How to stay safe on moving day

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It is time to move again and all you want to know is how to stay safe on moving day. Yes, you will organize, pack, and search for local moving companies Memphis as well. But the safety aspect is the most important thing while relocating home. Safety of yourself, your family, and in the end, your belongings as well. So, let us provide a small guide on how to prepare for this journey and avoid unpleasant situations and moving mishaps. Let’s go.

Plan everything upfront to stay safe on moving day

If you want to have a safe relocation project, you must create a plan for it. Stay organized by creating a moving checklist along with the inventory list. Inspect each area in your home and note down all belongings and furniture you possess. This way you will easily calculate the working hours, packing materials requirement, and your moving budget. But most importantly, you will know if there are any potential problems along the way. And if there are, you will have it on your list and report to your movers before they attempt anything.

A woman on the chair thinking
Create your moving plan, dedicate a budget, and get ready for packing!

Moreover, if you have any special equipment, delicate items, or you are moving your business, you should hire commercial movers or an appropriate moving team for the occasion. If you have a piano, pool table, or a gun safe, you must communicate with your movers and let them appoint an adequate moving team to handle the situation. This is of the utmost importance for the safety of your relocation project.

You will be safe with a professional moving company by your side

No one can make you feel safer than reliable local movers TN. You will find a team you like on the internet. Simply browse for an hour and narrow your choices down. Compare companies between each other and pay attention to prices, services, and reviews. This way you will find an affordable, safe, and trustworthy moving company.

The goal is to stay safe on moving day. This means you must ask your movers Biloxi MS a few mandatory questions. They must have licenses, tools, and experienced manpower for the job. Also, a sizeable moving vehicle and moving insurance. Ask your movers if they possess everything required and if they do, communicate further and create a moving plan together.

Pack for the occasion

If you pack in a hurry or without focus you will surely have moving mishaps or dangerous situations. And it is something we all want to avoid. This means you should take enough time to pack carefully and properly. It is the key element if you want to stay safe on moving day. So, start by obtaining all the relevant packing materials. You can purchase everything from your movers or at the local store. Obtain the following:

  • Carton boxes
  • Blister packs
  • Labels
  • Adhesive tape
use higher-quality packing materials to stay safe on moving day
Use higher-quality packing materials and keep yourself and your items safe.

You can purchase corner pads, plastic bins, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, and much more. But those are a bit more expensive materials. Although, they will keep your items safer for sure. But they won’t improve your safety that much, to be honest. You can still pack properly by using the basic set of materials. Just use a cushion for each box, place your items inside, and put a crumpled paper or any kind of buffer between items. Then, close your box and tape it around to give it more strength. Add a label to each box and you are good to go. As long as you do not overstuff your boxes and keep them below 50lb you will be fine.

Ensure the environment is safe to work in

To be sure that your home is a safe place to work in, you must inspect it thoroughly. Yes, we understand you are not a professional who can obtain all measures adequately. But at least you can spot-check and ensure there will be no moving mishaps because of a loose step on your staircase or something like that. After all, you know your home best and it is your responsibility to report everything that might create problems along the way. Therefore, measure your hallways, staircases, doors, and ensure floors are clean and without any obstructions. Put everything on paper and give this info to your movers. Note down all the furniture that might create problems while taking it out and report it to your movers as well. They will use this information wisely and prepare for it.

Ask for more help to stay safe on moving day

You can always ask your friends, coworkers, relatives, or neighbors to assist you. Additional help is always welcome but make sure to ask them well in advance so they can prepare for it. Hence, call them and check the schedule. Give them enough time to think about it and make it work for them as well. But do not expect too much. No one likes to relocate so there will surely be some excuses and you will probably end up with your best friend assisting only. And it should be enough, especially if you are moving alone. Simply having someone to accompany you and assist with packing should make the whole moving project much easier. And less stressful as well. Hopefully, someone will heed your call.

four friends laughing
Ask your friends if they can participate. Any help is highly appreciated.

You are ready to move, but do you feel safe at all?

In the end, your safety is the most important here. So, if you decided to participate, you must know the basics of how to lift heavy objects and move them around. If you are not sure how to do it, you should read about it online or ask your movers to explain. But, maybe it would be best to simply be there and supervise the whole process. Assist your movers in any other way you can but do not expose yourself to danger. For example, you can be a fine host and offer beverages and snacks. Then, you can coordinate the unloading process and tell movers where to place furniture and boxes inside your new apartment.

Or you can completely exclude yourself from the process and let your movers handle it. All you can do is to be cautious and ready if something happens. In case of a minor moving mishap, you should have a homemade first-aid kit available. And in case something more serious happens, be swift and attend to the situation in any way you see fit. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with it at all.

Now you know how to stay safe on moving day. Also, you should take enough sleep, eat better, and stay hydrated at least a few days before the move. It would be wise to face it with your batteries full. Good luck.