How to speed up the unpacking process

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After you have successfully gone through the moving day, now you are surrounded by plenty of boxes and unpacking activities awaiting you. Packing is a process that certainly takes a lot of time and energy. However, you need to prepare well for the unpacking procedure as well. In addition, you should look forward to this activity. Since you will be decorating your new home and making it warm and cozy. However, unpacking can also take some time. Once Spyder Moving and Storage TN bring your boxes, your new home preparation can start. There are essential boxes that you will unpack first. In addition, some boxes will be sitting unpacked for months. But you will certainly wish to speed up the whole process. Therefore, read this guide and discover how to speed up the unpacking process and make the most of it in the shortest period of time.

a man and a woman trying to speed up the unpacking process
Create an unpacking plan for your new home

Where to begin to speed up the unpacking process?

Before you start opening your boxes, it would be very useful to clean your new home first. Once you dust and clean the surfaces, it would be much easier to place the items in their place. When your home is clean, the next step is to sort out your boxes by room. When packing your boxes, packing services Memphis TN have labeled them correctly by their content and the corresponding room. Labeling the boxes will make the whole unpacking process much faster. Putting your boxes in the right room will lessen the load and give you the option to go room by room.

You should start with the essentials

Just like you created the packing list following a certain order, you should treat the unpacking procedure the same way. One of the greatest mistakes that you can make is to open boxes randomly. On the other hand, you may feel a bit tired of your move. In this case, you need to fight against procrastinating in opening the boxes. Once you sort them by room, you should start with unboxing the essentials first. These boxes you should have labeled ‘Essentials’ and kept with you during the relocation process. It should contain all the items that will help you survive during the first days or weeks after moving in. Toiletries, medications, a change of clothes, and bedding should be among those essential items.

Which rooms to unpack first?

You should not stress out trying to unpack your entire home in only a couple of days. No matter how hard you wish to finish the whole process, it would be much easier if you take one step at a time. Therefore, make sure to start unpacking the essential rooms first. Usually, the most urgent rooms are bedrooms, bathrooms, and your kitchen. After one of the Tennessee long distance moving companies delivered your boxes, you should start with unboxing your bedroom first. Once you finish unpacking the essential rooms, you can move to your living room, garage, playroom, etc.

a woman streching hands out of a cardboard box and a man holding the box
To speed up the unpacking process, start with the essentials

How to speed up the unpacking process of your bedroom?

As moving can be exhausting, you will need a place where you can have a good night’s sleep and take proper rest. For this reason, setting up your bedroom should be at the top of the list. In addition, you will need strength to go through the unpacking of the rest of your home. Therefore, once Oakland TN movers bring in your boxes with bed parts, start by assembling your bed. Then you can move on to the rest of the bedroom furniture and place it where it belongs. In addition, assemble the children’s bedrooms as well and make sure the entire family has a place to rest.

Move on to your kitchen

Since the kitchen is one of the rooms that can take the most of your time for unpacking, it is useful to start early with it as well. In addition, your family will need to grab some food after the relocation, so it would be useful to set up your kitchen. It is advisable to start by setting up your toaster, microwave, and coffee maker, so you can instantly prepare some food. In addition, you will need some dishes, plates, and silverware. Then, you can move on to cookware and finish installing your fridge so you can have a place to put some food.

It is time to sort your bathroom

After the relocation, all you need is a nice warm shower and a place to have a good rest. The next most essential room on your list should be your bathroom. Start with the most essential items that the professional movers Memphis TN offers has delivered. Belongings such as towels, toiletries, and medications that you should have at hand. After you have unpacked some of the most important bathroom items, you can start assembling your toilet furniture.

folded cardboard boxes and a deadline inscription on the top
Try not to stress out about the unboxing process

Other tips to speed up the unpacking process

It is natural that you wish to do as many tasks as possible in the shortest period of time. But try not to give yourself hard time by forcing yourself to do everything at once. Instead, make sure to break the whole action into smaller jobs. It would be helpful to create a schedule and goals for each day and stick to them. In addition, try to be realistic when it comes to this. Another thing that you can do is break down your boxes as you go. It will lessen the load in your space and you will prepare them for recycling. Finally, do not unpack everything. Items such as holiday decorations and sports equipment you can leave for later. In addition, make sure to include all your family members in the process and make breaks.

Although unpacking can be overwhelming at times, there are ways to speed up the unpacking process. One of the most important things is to make an unpacking plan and be realistic when setting up your goals. Be happy as you see that the process is advancing. In no time, you will have a nicely decorated and cozy home to enjoy with your family.