How to swiftly move out after a divorce

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People relocate all the time and for many reasons. Some people move for better career opportunities while others seek knowledge, adventure, or to meet new people. And some must relocate and move out after a divorce. It is a sad and unfortunate event and today we will cover it thoroughly to help you endure the whole process easier. You still must find movers in Tennessee, pack, and create a sustainable moving plan to get you through. Therefore, let’s get right to it and make this happen.

Work out the plan on how to move out after a divorce

It all begins with a moving plan, date, and a moving checklist. Depending on your situation, you will create a list of tasks accordingly. It can be a situation where you have only a few things to pack and move out quickly. Or an extensive packing process that will last for weeks. So, work on your moving plan gradually and cover each step. Your moving checklist should include the following:

  • Information about movers.
  • Personal documents.
  • Moving budget.
  • Info about the new address.
  • Step by step moving and inventory list.
A man starring at the monitor and talking over the phone
We know you have no time but you still must sit down and organize everything.

Now, to assemble such a document you must inspect your home and note down all your belongings. Some will stay and some you’ll move out. Therefore, you must know the number of items you are bringing and this info will bring you closer to the number of packing supplies and the moving budget. Once you have this info, call your residential movers Memphis and let them help you further. Hopefully, you have enough time to organize everything in peace and this is not one of those relocations where you must move out within two days. But even if it is, your movers will think of something and help you out with their amazing moving services which we will describe more further down the line.

Create a proper relocation plan

You will move out after divorce there is no doubt about it but the only question is – how hard it will be? Even if you find enough help and you have a decent budget on your hands, you still must do some things yourself. This means you must decide on how you want your relocation to be performed. What kind of services do you want to purchase. Do you want to rent a budget moving truck, load, and drive it yourself or do you want a sizeable one to be driven by your movers?

Maybe you want to prepare a batch of items in one room and let your movers pick it up when you are ready and exclude yourself from the moving process entirely. All your items can be delivered to your new address without you having to participate much. Yes, this situation can be highly emotional and it is understandable if you want to get out of the house as soon as possible. So, work on your moving plan right from the start or let someone help you with it and save yourself the trouble.

Find movers to help you move out after a divorce

As we already mentioned, this kind of relocation is emotional and you will surely need a helping hand. You can ask your friends and relatives but professional help is needed as well. So, search for your moving company online. Find an hour of your time and compare services and reviews. You will quickly find a few good local choices. Just check if they are licensed and if they have all the tools necessary to complete this task safely.

Find a moving team to help you move out after a divorce
Find movers that will help you move out quickly and safely.

Once you are sure they are a legit and reliable choice, give them a call to communicate the details further. Note that you’ll have to hire a dedicated moving team in case you have special items or a unique situation. For example, if you are moving a business, you will enlist commercial movers Memphis, and if you are moving a piano, the piano moving team is your pick. And so on. Just make sure to explain your situation to your movers and let them evaluate your move and create the best moving plan for you.

This is the opportunity to declutter a bit

As sad as it may sound, this is a good moment to declutter and downsize. Any relocation is as a matter of fact. Each time you relocate you should get rid of unused, old, and broken items. This time should be no different. If you spare some time and recycle, donate, or give away your unwanted items, your relocation will be simpler and cheaper. To be honest, safer as well. So, declutter your home and then move out after a divorce. It will be highly emotional but it must be done at some point. Or you can rent a storage unit and keep it all there for some time. Maybe you’ll need it in the future. Your choice entirely.

You still must pack adequately

You shouldn’t forget about the packing process as well. It will take most of your time so you must decide right from the start. Are you packing yourself or you are purchasing packing and unpacking services from your movers? Both are viable options if you have time to spare. If you have not then the second option is for you. Movers will bring everything you need and cover this part for you. But if you decide on doing this one yourself, ensure to visit your nearest hardware store to purchase basic supplies. You’ll need cardboard boxes, packing tape, labels, and bubble wrap. It is all you need to pack safely and to for your items to reach the destination in one piece. Just make sure to pack on time and be ready when your movers arrive.

labeled carton box
You still must use proper packing supplies and label all your boxes adequately.

Prepare for the harsh moving environment and elevated stress

Hopefully, you are on good terms with your ex-spouse and you can perform this relocation without setbacks. This kind of situation sometimes can be worse than a warzone and it is not an environment you can relocate in peacefully. Therefore, you must create a setting first and ensure you can perform all your moving tusks so both sides can be satisfied. And while in the process of it, ensure to take enough breaks, eat well, drink enough fluids, and sleep as much as possible. It will be a couple of extremely stressful weeks for sure and you want to avoid getting sick. Hence, find your way to cope with moving stress and cover the whole process slowly and steadily.

And that was it, now you know what you must do before you move out after a divorce. The last piece of advice we can offer is to think of your personal documents, medical records, credit cards, passport, driver’s license, etc. Especially if you are moving to another state or abroad. Cover it in due time because some of it will take more than two weeks to update and transfer. Good luck and stay safe.