How to prepare pets for relocation

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To a family, a pet is truly like an additional member. And, Cordova movers understand how important your pets are to you. These are the worries that stand out when relocating to your new home: How will your pets adapt to the new surrounding? And how will they behave during the move itself? Before you set the date, you will probably gather as much information about the stress-free move for them. We offer some tips on how to prepare pets for relocation.

How to physically prepare pets for relocation

You might want to start with the physical preparation. You should make sure that your pet is in good shape to travel.

Visit the veterinarian

Before moving to Tennessee or any other state, take your pet to the veterinarian. A thorough health inspection is necessary this time. Don’t forget to mention to your vet that you are moving to another state. This is important to give a perspective to your intentions. Once the veterinarian hears what your plans are, they will be able to tell their opinion precisely. You will know whether your beloved pet is in condition to move on the particular day you’ve chosen.

a veterinarian checking dog's ear
Make sure you do a thorough medical checkup on your pet before the move

Gather all the documentation

Gather all the necessary documentation for your pet before the relocation. Some of the documents you will need for the trip are:

  • Microchipping information– your new state officials will care to know if your pet has a microchip.
  • Health certificate, or CVI– all the information about your pet’s health should be in it (valid for 30 days).
  • Any other important document that that particular state requires (check online).

Buy all the necessary equipment for the move

In case you don’t own any of these- get a carrier or a kennel for your pet. These will enable much easier transportation and keep your pet secured during the drive. For a longer trip, you can even prepare an overnight kit. Keep inside enough food, blankets, cat litter, or whatever is the most essential to your pet’s routine.

How to mentally prepare pets for relocation

More than physically, a relocation can be stressful for an animal emotionally. The most important thing is that your pets don’t sense that anything unusual is happening to them.

Prepare your pets for relocation, a cat relaxing
Prepare your pets for relocation so that they are completely relaxed that day

Don’t let them witness the packing

Animals have a sixth sense. If they see you packing, they will realize that something different from usual is about to happen. You could arrange professional help from a moving company that offers packing services too. That way you could be outside, walking your dog, while someone else is doing that tedious job for you. By the time you are back, all your stuff will be packed and your furry friend happy.

Keep them close during the move

Make sure that you and your pets are sharing the same vehicle during the move. That way you can reassure them if they become nervous.

Don’t forget the toys when preparing pets for relocation

In all that fuss about relocation, you will likely forget something. Don’t let it be your pet’s toys. Having their toys around will give them a sense of comfort. Don’t forget to feed them on time as well. Anything disrupting their routine is not desirable on the day of the move.

We are sure that following these simple rules will enable you to prepare your pets for relocation successfully. Good luck in your new home!