How to protect wooden furniture while moving

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No matter if you are moving to your new home or you want to store some of your wooden furniture you need to pack and protect them properly. You can hire some of the moving companies Memphis TN residents recommend to help you. But, with a few packing supplies and some tricks, you can protect wooden furniture while moving and not worry about potential damage. So, check out these tips to protect wooden furniture while moving.

Before packing

When you are planning to move, you need to prepare your items before packing. First thing is to remove the clutter. Sort your items and put aside the items you won’t be needing anymore. If they are in good condition, you can donate these items or you can give them to some of your friends or family. In case you want to keep some of the items, you can store them. You can contact your movers and ask for a storage unit. Make sure you choose the unit of the right size so you can place all your items. Make sure you rent a climate-controlled storage unit.

protect wooden furniture while moving
Pack carefully your wooden furniture to prevent the damage.

So, when you have decided what goes with you make sure you clean all those items. Remove all additional parts so you make your packing easier. All the screws and small parts can be placed in a plastic zip bag so you do not lose them. If there are some massive items, you should disassemble them. It will be a lot easier to pack them and carry them too. If you are not sure how to do it exactly, you can use some manuals to help you. You can also take photos of your furniture to help you get back together all the parts again. Or you can contact the best moving company Germantown TN residents use for years now to help you. Their skilled team will disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

Packing supplies to protect wooden furniture while moving

Packing wooden pieces can be a little bit demanding. You should buy enough packing supplies. You will be needing:

  • moving blankets to protect wooden furniture while moving
  • bubble bags
  • furniture pads
  • packing tape
  • plastic stretch wrap
packing tape, box
Make sure you don’t put the packing tape directly on your furniture.

Here is a list of the packing supplies that you can use for packing your furniture made of wood. It is important to protect them as well as the floors and the walls so you do not damage them too. What you should know is that bubble bags or plastic stretches should not be put directly on the wooden pieces. You can wrap them into a moving blanket and then protect them additionally with a bubble bag. Also, do not put the packing tape directly on the wood. It could cause damage.

Hire reliable movers

Packing and preparing for the move can be really exhausting, especially if you have some fragile or highly valuable items that need special care. You can prevent that by hiring a reliable moving company. Experienced movers are prepared for any type of move and dealing with fragile items, so you can let them conduct your move.

Reliable movers will help you with the organization of your move. They will help you with packing and unpacking, relocation, packing supplies, and will offer you insurance.

Here you can find some tips to protect wooden furniture while moving. You can do it yourself or call your movers for help. It is up to you.