How to store items during a home renovation

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Occasionally, every home needs renovation. You may decide to renovate the facade. In such a case, you will just have to protect your home from the dust coming from outside. However, you may also decide upscale your renovation and take down some walls. Nowadays, a spacious interior that looks roomy yet cozy is in fashion. Also, people like light-colored walls. If you decide to change up your space and renovate, you will need the help of Spyder Moving and Storage. We’ll help move your furniture outside and help create a more productive environment for your upcoming endeavors. So, let us see how to store items during a home renovation.

What are your solutions to store items during a home renovation?

In some cases, it will be possible to move your furniture to the center of your room and to cover them for protection. However, in the case you are also changing your flooring, such an arrangement will not be possible.

Maybe you have an attic, a spacious shed, or a basement that is not subject to renovation. In that case, you can use them to temporarily store your items. However, even then, you can’t just throw your things in there. You will have to properly pack them, thus avoiding any damage. Working simultaneously on packing and renovation is not easy. So, consider hiring packing and unpacking services – the whole process will go much faster.

House Renovation - How to store items during a home renovation
There are several ways to store items during a home renovation.

Moving your items to storage during a home renovation

In case you don’t have enough space in the house, the easiest solution is to rent storage. In that case, you will have the possibility to use portable storage, such as an RV unit. The advantage of renting an RV unit is that you can park it near your home. However, when renting, make sure that it possesses safe and sturdy locks. Also, try to park it as close to your home as possible and keep it in a place that is well-lit at night.

The second possibility is to rent a storage unit within the storage facility. In this case, your belongings will be well secured at all times. Storage facilities often have 24/7 security guards and they are equipped with cameras. Besides, your possessions in the storage facility will be insured. So, in case you opt for this second possibility, you can hire local movers to transfer your possessions to storage.

Modern Minimalist House Exterior Design
If you have a nice garage, you can also use it as temporary storage.

The way to organize your storage unit

Once you rent a storage unit, make sure to organize it well. Usually, when placing the moving boxes, make sure to number them. So, in case you need something in the meanwhile, you will easily track it. Keep a unit plan near the unit entrance for easier use. And, in case you are not sure how to organize your unit well, hire residential movers. After renovation, you can also hire them to bring your boxes back home.

moving boxes inside a storage unit
It’s important to organize your storage unit before storing items during a home renovation.

Keep your belonging with friends or relatives

If your friends or relatives have some spare space and they don’t use it much, you can store your belongings there. While it won’t be as safe or spacious as a storage unit, this alternative can help temporarily or if you only need to store tiny items that aren’t too valuable. So, we can see that there are many ways to store items during a home renovation. Which one you are going to choose will depend on your preferences.