How to reduce stress when moving

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When people say moving is a challenge, they speak the truth. Relocations will make you think about how much you really need or want an object in your house. Having fewer items to start with will make your relocation so much easier. This will impact both packing and the cost of your move. So every item counts. And while hearing about other people’s stories and their relocations can make you feel stressed, this process can actually be a pleasant experience. Because you don’t have to do this on your own, you can ask for help and see how to reduce stress when moving. And a company like Spyder Moving Services TN will help you with that.

Don’t do everything alone

Home relocation is not an easy task and it requires either a lot of experience or a very detailed plan. Still, facing the entire move by yourself and knowing you have to pack every single item in your house can get really stressful. Asking for help may be the best way to keep your relocation stress free and organized. You can plan different parts of this process and get friends or family to help you. If you have a family you can get everyone involved, because it will bring you closer. Get your children on board with moving by making them a part of it. Enlist the smaller tasks of packing up toys for your little ones. Anything that people can help you with is welcomed, so make a list of things you could use help with, and involve your loved ones.

woman and a child packing their clothes
Make your relocation a group activity and get help from everyone around you

By turning the relocation into a group activity, you reduce stress when moving

There is a possibility that you can even make your relocation enjoyable. If you insist on self-moving, you will get frustrated, nervous, and exhausted from not only all the physical work, but the mental work that goes into packing and organizing everything. In order to reduce stress when moving, keep in mind that you can always find people to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Especially if you don’t have any experience, asking people around you for tips will make you feel easier. And they can help you prepare your relocation plan, and as we know, having a detailed plan is very important. This way you won’t become too overwhelmed with so many little tasks that need to be done. And you won’t forget anything that needs to be done. Small details and tasks can often get forgotten when you are planning a relocation.

Hiring professionals will reduce stress

Instead of getting your friends and family to help you can also hire some of the long distance movers Memphis has to offer. Hiring professionals to help you will make your transition a more efficient, calm, and affordable experience. If you are wondering how to choose the best movers for you, there is something you should know. Reliable movers need to have their license, and they need to have great reviews. That is pretty much the most important. Reviews will help you get an idea of the way a company does its business. And if you have a little time, head down to their office to meet them and talk in person. See if they seem like the best choice for you and ask them to help you plan a relocation.

What services can you get?

Different companies will offer different Memphis moving services and you should see what will work the best for you. Depending on the type of your relocation, you will get an offer from the company. This means that if you are moving local or long distance will affect the service the company provides. The same thing works if you are having a residential or commercial move. Get familiar with these types of moving so you can plan your relocation and budget better. A local move is usually up to 50 miles from your old home, everything over that is considered long distance. A good moving company will be able to explain all this to you so that you completely understand the differences. 

Another thing that moving companies can help you with is a service of packing and unpacking your things. Having to deal with packing everything you own while you are trying to tie all the loose ends is exhausting. So, why not use all the help you can get? After decluttering and deciding what you want to keep, allow professionals to pack you. They will be much faster at this, will use less packing materials which you won’t have to buy. And they will also make sure that everything is packed and protected the right way. You wouldn’t want some of your things to break while they are transported, and this is the best way to ensure they stay safe.

professional mover packing a box to reduce stress when moving
See what moving services your moving company can offer

Start early to reduce stress when moving

We cannot emphasize this enough! You can get anxiety when you believe there’s not enough time to finish everything. So getting an early start with packing and organization is a valuable method you should apply to your relocation. Most importantly, by getting an early start, you will stay prepared. You will also have time to come up with a backup plan if anything goes wrong. And it usually does. When you start early and get everything ready by moving day, you will reduce stress when moving and will be able to handle a potential crisis much easier.

Start by making a list of lists you should do. You should start your decluttering early so you have enough time for packing. If you are doing it on your own, make a list of materials you need to get. Plan the best and most efficient way to pack your home. Another important thing to plan which can help with reducing stress is your moving budget. Knowing in advance how much everything is going to cost will ease your mind a bit. Make a plan for what to do once you get to your new house as well.

Use your relocation as a decluttering opportunity

The mentality you bring into the relocation process is important when trying to reduce stress about moving. If you look at commercial moving as just a necessary hassle, it will feel like one. However, when you think of your relocation as an opportunity to declutter your home, you could transform your life. When you decide to keep only the things you actually want to own, you create a wonderful opportunity to have a fresh start. You can tidy up your future house or apartment by preparing in the old one.

There are a number of things you can toss months before. Look at your kitchen equipment, clothes, tools, and broken items. Over time we amass a lot of things that we don’t actually use or even need anymore. So, going through everything and sorting things into piles for keeping, donating, and throwing away can be a clean start. Decluttering your home will also help with stress because you won’t have that many things to think about when you start packing. Hold a garage sale to sell your old things, offer them to your friends, or sell them online. It will help you earn some extra cash while you’re at it.

Planning a budget

This is another thing you can plan in advance and a thing that will reduce your stress when moving. Always keep in mind that no matter how well you plan your budget there can still be some changes. Knowing this and being ready for this will make sure you don’t stress if something goes wrong. So, how do you plan a relocation budget? The two most important factor that affects budget is the distance you are moving and the weight of the load you are moving. Distance is pretty straightforward. The more that your new home is from your old one, the more things will cost. We mentioned the difference between a local and long distance move before. So, know under which type your relocation fits. The company will look at how much gas they will need, how long the drive is, and how many drivers they will need.

The weight as a factor will affect the budget as well. That’s why we mentioned decluttering as a good way not only to reset your life but improve your budget as well. Companies offer moving quotes which will help you plan how much you will spend based on the things you have. Obviously, the more things you have the cost will be higher. Some of the more special items will also affect your budget. For example, if you have a piano that needs moving or other heavy items. Because the company will need more people and they will make sure that everything is protected so nothing gets damaged.

a man planning a budget with a calculator
Planing a budget will help you reduce stress when moving

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

People often forget to take care of themselves while packing and moving. If you don’t get enough sleep, won’t stop worrying about the mess, and don’t eat some healthy foods, you can easily fall apart. To reduce stress when moving, you need to maintain a healthy routine. Try not to skip meals, and don’t stuff yourself with junk food. You can not survive on coffee. Try to not get out of your normal routine no matter how difficult it gets. You can also take long showers to keep your energy and patience up. You need to have some time alone as well to lower your irritability levels. Having so many things to do and especially if you are preparing your whole family can get overwhelming easily. So, try to have some fun and take breaks from this process as much as you can.

Envision the end results

A great way to reduce stress when moving is to envision successful end results. If you see a well-organized process and a beautiful end result in your future, it will be easier to work towards it. Think about your relocation in a positive manner, first by seeing yourself calmly packing boxes, then by picturing how your new home will look.
Make a list, follow it, discipline yourself, and picture where all the items are going. Believe it or not, this actually helps. Because no matter how stressed you get, in fact, in your mind, you will be sure it’s all worth it.

Rely on professional assistance to reduce stress when moving

Moving is a complicated process that will consume all your energy and time. It will require full dedication and patience. Start making this process easier by following our effective tips to reduce stress when moving. Hiring a professional moving company will organize everything and start changing your outlook on the entire process with its professional services. Their main goal is to help you feel relaxed and enjoy this new part of your life. Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle, it can bring great excitement because you are having a new adventure.

couple hiring a moving company to reduce stress when moving
Hiring professional help will reduce stress when moving

What to do after your moving day?

Many think that relocation end with a moving day, but it’s not quite like that. You should be prepared for when you come into your new home. Chances are you will not have everything ready for life there and unpacking and getting everything ready will take a few days at least. You can prepare a bag of necessities to bring with you to your new home. Think about a few changes of clothes, and basic toiletries and you can keep your electronics close. Once you are there, you can go and get some basic groceries to have for the first few days. Nothing too fancy, but having some groceries will stop you from ordering a bunch of fast food that will consume your energy faster. And making a new house your home will take a lot of energy.