How to stay healthy when moving during the coronavirus

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Moving is hard, confusing, time-consuming, and costly. And when you are moving during the coronavirus, it becomes almost impossible. Not only that you must organize like a pro, pack even better, spend a lot, and find the best movers in Horn Lake MS, but you must think about the health and safety of everyone involved. Such a situation can be a disaster if handled improperly. But surely, the whole process will be an extremely stressful one. Therefore, let us help you today plan everything out and relocate you safely to the other side. Let’s go.

Moving during the coronavirus – step by step plan

Your moving plan should be the same as for any other relocation. All you must add when moving during the coronavirus is a greater oversight, sanitation, and all the protective gear and equipment for everyone involved. Your local movers MS probably already have all the safety protocols, rules, and regulations in place but you must check this anyway. So, when searching for a moving company online, you should check the mandatory requirements:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Safety standards
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Prices, services, and reviews
  • Moving insurance
a guy making a plan for moving during the coronavirus
Create a serious plan for moving during coronavirus.

To all the mandatory requirements you must add Covid-specific safety protocols and confirm your moving company is following them. The last thing you need now is a company without proper equipment and knowledge of how to handle this situation. Once you find your moving team, move forward with your plans and schedule a moving date.

Double-check your movers

There is no room for a single mistake when moving during the coronavirus. That is why you must be sure you enlisted the right moving company for the job. Yes, you will cover the mandatory requirements we already mentioned earlier. But there is extensive research and a double-check you can perform if you want to be certain your movers are ready and able to perform this task. Therefore, do the following. Try to obtain referrals from your relatives, coworkers, or friends. Maybe someone can point out the right moving company for you. Or join one of the moving-related social media groups and find your moving company there. You will figure out soon enough how they treat their customers and if they know how to handle moving during pandemic situations.

Lastly, once you have a moving company in mind, you should check if they are listed on one of the moving-related websites. Check the US Movers Association, FMSCA, or the Better Business Bureau. Read about your moving company there and obtain all information required.

Packing can be extremely hard at the moment

Packing was hard and complicated even before Coronavirus. Now it is double trouble with all the sanitizing and extra packing materials required. Firstly, you must inspect all your stuff and declutter to the core. Remove all excess, old, broken, and not-needed items from your home. You can easily replace them later. The less you have, the easier it gets to pack and relocate. Not to mention that it will be cheaper. What is left to relocate should go through a thorough cleaning. You must sanitize each piece of furniture and wrap it in a cellophane or blister pack.

a guy and a girl flexing next to a cardboard box
You will need a lot of packing materials and a serious approach this time.

The same goes for each box you pack. As you know, you’ll need cardboard boxes, labels, packing tape, and bubble wrap. But this time around, after you fill, close, and label your box, you will wrap it the same way you wrapped your furniture. This way nothing can come through and your items will be safe. Furthermore, whoever is handling your items should wear complete protective equipment along with masks and gloves. But you should consider purchasing packing and unpacking services from your movers and let them assist you with this notoriously boring and hard task. This time around, it is worth every penny.

Sanitize everything!

You are already aware that you will clean a lot on this journey. And you know that you must sanitize your new place no matter how clean it is. With a virus like this, you can’t trust previous owners or anyone in that matter. You must do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning crew to do it for you. We suggest choosing the second option. That way you won’t expose yourself unnecessarily and such service is not that expensive at all. But again, there is no price on your life so you should go for it anyway.

But in a case for any reason you must do it yourself, you should find a companion, purchase home cleaning products and sanitizers at the local store, and get right to it. Ensure you have full protective gear on you and you should do it at least two weeks before you move in so your home can vent out before you move in.

sanitizer and a mask
Keep masks and disinfectants accessible to everyone at all times.

Utilize storage unit if possible

People have a lot of different problems when relocating. One of them is the space you have in your new apartment. Also, we already mentioned the decluttering you will perform. If by any chance, you lack space, or you want to keep all your items, you should consider checking on Spyder Moving Services MS and rent one of the storage units nearby. It is the most useful solution at the moment. You won’t even have to clean those items at the moment. Just wrap them up and get them over to the unit as fast as possible. Later when the dust is settled, you can commit and clean out your unit and figure out what is needed and whatnot.

Should you clean your old home when moving during the coronavirus?

This is entirely up to you. You can clean it a bit or clean it thoroughly. But maybe the best solution is to reach out to the new tenants and ask them if they are cleaning again anyway as you will in your new place. If they will, then it is pointless to waste time, energy, and money. If there are no new buyers, contact a real estate agent or a realtor appointed to your property. No matter what you choose, just know that you are not obligated to perform deep cleaning. A simple swoop is just fine.

Now you know how moving during the coronavirus looks like and what you should do to prepare for it and stay healthy. Focus on the moving company and make sure you hire the right one. It is the key to a successful and Corona-free move. Good luck and stay safe.