How to reduce business relocation expenses?

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Moving your business can be rather expensive. Basically, it will depend on whether you are moving a big company to another state. Or a small company within the same city. Besides distance and number of employees, many other factors will influence the overall cost of the business relocation. Moving costs charged by Spyder Moving Services are just a part of the overall expenses. You will have cost before the move. And you have to expect certain costs after the move. So, in order to reduce business relocation expenses, you’ll first have to define them. The best is to draft the list of all anticipated expenses. Then, check one by one. That might help you find possible savings for each of them.  

Relocating a business

Relocating a business is not something that you should take lightly. Before taking any action, you have to carefully consider the impact of your decision. You have to be aware that relocation will cause additional costs. And, you have to be sure that you have enough funds to cover them. It will also affect your employees. As well, the wrongly brought decision can easily ruin the financial health of the company.

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Moving a large business operation can be very costly.

Usually, the company owners are deciding to relocate because of:

  • larger business space
  • lower rental prices
  • moving from a rental to purchased property
  • lower state taxes
  • to get closer to customers or vendors
  • due to the specialized workforce in the area

This can explain the reasons for moving. For example, you can get a bigger space at a lower price. That can be very beneficial for the further growth of your company. Also, having a specialized workforce, you will easily find people if you plan to expand your business. So, moving the business can be very beneficial for your future growth. However, during the relocation time, reducing expenses will be very important.

Where do you move to?

The answer to this question will define the type of costs that you should expect. So, you can be moving:

  • Withing the same city
  • To another city
  • To another state

All this will influence the costs of your relocation. The shorter the distance, the fewer expenses you will incur. For example, when you are moving to another state, you will have to pay a relocation package to the employees moving with you. In case of moving within the same city, you will not have to account for such a cost. Thus, the relocation will be considerably cheaper. And, your biggest cost will be paying for the commercial moving services MS. And since their costs are very affordable, your relocation will not be so expensive.

The size of the move is another factor which is considerably influencing the costs. Namely, moving the office with ten employees will not be so expensive. And it will not take that much of your working time. On the other hand, moving the entire factory with 3,000 employees is a different thing. Such a relocation will take a much longer time.  And, this also means that your business will not be operational for some time.

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Calculate the relocation costs carefully and look for possible savings.

Relocation season and time of the week

Try to book your business relocation for the off-season time. That way, your moving expenses will be much lower. Also, moving on weekdays is generally better when relocating households. But, for businesses, the weekend relocation is better. That way, you don’t need to close the business. However, moving the large business, you will not be able to complete it during one weekend. So, the only saving you will get from choosing the right season.

How to reduce business relocation expenses?

There are several factors that may influence the overall relocation expenses. Such are:

  • Relocation costs
  • Impact on employees
  • Taxes
  • Availability of customers and vendors
  • Infrastructure

Most of them are important for the future growth of the business. And, by managing them carefully, you can indirectly reduce the overall relocation costs. For example, your new place has a good connection to infrastructure. Thus reaching customers and vendors will be faster, and your company will benefit from that. You will save up on transportation costs. So, these subsequent savings will help you recoup the cost of relocation. However, we will here primarily focus on the relocation expenses. 

What are the relocation expenses and how to reduce them?

Like any other move, business relocation starts with planning and preparations. During the planning phase, you will look for reliable movers Cleveland MS. You will also, in this phase, draft the relocation budget. In the budget, you will have to plan direct and indirect relocation costs. During the preparation phase, you will also have to get the moving supplies. And, you will have to organize the packing of the equipment.

Inform your employees about the forthcoming relocation

Soon after you decide to move, inform your employees. Also, organize a short written survey. This will help you determine the number of employees who will go with you. And will show how many vacancies will you have to advertise. Even when you move from the city center to the suburb, some of the employees will resign. They will simply not be able to fit in with the increased commuting time.

Relocation package for your employees

The survey is even more important when you are moving big business to another state. This will show you how many new workers you will need. Also, what professions will you need? And third, you will know how many relocation packages you will have to pay. This is very important, as relocation packages for long-distance moving are very costly.

A man closing boxes in the corridor of the modern office.

Regarding the relocation package, you can decide to pay the costs for each employee. Or you can make an agreement with movers Brandon MS. So, they will move your employees and their households. And you will pay for those services directly to the moving company. 

Start the preparation process with decluttering

Regardless if you are moving the small office or the entire factory, decluttering is a must. In both places, you will find some old documents or tools. And, their only purpose is to collect the dust. By getting rid of them, you will have fewer items to move. Thus, the transportation costs will be lower. Also, you will need less packing material. And, selling things that are still good, you can even add up some funds to your moving budget. Your employees know the office documentation well and should check and declutter it before packing.

Appoint decluttering teams to reduce business relocation expenses

Decluttering will be best done by your employees. They know the documents and tools they are working with. So, they will know exactly which of them should be kept. And which are outdated, broken, and not good for using anymore. To make this part of the process go smoothly, appoint the supervisors. The best will be to assign this duty to the department managers. They also have a good insight into the department’s work. So, they will be able to keep you informed about the progress. So, by having your people spare a part of the working time for decluttering, you will gain double. You will save up on engaging a third party to make decluttering. And, your people will not make the mistake of throwing some important document.

Replacing furniture and production lines to reduce business relocation expenses

Relocation is an excellent time to modernize your business. The furniture from the old office will probably not fit into the new premises. So, by selling it, you will save up on transportation and packing costs. Also, in case of relocating a factory, check the working lines.

They were great at the time you bought them. But in the meantime, many machines have become obsolete. Evaluate which of your product lines can be replaced with a new, faster, and more efficient one. By introducing a line that produces more items at the same time period, you would increase production volume. At the same time, many automated lines need fewer operators. So, you will have to hire fewer workers at the new location.

Packing for relocation

After completing decluttering, you are ready for the packing phase. In some small offices, you can organize the DIY packing. However, in case of relocating a bigger office or production installation, you will need professional help of packing service MS. They have the right packing supplies. So, all your belongings will be safe during carrying and transportation. Also, they have all the necessary tools, to make loading and unloading easier.


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Moving bigger businesses will be more expensive.

Also, keep in mind that professional packers are doing such tasks daily. So, they will know the best ways for protecting each of your items. Also, they will complete the entire task much faster. As packing services are usually paid per hour, your costs will be lower. Besides, during that time, your employees will continue with their jobs. Some of them can even work online, from home. That way, your business will not be completely shut down. It will only continue on a reduced scale. And most importantly, this way you will achieve indirect savings.

Packing IT equipment for relocation

Dismantling and packing the IT equipment is very specific. In case you have your own IT team, they can do the job. Otherwise, the best is to hire professional help. You have to bear this cost. But, replacing the broken IT equipment is much more expensive.

Take care of the hidden costs to reduce business relocation expenses

When you are considering moving your business, don’t rush. Consider all pros and cons of such relocation. First, be sure that moving to another place will be beneficial for your business. You will do all that you can to reduce business relocation expenses. But, what if moving to a new location has some hidden costs? For example, the taxes in the new places could be much higher. Or you will struggle to find qualified workers for some specific jobs. Also, the utility costs could be much higher than in the old place. Does the new place has a good infrastructure? Only after checking such things, you can decide to move.