How to recognize quality movers

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Moving with the help of a reliable moving company is much easier than moving on your own. The DIY is fine for relocating smaller apartments locally. Even then, you will have a lot of tasks to complete. However, moving large households, offices, or moving long-distance would be too demanding for a single person. Hiring a moving company like Spyder Moving Services MS is a much better solution. If you opt for this solution, you will need to know how to recognize quality movers. Given this point, it’s clear that you’ll have to do some checks. So, let us see what checks will show if the mover is a reliable one.

Why it is necessary to check the movers before hiring them?

More than 30 million people in the USA are moving annually. In other words, the demand for moving services is huge. Unfortunately, this presents an excellent media for various scams or shoddy practices. That is the main reason why you are seeing so many warnings. Hiring trustworthy movers is a guarantee that you will not be robbed. Some fraudsters will charge you extra. Some will simply disappear with all your assets. Generally, such a company will simply turn off phone numbers and disappear without a trace.

Laptop, notebook and hands holding post it pad - how to recognize quality movers.
How to recognize quality movers when checking online reviews.

Even some legitimate moving companies are not recommendable

It can also happen that you hire a legitimate moving company. However, maybe they are not quality movers. Or their employees lack the skills. And the company doesn’t have the necessary equipment for moving. Unfortunately, such incompetent companies often cause damage to your property. If you are not careful enough, you might sign a contract that is unfavorable for you. And which clears the company of responsibility for the caused damages. So, it is understandable why checking moving companies is so important.

A strong online presence is one of the ways how to recognize quality movers

If your acquaintances don’t have any moving companies to recommend, the online reviews are the starting point for your checking. In general, serious moving companies are having websites. There, you can learn a lot about them. First, find the companies which are close to you, like movers in Horn Lake MS. Second, check if they are offering all the services that you need. 

After you find four to five companies in your vicinity which are meeting your needs, check their websites more closely. The way they present themselves tells how serious they are. Companies that make an effort to present themselves in detail are usually good-quality movers. Be sure that the same attention to detail they will show when handling your possessions.


Check online reviews using various platforms

Already on the website, you will find reviews left by previous customers. However, it is also good to visit other online platforms and check the reviews there. Doing so, you will realize that some of the companies have more positive reviews than others. That will help you to narrow your check to a maximum of three companies.

People meeting to discuss app development.
Meeting with movers in their office.

Ask for moving quotes

Next, give a call to all three companies remaining on your list and ask for the moving quotes. You can use the quote calculator on the websites to get a general idea about the moving costs. However, the quality movers will send the estimators to make the proper inventory of your possessions. The estimators of the local movers MS will ask you to show:

  • How many bulky and heavy items do you have
  • What items you will leave to the next owner
  • Which things you will get rid of
  • What do you move from the garage, attic, or basement
  • Do you move the garden furniture

This will give them an idea about the number of items you are moving. And the inventory is the base to calculate the moving costs. Also, they will check how narrow are your corridors. And if you have staircases that the movers will have to climb down. Having all the answers, the estimators will be able to give you accurate quotes. Don’t forget to ask them to send you the quotes in writing.

Ask the movers to come for a meeting in their office

In case some of them propose meeting in the restaurant, cafe, or elsewhere, cross them out. The main goal of the meeting in the movers’ office is to check if they have physical addresses. Once you are invited for a meeting, use the opportunity to:

  • check how the office is arranged
  • is it tidy
  • is their equipment clean and good
  • what is the behavior of company representatives

This will give you direct insight into the company’s quality.


Two women sit at a table and review papers.
Before signing, discuss the moving contract with your lawyer.

The additional questions that you can ask during the meeting

During the meeting, you will have the possibility to ask additional questions. Don’t hesitate to do so. Every answer will help you to recognize quality movers. Also, ask them about the way of payment. A reliable moving company can ask for a small deposit. But never pay for the moving in advance. Also, ask them about all costs included in the quote, and if you will have to additionally pay for some services. So, ask them:

  • How long is the company in the moving business
  • Are they hiring movers or have their permanent staff
  • Do they provide some additional services like packing and unpacking
  • To provide you with a sample of a contract/bill of landing
  • What is their reimbursement policy (the quality movers will accept responsibility for your possible loss)
  • What is their USDOT number (in case you didn’t see it on their website)
  • Do they have records on disputes and how they settle them

Don’t be afraid to ask the last questions.  Every reliable mover will gladly show and tell you about their insurance, licenses, and dispute solving.

After throughout checks you are ready to sign the contract

So, those are the ways how to recognize quality movers. And, once you are true with checks, you will realize which company is the best for you to hire. So, you can sign a contract, and start with moving preparations. Choosing the right mover was the first step on your journey. There are still a lot of things that you will have to complete before moving. Decluttering, disposing of the surplus things, and procuring packing materials, are just some of them. However, knowing that you can always turn to your mover for help, should you need some advice or assistance, is relieving.