How to shorten the relocation process

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In a perfect world, you would have infinite time to carefully prepare for the move ahead. However, the world we live in is far from perfect. Moving is full of tiny details and the stress of working in a hurry. To do everything right, you would need about three to four weeks of good preparation. But sometimes, there just isn’t that much time. This is why it is important to shorten the relocation process. From finding movers Biloxi MS to sorting everything out before packing, time can easily slip away.

Make a plan

In most cases, there are two situations where you have to rush everything. Sometimes you are caught by surprise and there is not enough time between realizing you have to move and the move day. There is also the situation where you spent too much time procrastinating. A few days before the move, you are still looking at an unpacked home, and panic sets in. You haven’t contacted movers Germantown TN yet and there are so many things left to do. In either case, figuring out how to speed up the moving process can save you a lot of time and nerves. Here are a few clever ways to shorten the relocation process.

In order to shorten the relocation process you need a packing plan
A packing plan helps shorten the relocation process by a large amount of time. So don’t worry and carefully pack. The best way is to go room by room.

The best thing to do in the beginning is to sit down and make a plan. When a lack of time creeps up on you and catches you off guard, everything feels important and unavoidable. However, do not let it overwhelm you. Take a deep breath and slowly start crossing off tasks on your to-do list. The first step of the way will either be hiring movers or renting a truck. This mainly depends on your choice of requiring professional help or deciding to do it yourself. If you are hiring long-distance movers MS, you won’t have that much time to do careful research. If you decide to rent a truck, get moving quotes from three or four companies and settle on the most affordable one. The sooner you plan this part of the move, the sooner you can focus on packing and preparing for the big day. 

Contact the moving company

The first thing that should be on your list is contacting Memphis moving helpers. This way you can see if your moving company has additional services that can help you shorten the relocation process. Like packing or storage services. Make sure that the company is a good one with all the documents needed to prove they are a legitimate company. Don’t rush picking out the company. These are people who will be in charge of handling your belongings. From everyday ones to precious and expensive ones. So you will have to be careful.

Call and talk to at least three different companies. Compare their prices as well as services and benefits. This way you can pick out the best one and concentrate on other things.

Pack esentials close
Make sure your most important items as well as everyday ones are always close by and ready for use.

Prepare an essentials bag

Before you even start packing, set aside a special duffle bag or small box, and fill it with important items you can’t afford to lose in the chaos. This includes personal documents, medication, everyday toiletries, phone chargers, and a couple of changes of clothes. This is something you really want to do if you aim to shorten the relocation process. Things are likely to get very hectic, so an essentials bag is very important early on. Once you have that sorted, you can focus on packing. Memphis moving companies, will take everything but make sure the essentials are always with you.

Downsize your home and get rid of things you don’t need

The less you have to pack, the smoother everything will go. And, given the fact you’re short on time easy packing is crucial. Go through all of your rooms and closets, and take out any item you no longer want or need. Split these items into three piles: donate, discard, and recycle. Be practical, and do not let emotions get a hold of you. Moving is a great time to declutter your home and do inventory management.


Decluttering your home should be done before packing. But also from time to time, as it is a nice way to clean the home.Don’t give in to the urge to just pack everything, thinking you will get it sorted after the move. Save your time and energy and get everything done right away. Once you sorted everything, get rid of the pile. Take all the trash and recyclables and dispose of them properly. Pretty much any item that is in good shape is fit for Goodwill. Used blankets and towels can always be donated to an animal shelter. Canned food that hasn’t been opened or expired will be a good addition to the local food pantry. You can also donate your furniture to Furniture Bank and ease your moving burden.

Man packing a box
When you pack using all the necessary packing materials you insure the safety of your items.

Think less, pack more

Packing on short notice requires much less attention given to the organization. The main goal is to pack everything into boxes and set them aside, with no science to it. Ultimately, you want to get all your items from your old home to the new one. Given the fact you are on a short time frame, you will have to make some sacrifices. If packing fast means you won’t be able to organize and label everything, then so be it. Stay focused and follow these packing tips for optimal time saving:

  • Use socks and towels to wrap fragile items. Kill two birds with one stone by wrapping glasses and bowls into towels you have to pack anyway. This is a great alternative to packing supplies, which means you will save some money as well.
  • Use boxes when you need them. Keep your working space clear and open as much as possible. Prepare boxes for packing only when you’re ready to use them. Once you fill a box, close it, tape it, and move it out of the way.
  • Pack now, organize later. Don’t worry about your boxes having a certain theme, or being related to a specific room. As long as your items are packed safely, you can deal with sorting when you reach your new home. Feel free to skip labeling boxes, except if there are fragile items inside.

Asking for help can greatly help shorten the relocation process

Moving is a difficult and tiring task, especially when it needs to be done in a hurry. In times like these, it is totally fine to turn to people around you for help. Having a helping hand can help you stay on track with your organization and planning. Furthermore, it simply gets the job done faster. Tedious and time-consuming tasks like dropping off your unwanted items and Goodwill, or packing the kitchen utensils are simpler when you have someone else to help out. Do not be afraid to ask for help, as this is a great way to shorten the relocation process.

Sometimes it’s best to have a copy of all the important documents and medical intel at home as well.


Pick out a day you will use to go with your family and get a checkup. As well as to take all of your medical documents from the doctor. That same day go to your kid’s school and pull them out, also getting all the necessary things for their new school enrollment. It’s best to finish everything in one day. As these are all things you will have to do by yourself. Spend more time later on packing with moving help Oxford and doing other things.

Hire babysitters to help watch the kids so you can have more time to rush the move and it will shorten the relocation process. It’s not convenient to do yard sales when in a rush to move so if you have items you wish to see, think of storage. This way you can come and get the items and sell them or even use them again anytime.