How to prepare for moving in bad weather

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Moving is an industry with very distinct seasonality. A vast majority of moves take place in the summer. That’s why summer is considered to be the peak moving season. However, in some situations, people and companies, find it easier to move in the offseason. This means that all of your belongings will need to be packed and moved in the cold. Possibly, you will be doing it in the dark as well. After all, the difference in the length of the day during summer and winter is considerable. Plus, it could be raining and snowing outside. If you are moving in the middle of winter, moving in ice is going to be a reality for you. So, how should you prepare for moving in bad weather? While not recommended, it is possible to do. So, bear with us till the end and you will find out all the necessary tricks on the subject.

View through a car window during moving in bad weather
Moving in the rain is not recommendable, but is doable

What are the benefits of moving in bad weather?

Even though it is more difficult to do it, there are benefits to moving in bad weather. If you hire Memphis moving services, the move will be considerably less laborious.

You can focus because there are fewer distractions when moving in bad weather

During the nice weather in summer, the last thing you want to do is be inside and pack. Moving in bad weather is good because the probability of you leaving home during snow or rain is low. You can get over with moving in winter so that you can enjoy summer in your new home.

The cold weather can be a good thing

Unless it’s extremely cold, winter weather is nicer for a move. Moving is a laborious task, and heat will get you thirsty, exhausted, and overheated fast.

Less competition from other buyers or renters

There are fewer homes available for sale and rent in the winter. But there is also less competition and a bigger possibility that you will find the right one. You will find your dream home easier and have a stress-free relocation if you hire heavy item movers. The main benefit here is that you are avoiding all the stress around the bidding wars that are often found in the spring season.

Holiday hours can be used for a move

If you work in a place that allows you to take time off during the Christmas holidays, you can use the free time to relocate. This way you will finish what needs to be done without missing time from work. Unless you want to spend holidays relaxing and enjoying, which is also totally understandable.

Christmas decorations on a Christmas tree
You can use your Christmas holidays to relocate

The movers are more affordable

One of the main benefits is the lower price that you will pay for the services of one of the Tennessee long distance moving companies. As mentioned before, winter is the offseason for moving companies, therefore they lower the prices to attract customers. If saving money is something that you are aiming for, then a winter move is a perfect way to increase your budget.

Rent and housing are cheaper

Since moves mostly happen during the summer, winter is a calm season. People avoid leaving their homes during bad weather, and for a good reason. But if you are brave enough, you can get more houses for less money. Since there are no offers, the sellers lower the prices to attract customers.

What are the bad sides of moving in bad weather?

Even though there are a lot of benefits, there also are bad sides to moving in bad weather. The decision depends on your threshold and where you live. A good moving company at your side can help make it so much easier.

Traveling can be a problem

If you are moving interstate or to another country, you have got some serious distance to cover. Getting from point A to point B can be difficult when the roads are icy and vision compromised. Letting more experienced people take care of the driving will for sure ease your mind.

School changes can create distractions for kids

Relocating often means that your kids need to change schools. A move during the winter won’t be that bad because it happens between semesters. But moving in the summer will cause minimal interruptions because it is the end of the school year.

Two kids writing in their notebooks
Moving can disturb your kid’s education

Moving in bad weather – what should you do?

Relocating in the sunny weather is easy. Moving in bad weather is much more complicated. Especially so if you are not getting any help from professional movers Mississippi. You are going to have to face many difficulties that moving in the summer simply would not exist. However, there are two major issues that you need to keep in mind when moving in bad weather:

  • Health hazards
  • Protection of your belongings

Health hazards

First of all, we need to take a look at the well-being of all the people involved in moving in bad weather. People who will be helping you move will be under health hazards no matter what time of the year you are moving. After all, they will be carrying items large in size and heavy in weight. However, the risks are higher in the winter.

Given the fact that hardly will you be able to wait for a perfect winter day to move, you will probably be faced with moving in rain, snow, or under strong wind. What can you do to prepare for moving in such weather conditions?

Snowy road between trees
If it is snowing outside, make sure to park the moving truck as close to the entrance as possible

Well, if you will not be hiring professional local movers Oxford MS to help you relocate, you should make sure that all of your friends helping you show up in no-slip shoes. You should not let anyone in shoes such as sneakers take action in the movie. Should anything happen to that person, you will feel particularly responsible. So, winter boots would do.

Also, no matter how cold or warm it is outside, all of the people doing carrying should wear protective gloves. Hands get slipper in the summer. In the winter, they can become stiff. So, make sure to buy enough protective gloves for everyone. This is not going to be an expensive thing to do but is going to make sure that everyone receives the necessary protection.

Protection of your belongings

The second thing that you should be taking a closer look at is the protection of your belongings. As we have already seen, you are going to be extremely lucky not to move in extreme weather. Given the fact that the odds of moving in rain and sleet are pretty high, you should make sure to protect your items from them. After all, getting that favorite sofa of yours wet is not going to be that good of a beginning to your new life.

The easiest way to make sure that your belongings remain dry is to wrap them in plastic nylon. There are different types that you can choose from. Depending on the type of item, you may choose thick plastic nylon. Alternatively, light and fluffy options remain at your disposal. In either case, you decide to hire packing services Memphis. They will ensure the complete protection of your belongings.

What else can you do to ensure safety when moving in bad weather?

The above-mentioned are the most important things that you should take care of to complete long distance moving in bad weather. However, there are two other aspects of the move that you need to be mindful of:

  • The walking paths
  • Hydration

The walking paths

Carrying your items from your house or an apartment to the moving truck can represent a challenge in bad weather. Therefore, you should make sure to do the following:

  • Park the moving truck as close to the entrance to your house or the building as possible. This way, you will not need to walk a long way under rain or snow.
  • In the case that it is not possible to park very close to the entrance, you should divide your team in two. The first part of the team should be inside, prepping items for dispatching. The second part of the team should be carrying your items from the door of the house to the truck. This will ensure that no one enters your home in wet shoes. Additionally, this way you will make sure to minimize the number of people who will be under injury threat. Still, make sure to point it out to the people operating outside to be mindful of slippery floors.

    Cup of hot tea sitting next to a window during moving in bad weather
    You movers are going to get thirsty and cold. Therefore, prepare something warm for them to sip


Even though you will be moving in bad weather, your amateur movers are going to get tired and thirsty. To make sure that they stay hydrated and warm, you should always have warm coffee or tea close by. Your friends will be grateful for this small gesture.

How to prepare for moving in bad weather – conclusion

Moving in bad weather is far from impossible. However, it is more complicated than moving in the sun. Therefore, you are going to take the precaution measures that we have spoken about earlier in the text. Do your best to protect your friends helping you move. Furthermore, take care of your items. Move efficiently and enjoy living in your new home right from the beginning.