Ideas for making moving fun

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Moving is a very important event in every person’s life.  In addition, it’s a very complicated process, which, because of its importance, can turn into a very stressful experience. Especially if you don’t plan it well. Planning your move is the best thing that you can do to avoid hectic and nerve-wracking situations. Especially if you are moving with kids. If you are moving with your kids, you will also need to come up with ideas for making moving fun and include them in your plan, too. That is if you want your move to be a pleasant experience. Nervous kids can be the biggest reason for stress during a move. But not even nervous kids can ruin a moving experience as a sloppy and unreliable mover. A professional moving company like Spyder Moving Services will make your moving day a pleasant experience.

Good planning will help you move stress-free

When you are moving, planning is very important. And the best way to do it is to start with planning well before your Hattiesburg movers come to pick up your belongings. If you begin with this on time, you will have enough time to think about everything. And to make additional corrections to your plan. Think of everything you need to do and put it on the paper. You can make a checklist or organize your plan in a way it works best for you.

What’s important here is to think about all parts of the process and leave enough time for each to be done. That way you can be sure that when the time comes you will have a good and thorough plan to follow during a move. Of course, if you want your move to be stress-free and enjoyable you will need to concentrate on the packing process. And ideas for making moving fun. The packing process is responsible for all the stress and anxiety during a move. And if you manage to turn it into a fun experience everything else will be a piece of cake. So, start with this early. Declutter first and then head to pack all of your belongings. If you don’t have experience, the most important thing to keep in mind is to protect your items and not overstuff your boxes with objects.

someone writing a checklist in a notebook
Having a detailed plan will make your moving stress free

Be positive if you want to make your moving fun

Another thing to remember is to keep calm and positive during a move. That is the only right way to avoid tensions and to keep everything running smoothly. If you approach this with a negative attitude and in a bad mood, you cannot expect to have a carefree move. Avoid all situations that could set you in a bad mood before the move. Also, you know yourself better than anyone else, if you know that you will be in a bad mood if you are hungry, eat before you start working. Just make sure that all your needs are satisfied before you begin. And if you do, you should have no problems during a move.

During preparing for move people can often forget the end goal. And everyone is excited to be moving to a new home and starting fresh. But, since there is so much to do and stress can occur easily, people tend to forget this. Remind yourself from time to time that relocation will be done soon, and you will be in a new home. You will be enjoying it in no time. Keep your thoughts positive during this process and look at what all this is for.

Find appropriate movers

To have a relaxed and stress-free move, one of the crucial things to do is to hire a good and reliable moving company. If you are moving anywhere in Mississippi, call movers Tupelo MS. They are a well-known and long-standing moving company with years of experience in handling the most complicated relocations in the state of Mississippi. Having a professional team there to help you with your relocation will allow you to focus on other things. You can try and keep your routine in check, think about decorating your new place. And you can also have enough time to tie all the loose ends you still might have.

Nothing can help keep moving and relaxed as much as having someone take care of it for you. And finding reliable movers will do exactly that. Just make sure you have faith in the company you are hiring. Look at their reviews or talk to people who have used them before. Hearing someone’s experience will paint you a picture of how the company handles its business.

Moving will be more fun if you call your friends to help

If you are moving with kids, you will have enough people to make moving fun. But if you are moving alone, you will need to call some friends or family if you want to have some groove while you move.  Packing with friends is much more fun than packing alone. Of course, to avoid problems, think about who to call for help. If your best friends are sloppy and not responsible, you can call them to make you some company and nothing else. Think about some fun activities that won’t pull you away from work a lot, but will still make you feel better. You can order some nice food, and watch an episode of your favorite show while you take a break. Or, you can go for a walk to try and think about something else. Drive for ice cream or simply talk to them about some other subject other than moving.

friends packing boxes
Moving can be more fun if you invite your friends to help

A good playlist will make moving more fun

When you think about ideas for making moving fun, surely you are thinking about the packing process. And the best way to have fun while packing is to listen to good music. Music will heighten your serotonin levels and keep you in a good mood. But if you want to maximize the effect of music, you will need to prepare a playlist with your favorite songs. So, invest some time and prepare a moving playlist with favorite songs to keep you in high spirits for the move. Just try not to stop working completely because you suddenly started dancing and performing your favorite songs. Keep yourself busy, and music will help you pass the time quicker. If you think music is too distracting for you, you can also put some podcasts on. Or a favorite show that can go in the background. Anything that helps you have more fun while packing everything for your residential move is a good choice.

Order some fast food

Another great way to make moving fun and to keep everyone in a good mood is food. But remember, this is not the time to fantasize about the number of calories, fats, and sugars. If you want to have fun while packing, order your favorite fast food and relax. If you care about what you eat, surely you know about all the dangers of consuming fast food on a regular basis. But this is not the time to think about that. Fast food is easier to get, you can eat it off your feet, and you will spend all the excess calories during packing.

Make moving fun if you are moving with kids

If you are moving with your kids, the whole process of preparing your whole house for a move can be very stressful. And you will definitely need ideas for making moving fun. Kids generally don’t like to move, and you will maybe get some attitude from them during this time. They might make it more difficult to focus on your moving plan and finish things off it. So, to get your kids in better spirits you can come up with some packing games. Besides creating a fun experience, making moving fun has another purpose. Keeping kids entertained and busy with something else will allow you to finish your things. Plus, they can also help with some easier tasks as well. And who doesn’t need help when they are relocating? Therefore, your number one assignment during a move will be to keep your kids entertained.

woman and child packing clothes
One of the ideas to make moving fun is to think of games to entertain your kids

Organize an item hunt

The first thing you can do is organize an item hunt. Use your packing list to give your children assignments. Let them locate some items for you, and while they are on the hunt, you can do something else. You can take it even further with this game if they are searching for items like their toys or similar. Maybe they can place items in the boxes. You could color code boxes and explain to them that each item on the list has a color and the same colored box. This can come in handy with packing some items that you know they cant damage or hurt themselves with.

Build a box fort to make moving fun

Who doesn’t like building and playing in a blanket fort? This time you can turn things around and do something new and exciting. Before you start packing, use your moving boxes to build a box fort in your home. Just make sure that you do not damage the boxes while playing. This can be a good way to set a good mood for the upcoming packing process. The kids can help you make it and can decorate it as well. Why not allow them to carefully draw different things on the boxes so it’s even more fun. This way they can have a fun and creative amusement with something as bland as a cardboard box.

Make a packing challenge

Dare your kids to pack their rooms. You can call it a competition. Just make sure that they do not take it too seriously or someone will end up in tears. To avoid this, talk to your kids before they begin packing. But, this should not turn into a mess once you move to a new home and start unpacking. So, make some rules. Divide boxes and say some are for clothes, some for books, and others for toys. They can write the content of each box on them with different markers for example. In addition, prepare equal prizes for all competitors. This will make it seem like a fun idea, and not something to fight over.

woman trying out ideas to make moving fun with kids
Include your kids in packing

How to keep your kids in a positive mood while moving

Kids will often get stressed when moving, whether is it because of the new unfamiliar space or because they are going away from their schools and friends. This is a very hard time for them, and it can be hard to keep them in a good mood. Especially since you will have a lot of things to do while you prepare for moving. It’s great to think about ideas for making moving fun, but see what other things you can do for your kids while moving. Maybe they would like to spend some time at their best friends’ or cousins’ house? Or you could take them for a weekend at their grandparent’s house. If they are not in the house they might feel less stressed as they will not be surrounded by the relocation process. And also, you will have more time to finish everything.

You can also try to ease their worries about moving to a new place by showing them around and talking to them. It’s important for kids to understand that moving is not a bad thing. They will have new friends in the new neighborhood and will get used to the new house. Take them to see the house and maybe take them for an ice cream walk around the neighborhood. This way they can see that it’s not an unfamiliar place anymore, but something nice they can enjoy. Taking the stress off your kids will take the stress off you.