Innovative ways to speed up the moving process

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Usually, the biggest problem when moving home is time and money. People never get enough of it and in your situation where you are moving to Hattiesburg MS, the time is the problem. Luckily, there are many ways to speed up the moving process and today we will explain how to organize everything and keep up with all moving tasks in due time. So, let’s begin and create a quick-moving guide.

Get to know the ways to speed up the moving process and create your moving plan accordingly

You can speed up some of the moving stages significantly. But if you do not have a personalized moving plan in your hands, then it won’t work. You can’t keep everything in your head because moving is often stressful and most of the time you work under pressure. We are prone to forget a thing and when moving, all stages are equally important. Therefore, start by shuffling through your items and make a list of all the furniture and other belongings you have. Then you will know how many supplies you need to pack it all and how hard your move is.

A woman browsing on her phone
Create a plan on your tablet or on paper and follow it through.

Also, check around the house as well and inspect all the stairs, doors, floors, and hallways to ensure it is a safe place to work in. After you are done with the inspection, you can calculate your budget and start searching for movers in Collierville TN. It is important to provide them with your findings because they will use it to create a safer and more affordable moving plan. Your input is highly valuable and besides, who knows your home better than you do?

One of the best ways to speed up the moving process is to hire the right moving professionals

One of the easiest and most lucrative ways to speed up the moving process is to hire the right movers Mississippi for the job. Simply because movers can help you on each moving task and they are always ready for the job. So, sit down and browse the internet for a while and check your options. They are vast for sure, but you can narrow it down by comparing services and reviews. Also, check prices and figure out if any of the companies offer special discounts for certain customers or moving situations. Once you find a match, give them a call and confirm they have the following:

  • License and permit to operate locally and cross-state.
  • Tool and equipment to relocate you safely.
  • All moving services are required.
  • Safety standards and protocols are in place.
  • Moving insurance and legalities covered.

Once you confirm your movers have the mandatory requirements, you can negotiate the deal and schedule your moving date. Communicate all the details with your moving representative and clear any confusion you might have at the moment. They will gladly explain anything you want to know.

Obtain a moving quote and calculate your budget

Now, before you sign a moving contract or agree to anything, you must obtain a moving quote and prepare an adequate budget. The best way to realize your moving price is to utilize onsite estimates. It is a free service most of the moving companies offer. If they are about to charge this service, you should skip and move to the next company. It might be a red flag and a sign of a fraudulent business. Hence, schedule a visit and let your movers evaluate everything on site. They will weigh your cargo, establish a loading dock, and measure everything to ensure it is safe to operate. Once the evaluation is completed, they will assemble the most suitable offer and present you with the moving quote. From there you can work on your budget and realize if you have enough or you must invest more.

Dollar bills
Calculate your moving budget as soon as possible so you can act accordingly.

Declutter like a pro!

It might sound silly but one of the best ways to speed up the moving process is to declutter and downsize like a pro. Yes, if you invest a bit of time to set aside all those unused, broken, and long-forgotten pieces, it will return tenfold. Not only that you’ll have fewer items to move, but you’ll have much more space in your new apartment as well. Just by spending a few hours decluttering, you’ll save up hours of packing, unpacking, and hard labor in general. Therefore, take a weekend for packing and decluttering and complete both tasks at once.

Once you have a pile with old electronics, clothing, seasonal items, and random miscellaneous items ready, there are a few ways to dispose of them. You can donate, sell online, sell at the garage sale, recycle, or throw away. Now, if you have any flammable objects or volatile liquids, you must get rid of them carefully. Learn how to dispose of hazardous waste safely and avoid endangering yourself and the environment. You can consult with the local recycling facility and schedule a pickup.

There is no moving without packing

As we mentioned earlier, you should declutter while packing. We covered downsizing, now let us get onto the boring packing process. Firstly, you’ll need to obtain all the cardboard moving boxes you can get your hands on. Try finding reusable ones from your friends and family and ask your neighbors if they have some as well. If you still need some, purchase the rest from the nearest hardware store. Then, you’ll need packing tape, labels, and bubble wrap as well.

Using the right packing materials is one of the ways to speed up the moving process
Use sturdier packing supplies so your items can endure the swift relocation ahead.

Note that you can order everything online as well if you want to speed things up. Everything will be delivered within a few days just make sure not to wait for the delivery. Cover other tasks while your packing materials are on their way. But, the fastest way to speed the packing process is to purchase packing and unpacking services from your movers. They will handle everything instead of you. They will use their own packing materials to pack, move, and unpack upon demand. Think about it. It will save you a lot of precious time and it is affordable to anyone.

Get enough rest and be ready for your moving day

Moving under stress and speeding things up can drain your energy. You want to avoid being useless on your moving day. Therefore, at least a week before the move you must catch enough rest, eat better, and drink enough fluids. Take some vitamins as well and if possible exercise. Keep your batteries at full and you’ll be able to endure your moving adventure with ease. Moreover, there is another thing you must think about while organizing your move. Yes, the legalities and documents. You must cover your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, bank documents, moving-related documents, etc. Some of it takes a longer time to become active on your new address so you should take care of it on time.

And now you know more about the ways to speed up the moving process. There are many more but it all comes down to the spare time you have and the size of your budget. If you have a lot to invest, you can let your movers do everything while you supervise with a cold beverage in your hands. But in the real world, just make sure you find a reliable moving company and the rest should be fine. Good luck.