How to relocate a bunk bed

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Packing your household belongings requires a little bit of creativity besides the usual moving supplies. Packing your clothes or closet itself is not the same. It’s so much easier to fold your clothes, maybe put them in vacuum-sealed bags and place them in a moving box. However, moving furniture like beds and closets requires a few more steps if you want to pack them properly. Of course, hiring commercial movers would be the best help you can get. At the first, moving a bunk bed might seem impossible. Bunk beds are big, heavy, and bulky, and that’s what makes them tricky to pack. However, it is certainly not impossible if you know how to do it. For this reason, here are ways how to relocate a bunk bed like a pro.  

Disassembling is the first step to relocate a bunk bed 

You can’t a move bunk bed without disassembling first. The first reason would be these beds are very heavy, and some techniques for heavy lifting can save you from injuries. However, there is another obstacle in your way and that is the disproportion between the sizes of the bed and door frame. Unless you have an abnormally wide door frame, you will have to disassemble your bunk bed first. 

white bunk bed
You should disassemble the bunk bed

Also, you should know that disassembling furniture falls into the category of things residential movers don’t have to do. For this reason, you should grab your tools, someone who knows how to do it, and you are ready to go. For this, you will need the following.

  • Cordless drill 
  • Screwdrivers
  • Allen keys  
  • Bit 

How to disassemble a bunk bed  

When you need to disassemble a bunk bed, seeking help from moving companies Tennessee doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You can’t disassemble a bunk bed alone, so you should either have help from friends or professionals. The first step is to remove mattresses and beddings, and then you need to unscrew the bolts to separate the two beds. Your help will have to hold the top bed so it doesn’t fall down after you unscrew the bolts. Don’t forget to safely pack all the bolts and screws in one bag so you don’t lose them during the move. 

white mattress
Do not forget to protect your mattress as well

After the hard job of disassembling a bunk bed, you should take a rest and eat some snacks to replenish energy. Now, it’s time to pack everything that you disassembled. You can use bed sheets or linens to wrap bed parts for extra protection. 

Loading a moving truck 

The bunk bed frame is usually very heavy, so you will need help transporting it to a moving truck. It’s better to leave this task to the professionals as loading the bed frames into a moving truck is not easy. In meantime, you can prepare mattresses and beddings for moving. You should first clean your mattress and then pack into the bag mattresses to protect them from bugs and dirt. As you can see, it’s not impossible to relocate a bunk bed. All you need is good help and a lot of energy.