How to recognize shady business in Mississippi

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Most moving companies in Mississippi today are honest, reputable, and quality. Still like everywhere there are some moving companies that have a shady business history. If you are a person who relocates so many times,  you can make huge mistakes that will cost you lots of nerves, time, and even money. Choosing a bad moving company with a shady business in Mississippi can be an awful mistake. Relocating can be a stressful process, so the last thing you need in that process is to hire someone with shady business. The consequences can be huge, your stuff can be damaged or even stolen. After all, you don’t want to let every stranger into your home. Here are some of the first signs that your moving company is bad.

a van
If the movers come to you with the non-branded truck and don’t have a DMV number, you should know that they are shady business movers

They don’t have a website or have an unprofessional website

First of all, you need to Google the company name. If they have a professionally done website, good! If they don’t, you should know that is a red flag. Try to find their address on their website. When you find the address, you should be able to put their address into Google Maps, and you should see the building where the company is. If they don’t even have an address, you definitely have to avoid them.

The price is unexpecting low or high

Mississippi moving company have some determining average price. If your movers have an unexpected low or even high price, think twice. If it sounds like it’s too good to be true, just keep looking for the good one.

They haven’t given you any contract to sign

We all want to be ensured when it comes to our personal things and our home. If you hire commercial movers who haven’t given you any contract to sign, you need to know that you are not protected at all and that it is probably about the shady business moving company.

a contract
The contract allows you to agree on the price, schedule, and how to proceed if your movers break or lose your belongings. If you hired a company that does shady business, they won’t give you a contract

Shady business companies have fake or non-existing DOT and MC number

The law of the United States demands that every moving company needs to have a DOT number that you can enter into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and check if the company is doing everything legally. If they don’t have a DOT number, you can smell shady business.

Also, you need to know information like:

  1. Address of the company
  2. The plate number of moving trucks
  3. If customers have any accident and emergency situation

The reviews of the moving company are too positive

We all know, even when it comes to the best moving company ever, that all people made mistakes. If the company that you hired has just positive reviews, you should ask yourself, why? Some companies paying services to write only good reviews on their website, so their rating will be at the top.

Let’s conclude

We can agree that choosing the right moving company is the first thing you should do If you get the wrong movers, your life can easily turn into a disaster, so stick to these tips. If you are planed moving to Mississippi, you should research all of the Mississippi moving companies to choose the best one.