How to prepare heavy equipment for transport

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There is a huge moving project ahead of you. You decided on relocating your home and your heavy equipment. But the question is- how to prepare heavy equipment for transport? Luckily, we have an answer to all questions related to this subject. Moreover, we will help you to organize, pack, and search for local moving companies Memphis that will assist you with these tasks. So, let us waste time no longer and get right to it.

Inspect your equipment first

The first thing you must do is inspect your equipment. No matter what kind of equipment is in question, as long as it is heavy, it poses a danger to anyone who is transporting it. Hence, to prepare heavy equipment for transport, first, you must inspect, take measures, clean, and ensure everything is working as intended. This way you will eliminate all the possibilities for unfortunate events and injuries while moving. But there is always a chance for something that can happen due to human error so you shouldn’t worry about it too much. Simply because you can’t control it all. But you can prepare your equipment and bring it to a stage to be ready for moving.

two black cogwheels
Inspect your equipment and make sure everything is working as intended. Remove hazards out of the way.

So, begin with the cleaning because dirt, dust, oil, and other leftovers can create a slippery environment which can lead to injuries. Then, take measurements so your movers Biloxi MS can know what size of a moving truck to bring and how many workers are needed. And finally, you must take your equipment for a spin to ensure everything is up and running before shutting it down and preparing for the journey ahead. This way you’ll know if something got damaged along the way.

Check out the environment as well

Once you inspect your equipment, you must check out the environment as well. You must be sure everything can be taken out without damaging your property or the equipment in question. This is why it is important to prepare heavy equipment for transport adequately. If possible, some pieces should be disassembled for easier handling just because of this reason. But we will cover this topic later. For now, inspect all your hallways, staircases, doors, floors, and the pavement between your home and the moving truck. Ensure everything is safe before you start moving your equipment.

Find movers that will transport your equipment safely

After you covered the most important steps, it is time to find reliable commercial movers to take care of your relocation. You should search on the internet and compare prices, reviews, and services. Check out the social media comments and you will confirm soon enough if your moving company is legit or not. Once you narrow your search down, give them a call, and confirm if they possess the following:

  • Tools and equipment.
  • Licenses and permits.
  • Appropriately sized moving vehicle.
  • Enough experienced manpower.
  • Special moving service.
  • Moving insurance.
prepare heavy equipment for transport and enlist movers to help you relocate
You will need a professional moving team to move heavy equipment. Ensure you find a good one.

Once you confirm the mandatory requirements, communicate the details further and if you like what you hear, strike the deal. If not, move to the next company on the list until you find a match.

Can you prepare heavy equipment for transport yourself?

Yes, you can do some of it yourself depending on what kind of equipment you have. You can cover some of the jobs with the basic home tools but if you have specific requirements then you should use the appropriate set of tools to disassemble your equipment. And this is purely situational. So, the bottom line is, if you know how to do it, do it. If not, let professionals do it instead.

You can purchase packing and unpacking services and let your movers cover the hard part even when it comes to disassembling. And again, we must stress the fact that some pieces are not meant to be disassembled at all. So, if your movers do not have the right tools, they should move equipment in one piece. But we are sure that you as an owner of the said equipment already have the knowledge about it.

Secure and prepare heavy equipment for transport

We already covered this part above but there are a few more tips to add. Once you clean, inspect, and prepare your equipment, you should protect it as well. You can use the basic packing materials to do it right. Bubble wrap and cardboard should be enough. Blister packs are amazing to simply wrap the entire unit and tape it down. Or you can combine bubble wrap and cardboard to protect corners and give them more strength. But this is a method for delicate a bit more fragile pieces. For heavy equipment and machinery, a budget version with a stretch foil should be enough. So, cardboard, blister packs, stretching foil, corner pads, and adhesive tape is all you need.

a couple using a bubble wrap
Use blister packs and cardboard to wrap your equipment. It is the best protection out there.

Safely load the moving truck and hit the road

The final part is to get your equipment out of your home and load it into the moving truck. Now when you secured the parameter, this part should be fairly easy. The only question is- how heavy your equipment is? This raises another question – should we use a dolly or roll it out on a four-wheel pallet? The right answer lies with your moving team because they will bring the right tools and the knowledge for the job. Your task is to clear the way so they can do this right. Hopefully, your equipment is inside a garage so you won’t have to think about this part at all. As for the loading part, there shouldn’t be any problems. Just let your movers do their magic. They have done it a thousand times.

You are ready to prepare heavy equipment for transport. As you can see, it shouldn’t be so hard if you have enough patience and focus. Just make sure your moving company is up to the task with all the necessary equipment for the job. It is important who is handling your relocation. Good luck.