How to prepare kids for relocation

When it comes to moving, you need to think about a lot of things. You need to plan everything and to deal with some really tough situations. There is a long road of decisions in front of you, and it is natural to feel overwhelmed. And now, just imagine how your kids might feel. They do not quite understand why do they have to move in, and they only see that their world is changing. To avoid any negative feelings, you should prepare kids for relocation. You should talk to them, pay more attention, and play with them. You need to make the relocation to Oxford as fun as possible!

What is the first step to prepare kids for relocation?

Well, first of all, you should try to imagine how overwhelmed they might feel. Depending on the age of your kids, they can react differently to the relocation. But, you can be sure of one thing. Kids always know that something is happening. So, the first step is to sit down and talk to them. You need to be open with your kids, ask them for their opinion, and consider it. Although you are the one making all the decisions, you should let your kids decide about some smaller things.

For example, they can be the one that will be deciding what they want to take with them to the new house. Regardless, you can always hire professionals that will help you with the packing and unpacking process – but your kids should be in charge in their own room. Those are some small steps that will make them feel safer, and they will know that it is important to you how they are feeling.

Help them learn about the place you are moving to

So, after you have talked with them, now comes the second part. You should sit down with them and explore the new town you are moving to. You should try to find something they like – parks, comic stores, music festivals – it all depends on how old they are. And since you are moving to Oxford – you will have a lot of things to show them! Google all the fun stuff with them, make plans, and help them understand that everything will be okay after you move.

father talking with kid to prepare kids for relocation
You should sit down and talk to your kids about relocation

If you want to prepare kids for relocation, you can even try to find a good Oxford moving company that can help you with the relocation. Although, as we mentioned, you are the one in charge – if you include them to every step of the way your kids will feel safer and more open to changes. Keep that in mind and help your children to prepare for relocation!

Make the relocation fun!

Although you might feel overwhelmed and you are not really for the fun things – you have to do it because of your kids. They will feel your stress, and they can react negatively to the change. You can prepare kids for relocation really easy if you make it fun! You can create some simple games. Or you can create a reward system if they finish some task. You can ask them for help to go through your family belongings and ask them about their opinion on should you keep it or donate it.

kid with bubbles
If you make the relocation fun to your kids, it will be much easier

Also, you can create tasks for them. For example, they need to pack all their toys in one big box. But before they pack it, they need to color it and that way they will label their boxes. Kids love to draw, and this way, they will get creative. And, they will actually help you with the labeling so your move to Oxford can be stress-free!

Don’t forget about the going-away party!

So, you need to understand that your kids, same as you, are leaving all of their friends. Even if you are just moving to the other part of town, there is a high chance they will not be able to see their friend as often as they would like. So, what you can do to prepare kids for relocation – you can throw a party! You can invite their close friends, as well as your own and have a nice evening or maybe even a whole day! That way, they will be able to say goodbye and to enjoy their time in the old home.

cake for going away party as part of prepare kids for relocation
Going away party will help your kids cope with the relocation

Be ready for obstacles when you prepare kids for relocation

Although you might plan everything out, you need to be prepared for possible barriers. Although on the first glance it might seem like your kids are happy – they can change their mind. And that is when your positivity comes in. If you keep everything positive, there is less chance for them to change their mind. Basically, when you are preparing your children for moving, you need to consider everything.

So, to avoid additional headaches, you can find great residential movers and set up a date with them. You can get all the additional services like packing, packing materials and similar. And after that, you can enjoy and help your kids to overcome the relocation problems.

Keep all your family rituals

You should keep in mind that your kids need to feel safe and welcomed into your new home. So, to achieve that you need to keep all your family rituals. If you usually went for ice cream every Sunday – keep doing that. All those little things will help your kids to prepare for relocation. If you have pets, and you take them to a park or for a walk, make sure to do that even when the moving date is close. And, also you can try to find new routes for you and your kids while walking your pet.

kid with a pet
A family pet can be of great help to your kids during relocation

Prepare your kids for moving day

So, the day before sit down with your kids and talk. Explain to them how the whole day will go, and that if they feel overwhelmed they should tell you. Prepare some juices, snacks, and toys. You can get them notebooks so they can draw. It is essential to keep them busy, so they don’t get hurt in the moving process and to avoid any possible issues. Remember, just stay positive, and your kids will reflect that!

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