How to prevent hidden fees when moving to Memphis

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You can easily get lost when relocating home. All those tasks you must complete along the way can stress you out completely. One must organize the whole deal, work on a packing plan, set a budget, and search for reliable movers. This time you are moving from Mississippi to Tennessee with a tight budget and you do not need any mishaps or miscalculations. Therefore, you must know all about how to prevent hidden fees when moving. There are a few of those and today we will point them out. Let’s take a look.

a person counting money trying to figure out how to prevent hidden fees when moving
Figure out your moving costs so you can dedicate an adequate moving budget.

Get to know the complexity of the move so you can prevent hidden fees when moving

Before we can dive into the subject, you must get to know your moving situation and how complex your move is. Basically, you need the basic numbers and an inventory list. Your movers in Mississippi need this information in order to create an affordable and safe relocation plan. Hence, inspect your home thoroughly and cover the following areas:

  • All rooms inside your home.
  • Basement.
  • Garage.
  • Loft.
  • Shed and all support objects.

Once you shuffle through all your items and realize how many furniture and household items you have, you will know how hard it will be. More importantly, you’ll know approximately how many hours this will take, how much it will cost, and how many packing materials you must purchase. Then you should take this list to your moving representative so they can evaluate and provide estimates and a final moving cost.

Moving services

Now, when you let your movers Brighton TN come over to provide onsite estimates, they will inspect the entire home. Yes, they will do it regardless of the fact that you have already done it. Simply because they are professionals and they can’t take your word for it. Of course, you know your home best and you will point out a few things. But they must be sure that the environment is safe to work in. Hence, they will measure your staircases, hallways, doors, walls, and pavement in front of your home. All in order to be sure they can take out all the furniture without any problems. Also, they will measure your furniture, weigh your cargo, and decide on where to set up a loading dock. Once they gather all the information, they will present you with the final moving plan.

A person covered in carton boxes
It can be hard. But if you do not trust your movers completely, maybe you should pack by yourself.

This is a moment where you can prevent hidden fees when moving. All movers will offer a bunch of moving services and solutions to your situations. Some are usable and others are just there to take your money away. And this is a difference between a sketchy and an honest moving company. The fraudulent moving company will try to get you to purchase as many moving services or to bundle up some of them into the whole batch even if you do not need them. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with it and you will find hones movers in Memphis TN area and you’ll know exactly what you are paying for. But to prevent this, you should read your contract inside out and make your movers explain what each service brings to the table and how much it costs.

Simple things movers might charge along the way

If you want to prevent hidden fees when moving, you must know that it is not all tied to the moving service and the contract. Movers can add charges to your final bill if anything pops up along the way. For example, if you scheduled your move online and your movers never visited the site, but you never mentioned you live on the 4th floor with no elevator, this might be a problem. Movers will surely charge you a lot because this will take much more time, labor, and it will be ten times harder. You can expect a hefty price increase for such a mistake. Movers might not even tell you that this is an issue, but it will definitely appear on your bill.

Additional requests will cost you as well

Ok, we all know that most of the moving services are amazing. Renting a storage unit and having movers packing y our entire home are the two most sought for. Especially the packing one. Now, when it comes to the packing service, we have a fine example where movers offer the complete packing service but you tell them you have your own materials. A scamming moving company will still bring the materials and charge you for it regardless of you mentioning you already have them. Or they will use your materials but the complete packing set will still appear and will be charged on your final bill. If you do not notice it, it will hurt a lot.

So, again, if you want to prevent this you must read your moving contract several times. If you realize this mistake, call your movers and cancel this service. Maybe it is too late to cancel movers all together but you can at least tell them you will pack yourself and they can only do the labor part. For the packing, you can use plastic wrap, cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, and labels. Do it yourself like countless people before you.

a man on the top of the staircase
If your movers must climb a thousand steps several times you must report it beforehand. If you forget you will be charged for it.

Prevent hidden fees when moving. Last-minute cancelation is one of them as well

Last-minute cancelation can be tricky as well. No one talks about it before it happens. If you are witty, you will ask your movers before you schedule anything that is the cancelation terms. But if you forget, you should know that you will pay around $100 if you cancel a week in advance. It is up to $150 if you cancel less than a week before the moving date. And finally, five days before the moving day will cost you $300, a full deposit, or with some companies, even more. Therefore, communicate this with your movers and avoid such an unpleasant situation.

Ok, now you know how to prevent hidden fees when moving. There are quite a few out there and most are tied to scamming and fraudulent moving companies. If you want a detailed description of all the examples, just go on one of the social media networks and join one of the moving-related groups. There are thousands of examples of how people got scammed by movers in such a fashion. Hopefully, you won’t be the one. Good luck.