How to reward your Oxford movers and packers?

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When you move, there are many things that need to be done, and in a short amount of time. Every mistake can be costly, both in terms of money, and precious time. Because of this, moving is not a simple process at all. A mover that manages to relocate you with no damages and in record time is worthy of praise. So, if you ever have a chance to work with a solid Mississippi moving company, don’t forget to reward them. If the quality of service isn’t a reason enough for you, keep in mind that there are many scammers in the business. A lot of people suffer because of rogue movers and their dishonest methods. This is exactly why honest and trustworthy Oxford movers and packers should be rewarded. Here’ we will talk about a few ways to reward movers for a job well done.

A few simple ways to reward Oxford movers and packers for a good job

There are many different ways to reward a moving crew, depending on your preference. The best way to find out which method is good is to talk directly to the movers, or if you want to surprise them, their boss. Rewarding your movers does not have to cost you much, but it will mean a lot to them and encourage them to provide good service. Good and hardworking people are hard to come by these days, so their work should definitely be noticed and appreciated.

pizza to reward Oxford movers and packers
A slice of pizza is a good way to show your gratitude

Nothing says thank you like a hot meal

This is one of the better ways to reward your commercial movers after a long day of work. Moving can leave a person hungry, just like any other type of work, so a warm meal is a great way to show appreciation. You can either ask the crew directly about their preferred food or ask their boss. Just make sure that the food is delivered after the work is done. There is nothing worse than working and watching your food go cold. If you still aren’t sure what to order, go with pizza. There is nobody that doesn’t like it, and a warm slice will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Drinks go hand in hand with food

Nothing goes better with a hot meal than a cold, refreshing drink. However, before you run to the store and get a few beers for the boys, check with their boss. While food is usually accepted as a reward for movers, alcohol can be forbidden. Certain companies do not allow their employees to drink during working hours. If you want to save yourself from unwanted moving expenses or being embarrassed, have a word with their employer or company representative. If alcohol is a no-no during work hours, a few cans of cold soda will work just fine. However, they will most likely be ok with you getting a few beers for them. After all, Oxford movers and packers are honest, working-class people.

Tips are always a good idea, but approach them with caution

Even though buying food and drinks for your movers can be a nice gesture, you may come across the wrong ones. As shocking as it may sound, not everyone likes pizza or beer. However, nobody dislikes cash. Tips are a time-honored method of saying thank you for a provided service.

glass tip jar
Tipping is a great reward, but talk about it with the moving company first

How much should you tip your Oxford movers and packers?

This really depends on the situation. Usually, you have to consider the amount of work done, and the time spent doing it. For a usual one day move, $20 should be enough. Anything that takes longer than that deserves a bigger tip. For something longer, like a three-day long-distance move, where your movers have to go up and down the stairs and cover large distances, you are looking at $60 to $80. Especially if the move included heavy lifting, like moving a pool table. Ultimately, it is up to you, your movers will be happy with anything between $20 and $40. Try not to go under $20 or they will think you are cheap and that their work was not good enough.

How to approach tipping?

The first thing you should do is to, again, talk with the boss. Some moving companies do not allow tips, keep this in mind. They probably had some bad experiences with it in the past, so they try to prevent it from happening again. Sometimes the boss will collect the tip from you and distribute it to the moving crew. Make sure to tell the crew the amount you have given to their boss. Most likely, however, the company won’t have anything against you tipping the movers. If you have chosen tipping as a way to reward your Oxford movers and packers, make it personal. Give the tip to every mover personally. Shake their hand and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work. This will mean a lot more to them than money.

people looking at positive moving reviews on a laptop
A good review will help spread the word about honest movers and their good service

Treat your Oxford movers and packers with a good review

One of the better ways to acknowledge the hard work of your movers is to leave a good review. Go online and tell the world about your experience. There are many reliable sites for online reviews, such as the Better Business Bureau. Good, honest movers are hard to find these days, so you will be doing everyone a favor by publically stating how good your experience with them was. Besides leaving a review on the internet, you should tell the company directly how good their workers were. Contact them via email, or give the moving company a call. An even better solution is to, if you can, go to the company headquarters personally and tell the representative how well you have been treated. Your compliments will mean a lot to the company, and who knows, they might even help someone get a promotion.