How to safeguard your belongings during a move

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So, you decided on moving from Memphis to Nashville and as you know, anything can happen while moving home. There are possibilities of injuries, damages, and even theft. Not to mention all the unexpected delays due to traffic, legalities, or agreements broken. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant situations between you as a customer and your moving company, we will explain how to safeguard your belongings during a move. Let’s take a look.

Choose your moving company carefully

It matters greatly who will take care of your moving to Tennessee. You’ll need a moving company with a license to work, all the tools, and a sizeable moving vehicle. Preferably with all the knowledge, expertise, and experience. So, to find such a company, you should browse online and compare prices and services. Read a few blog posts as well or comments in social media groups.

Two movers next to a truck
Find a licensed moving company you can trust. Ensure your movers are legit.

Once you browse enough moving companies in Tennessee you will surely find a match. Give them a call when ready and provide the details of your relocation plan. Together, you will assemble the best moving strategy on how to relocate you and your belongings safely. You won’t have to safeguard your belongings during a move or stress at all if you have a reliable and trustworthy moving company by your side. Hence, start browsing and find one.

Make an inventory list to safeguard your belongings during a move

To remove all fear and doubt that something will be missing or stolen, you should create a full detailed inventory list. And it will as well come in handy later when you start unpacking. More importantly, you can double-check if everything reached the truck and got unloaded upon the delivery. So, inspect your home and note each piece of furniture and all other miscellaneous and random home items you possess. And remember, keep all your valuables, documents, and personal belongings packed in a personal bag which you’ll relocate yourself.

On the other hand, if you have a trustworthy moving team with you, you can purchase packing and unpacking services and let them over all the packing and unpacking instead. It is an affordable and easy way to relocate everything within a day. Although, you’ll still need an inventory list, just in case.

Use proper packing materials to safeguard your belongings during a move

Ok, one thing for an item to get lost or stolen and entirely different when something is damaged. So, you must safeguard your belongings during a move in that way as well. And how to do it right? Of course, with the proper packing supplies. Go to the nearest hardware store and obtain the following:

  • Carton moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Labels
Use proper materials to safeguard your belongings during a move
Use proper moving materials to keep your belongings safe against damages.

Now, those are the mandatory ones. You can always invest in plastic bins, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, corner pads, and hundreds of other packing perks and materials. But you’ll be fine with the basic ones as well. Pack safely and patiently and your items will reach the other side undamaged.

Purchase moving insurance

Another way to secure your belongings is to simply purchase moving insurance. Even if you find reliable movers and pack like a pro, there is still a chance of an unfortunate event or a moving mishap. Therefore, purchase the basic coverage from your moving team or seek proper insurance from a licensed insurance company. Especially if you have extremely valuable belongings.

Now you know the basic ways on how to safeguard your belongings during a move. You can supervise the whole process as well and make sure there is no sketchy business going on. But you should relax a bit as well. If you find a reliable moving team, the chances for unpleasant surprises will fall to the minimum. Good luck and stay safe.