How to protect artwork while moving

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Are you preparing for the packing process and you’re curious how to protect your artwork while moving? Movers in Tennessee can help with the matter! Protecting our valuables from getting damaged is one of the main concerns during the move. To protect your artwork while moving, you’ll need quality packing materials, a lot of patience, and knowledge of the procedures. Packing your artwork properly is one of the most important factors in the whole process. It’s the action that you can take, and have control of, during the whole move. It’s also, luckily, the one that affects the outcome the most. To find out what to do and how to protect artwork while moving, keep on reading! 

Get quality moving materials to protect artwork while moving

When you invest in the quality of moving materials, you directly invest in the safety of your items. Do the research and get the moving materials from reliable places. Many moving companies can rent you the moving materials, moving boxes, and different moving material packages depending on how many items you have. They can pack and unpack your items as well. You can also order the materials online, but make sure that you order enough, especially if you’re moving on a tight timeline. You don’t want anything to be late, so having more than you might need always comes in handy. In the end, when you’re moving, you always need additional moving materials. If you aren’t sure what to do with all of those moving boxes, materials, and tools, think about renting the moving boxes and materials from a moving company. That will solve the problem of “what to do with materials after the move” as the moving company will get the materials for you. 

protect artwork while moving
Protect artwork while moving by wrapping it in two layers of bubble wrap, and then packing it in the box filled with packing peanuts.

Invest in the proper moving boxes

Getting the proper moving boxes doesn’t only mean that you should get the ones of the best quality. They need to fit the item that you are going to pack. 

Protect artwork while moving by choosing the appropriate moving boxes: 

  • Some of the items, especially artwork, require specialty boxes. Get the appropriate boxes for the artwork. 
  • The boxes shouldn’t be much bigger than the item itself because then the boxes won’t protect artwork while moving.
  • When you’re choosing the moving boxes, if you can’t decide between the plastic and the cardboard one, get the plastic. 
  • Don’t forget to label your moving boxes. If some of them come prelabeled, consider getting those boxes. 
quality moving boxes
Quality moving boxes are important when it comes to protecting valuable art pieces of any kind. The size of the boxes should be slightly bigger than the item itself.

How to pack paintings

Packing your paintings it’s hard. You will require some materials that you don’t normally require when packing other items, but it’s something that you can easily find. To start packing your paintings, take the glass off your painting. Place the cardboard sheet between the glass and the painting. Take the adhesive tape and place an X over the glass with it. After that, take the glass and place it over the painting and the cardboard sheet, and add another cardboard sheet over the glass. Fixate it to the frame with adhesive tape. Place the corner protections and then place the painting inside the specialty box. It should be slightly bigger than the painting itself. Of course, if you’re packing the painting together with a frame, then you should count on the size of the frame as well.

How to pack ceramics

Before you start packing ceramics, clean your pieces with a damp cloth. It will remove any debris or dirt from the ceramics, and you should always aim to clean your items before you pack them. When you’re finished with the cleaning, wrap ceramic pieces in the glassine. After that, wrap it in two layers of bubble wrap. Make sure that you pay attention to the items which consist of two pieces. Those pieces should follow the same procedure, but individually. Pack them in the different boxes as well! After you’ve wrapped the pieces in the bubble wrap, place each item in the box, and fill in the additional space with the packing peanuts. Close the box and seal it. Don’t forget to label the box on every side to make sure that the movers realize that the content of the box is fragile. 

woman packing ceramics
When you pack ceramics, wrap the pieces in glassine before you wrap them in the bubble wrap.

How to pack other types of art

There are many types of art, and while some of them are easy to pack, the others’ aren’t as easy. If you’re packing sculptures, you should definitely involve professional movers in the process. The parts that are striking out are usually the ones that make the process troubling. If there are pieces that are moving, try to secure them, and fixate them in one position. Try to prevent the tangling of the strands of any kind if it’s possible. If some of the sculptures are too big to fit into the box, then you can wrap them in bubble wrap and inform the movers of the sculpture. You can also order the customized boxes. 

To protect artwork while moving, you will need reliable movers

If you don’t have enough time to fully devote yourself to the packing of artwork and the process, consider hiring a professional moving company, like Moving Company Germantown TN, to help you. To properly pack your items, you’ll need a lot of time to research the process, the packing materials, and to execute everything right. To make sure that you do everything you can to protect artwork while moving, hire professionals. They will know how to deal with the awkward, hard-to-pack items and ensure their safety throughout the whole process. Think about insurance when you’re moving the artwork as well. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you with packing your items, as well as finding the appropriate insurance options for you. You too can have a stress-free move!