How to recycle cardboard moving boxes?

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Most people when they think about moving, the first thing that comes to their minds are dozens and dozens of moving boxes. This is a common sight since moving boxes are the most used packing supplies when moving to Hattiesburg MS. They are durable and sturdy. Therefore, they offer the necessary protection for your items. In addition to this, moving boxes are quite affordable, sometimes you can even find them for free. For this reason, most people opt for moving boxes when they are relocating to a new city or just relocating in general. However, after you settle in and unpack all the boxes, you’re left with dozens and dozens of boxes making a mess in your house. Therefore, here is how you should recycle cardboard moving boxes after your relocation.  

How to recycle cardboard moving boxes – preparation 

First of all, cardboard moving boxes are quite bulky. Of course, this depends on their size, but usually, you will have to do something about it before recycling them. When movers in Collierville TN deliver your items, make sure to unpack them all. If you labeled them, you will have an easier time placing the right boxes to their assigned rooms. This way, you can keep your house clean by not having moving boxes everywhere you go. You should start unpacking boxes in your essential rooms. These include the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. After you unpack all the boxes in one room, you should break them down. In this form, it is much easier to store them or recycle them. If you plan to reuse them again, you should carefully breakdown the boxes so you can assemble them again. 

family with the boxes
First, unpack all the moving boxes then prepare them for recycling

Where to store your boxes? 

Since you plan to recycle your old cardboard boxes, you need to find a place where to keep them. This place should be dry and dark. As you might know, moisture can damage the boxes. If you place your boxes in the direct sunlight, it can also cause damage. No waste management company will accept cardboard boxes that have wet spots. For this reason, it is really important to find a suitable place. This can be any corner in your house. If you don’t want to store them in your house, then the garage is acceptable as well. Again, you have to make sure that your garage is dry and choose the place that is not close to the window. If you’re not sure whether one place is appropriate or not, you can always ask your movers from Spyder Moving services 

Recycle cardboard moving boxes by finding a waste management company  

You should find a waste management company in order to recycle your moving boxes. How to find one? It is pretty easy to find a waste management company. You can either search for one on the Internet or you can ask your friends and family if they know some. In addition to this, you can also ask your moving company since they usually know all the companies that are connected with their line of work. Some moving companies even offer waste management services. Therefore, you can ask your movers first if they have such services. Once you find one waste management company, make sure to contact them. Briefly describe how many boxes you have. They might ask you to arrange them in a specific way. Sometimes, you might need to recycle your boxes in batches. This can last for a couple of weeks. 

woman making a phone call
Call your waste management company to make all the necessary arrangements

The benefits of recycling 

It is extremely important to recycle not just cardboard boxes but everyday waste as well. By now, everyone should understand the importance of being environmentalists. Everyone should follow basic guidelines on how to be more environmentally friendly. This includes recycling your packing supplies. In addition to this, here are some other benefits of recycling. Recycling old cardboard into a new one requires only the third of the energy that it takes to make new cardboard from raw materials. Then, when making new cardboard, the process produces a lot of sulfur dioxide will stop when recycling, it produces 50% less which is extremely beneficial for the air. Since the USA is a huge country, more than 100 billion cardboard boxes are used every single year. If you’re just going to throw away all of your cardboard boxes, you will contribute to a huge burden imposed on the environmental resources. 

How to recycle cardboard moving boxes – other uses 

You can reuse your moving boxes for some other purposes. These include the following. 

  • Gardening – you can either use cardboard for compost and mulch if you are gardening. Additionally, you can also cut pieces of cardboard and use them as a protective material. 
  • Renovation – if you plan to renovate your new house, you can use cardboard to protect your floors when you’re painting the walls. 
  • Storage – you can also use the cardboard boxes for storage. You can place the boxes either in your garage, attic, storage unit, and so on. They will provide the same protection as during transport. 
  • Make toys – if you are an artist or at least you have some artistic skills, you can easily use cardboard and make toys for your kids and pets. Make a castle, a robot, a bed for your cat, and so one. 
a white cat
Your cat will love to play with cardboard boxes

Moving and shipping 

If you plan to move again, you can save those moving boxes for your next relocation. In addition to this, if you frequently ship something, you can also use the same moving boxes. This is quite beneficial if you own a business that deals with shipping. All in all, make sure to either reuse or recycle cardboard moving boxes. Do not throw them away since you will contribute to destroying the planet. As you can see, it is quite easy to arrange to recycle. Therefore, make sure to do it after your move.