once you start unpacking. If all this sounds exhausting and like a lot of work, professional moving companies offer packing and unpacking services you can get.

woman sitting with boxes around her
Make a detailed packing plan

Step 8: Say your goodbyes

Moving to another state will definitely stir up a lot of emotions. You will be leaving your old home, life, and friends behind. To make the transition easier, it’s always best to give yourself some closure by saying your goodbyes. Visit your favorite places and go out with your best friends one last time before moving. This way you can think of these memories once you start missing them. But, moving to a new state doesn’t mean an end to friendships. Make sure you invite your friends and family over as soon as you settle into your new home. Decorations and favorite home scents are great, but nothing makes it home like your loved ones. So, make a plan where you will take them once they come to visit and get excited about it.

Moving day tips for your interstate moving checklist

Once the big day arrives, you’ll still have a few things to do. Hopefully, you won’t leave anything for the last minute, as this will make you stressed. Be sure to have everything ready for this day. Everything is packed in advance, but you will still need to pack some essential items you left until now, like cosmetics, and maybe a few glasses from the kitchen. So, pack everything that was left and clean what needs to be cleaned. When the movers Starkville MS come, they should be able to start the job of loading the truck immediately. This way you will not waste any time. Once the truck is loaded, the moving trip begins. You can now get into your car and start driving towards a new chapter of your life.

Step 10: Start early and stay ahead of schedule

There’s no sleeping in on moving day. Bright and early, you want to be up and ready to go. Think of it this way: the sooner you leave, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your new home! Not to mention, arriving in the middle of the night in a place that’s still unfamiliar and new is not really ideal. In case you need to clean the place or unpack something, you want to do it in daylight. Also having as much time possible to start unpacking before work starts on Monday is a great thing. Once a workweek starts, you will have much less time and probably energy. Use the time wisely in order for this new house to start feeling like home as soon as possible.

Step 11: Prepare for a fresh start in your new home

Getting into a new empty house can feel overwhelming sometimes. You should pack yourself a bag of essentials that you’ll carry with you:

  • some cleaning supplies to make sure your new home is ready for you
  • a few changes of clothes and basic toiletries in case your delivery is delayed
  • IDs, credit cards, important documents, records, and other valuables you can’t live without

You should also make a list of basic groceries that you can get on the first day, just so you don’t have to worry about it later. You really don’t want to be in the middle of work and realize you have to run to the store to get water or some snacks. So think about this as well. Getting basic groceries is important for the first day in your new home.

couple buying groceries after interstate moving
Getting basic groceries at the start will help you feel at home

Income tax in a new state

After you are done with your interstate moving checklist, finish what needs to be done after moving. Moving to a new state requires you to also register your new address with your employer so that you be taxed accordingly. Taxes such as income tax vary across the states, so make sure you double-check that. You can either call a tax department or ask someone you know who might help you. Maybe even your employer knows all the information you need for this process. Make sure there are more things like this you need to do after moving to a new state.