How to protect walls and floors while moving

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When moving you need to carry the boxes and plastic bins through the house to the moving truck. Make sure you clean the space and to protect walls and floors while moving. The last thing you want is extra work and extra costs. So make sure you protect your house while moving. You can hire a moving company Germantown TN has to provide and let them handle the work. But if you insist on doing it yourself here are some tips.

Protect walls and floors while moving

One of the main concerns when moving is damaging the home. The moving of large furniture and boxes, passing a lot of people through the home can cause damage to your flooring and walls. You can take some precautions to reduce the chances of accidental damages in your home. You can take some of these steps:

  • don’t drag your boxes
  • use moving blankets to protect walls and floors while moving
  • leave some old carpet on the floor and the doormat too
  • use some furniture sliders and a dolly
  • use bubble bags
protect floors
Make sure you protect floors when moving to prevent damaging it.

These are some ideas to protect your home from damage while moving. If this is too complicated or you just feel you can’t do it right, you can simply hire some of the moving companies Memphis TN has to offer. They will pack and relocate your items, and make sure your walls or flooring does not get damaged.

Protect the floors

To protect your floors, you can take some precautions. The first thing is not to drag your massive furniture and boxes through the hallways and rooms. You can damage and scratch the floor so besides all the moving costs you will need to repair the floors. If you can’t carry your boxes, you can use plastic or rubber sliders. Also, a dolly is a good solution. You can leave on the floor some old carpets and then remove them when you finish carrying boxes to the moving truck. Also, a doormat is a good solution to prevent debris and dirt from entering your home. If you do not have some help you should avoid carrying boxes yourself you can cause some injuries. It is much better to contact a moving company to help you. Skilled and well-trained movers will pack, carry, and relocate your belongings.

protect walls and floors while moving
Make sure you use bubble bags to protect walls but also your inventory and sharp edges.

Protect the walls

To protect your walls from damage you can cover them with blanket or bubble bags. But it is also important to pack properly your belongings and protect the edges or tape them and cover with bubble bags. So if it happens they touch the wall they will not scratch it with the sharp edges. Anyway, you can help yourself and hire a moving company. They will do all the work and you will not have to worry.

Here are some tips to protect walls and floors while moving. Make sure you follow the tips to prevent unnecessary damages to your home and costly repairs. Good luck!